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Call : +91 94465 74383
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Nice place for nature lovers . The place is quiet and still mostly untouched . Very good initiatives by the government and locals to conserve nature . Would love to visit the place again !!! - Thekkady
Austonished by the beauty of this paradise.Its a complete cut off from the outside world . The beautiful rooms with greenary around is truly heart warming .. The staff are the best part of the resort , there polietness and ever ready attitute makes this place heaven . The evening cookery show and classical dance show was great and keep it up.Thanks for giving us this wonderfull experience . - Green Woods Resorts
NITHIN NAIR Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on Fri, 13 Jul 2018 09:19:32 GM
تيكادي جيد. الكثير من الأنشطة. استمتعنا كثيرا - Thekkady
جرينوودس جيد جداً ، خدمة ممتازة ، ترحيب جيد ، طعام جيد. سوف نعود في العام المقبل - Green Woods Resorts
Mohammed Ali Stayed at Room No : 801,802,803 On .Reviewd on Wed, 11 Jul 2018 04:52:09 GM
Good - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Abdulla Abdul Aziz Stayed at Room No : 403,404 On .Reviewd on Wed, 11 Jul 2018 04:28:20 GM
Excellent destination to stay - Thekkady
Very good property for a family vacation - Green Woods Resorts
Sameer mirza Stayed at Room No : 303-304 On .Reviewd on Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:08:07 GM
تقليدي منطقة جميلة جدا واجمل ما فيها الهواء المعتدل في هذا الوقت وكذلك الأشجار المتنوعة وهنا الفرصة للصعود الجبال بالسيارات الجيب ومشاهدة المحلات والمشاهد الجميلة من أعلى القمة كما يوجد فيها كل شي متوفر في الأسواق وكذلك المنتجعات السياحية السفاري وغير ذلك كثير . - Thekkady
الفندق ممتاز جدا جدا ويصف ويحكي التراث الهندي الأصيل وكل شي فيه ممتع والقطع الأثرية فيه كثيره ومتنوعه وتشد المشاهد وكذلك الساحات الخارجيه والأشجار المتنوعة والمساحات الخضراء تعطي لوحة خيالية . وكذلك المطعم والأكلات جدا مناسبه ولذيذة ومتنوعه ، وأيضا قد تم توفي ر الالعاب المتنوعة والممتعة ، وفوق كل هذا لم أجد في أي بلد مثل هذه الخدمة والحياة من الجميع .وانا شاكرا للجميع جزيل الشكر واعرف اني لم أوفي الفندق حقه من الثناء . - Green Woods Resorts
Abdulla Muhammed Stayed at Room No : 805,808 On .Reviewd on Sun, 08 Jul 2018 06:11:09 GM
تيكاددي مدينه جميله تحتاج لخدمات للسعوديين - Thekkady
المنتجع جميل كل الخدمات ممتازه جميع الموظفين أخلاق جميله سعيد جدا اقترح ان يكون هناك فعاليات و أنشطه لتمضيه الوقت الطويل وإيجاد جلسات في الهواء الطلق و المطر شكرا - Green Woods Resorts
هاني احمد ابو احمد Stayed at Room No : ٤٠٣ On .Reviewd on Sat, 07 Jul 2018 06:00:23 GM
.Thekkady has a best climate and also has smiling people . The only problem is no zoo here .Thanks for every thing - Thekkady
This is the best hotel which I visit in India ,I want to thank all stuff. Only one problem here which is more flies near of the restaurant. - Green Woods Resorts
علي Stayed at Room No : ٨٠١ On .Reviewd on Fri, 06 Jul 2018 12:31:33 GM
جيدة - Thekkady
خالد المحسن Stayed at Room No : ٦٠٤ On .Reviewd on
ممتاز - Thekkady
ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
يوسف مبارك Stayed at Room No : ١٩٠٣ On .Reviewd on Wed, 04 Jul 2018 16:01:56 GM
ممتازة - Thekkady
انس Stayed at Room No : ٥٠٤٤٠١٤٠٢ On .Reviewd on Wed, 04 Jul 2018 05:19:26 GM
منطقة جميلة ،هادئة ويوجد بها الكثير من الأماكن السياحية الخلابة والرائعة - Thekkady
إضافة إضاءة بشكل عام داخل الغرف أو الفيلا - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله عباس Stayed at Room No : ١٠٠١ On .Reviewd on
It was a pleasant surprise to see Thekkady still maintaining the tranquility especially around boat riding experienece. - Thekkady
Well maintained resort with modern amenities. Helpful & mindful staff without intruding guest privacy. Wish internet worked reliably in 2001 room but not a big deal since it helped disconnect ☺ & have a relaxing vacation. - Green Woods Resorts
Arulchandran Paramasivam Stayed at Room No : 2001,303,301,304 On .Reviewd on
Thekkady is a beautiful destination with a very pleasant climate. The Periyar reserve is worth a visit. - Thekkady
The property is absolutely stunning with lush greenery. The stay was extremely pleasant and enjoyable with a very efficient, polite and helpful staff. I would recommend this hotel to my friends and family and would love to re-visit. - Green Woods Resorts
Yashna Mehta Stayed at Room No : 802 On .Reviewd on Sun, 01 Jul 2018 05:04:27 GM
ممتاز ورا ئعه - Thekkady
ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
يوسف علي الحامد Stayed at Room No : ٦٠١و٦٠٢ On .Reviewd on Sat, 30 Jun 2018 05:12:21 GM
وجهةجميلة جدآوممتعة للغاية - Thekkady
لايوجداقتراح لتوفركل مايحتاجة السايح - Green Woods Resorts
Abdullah Stayed at Room No : 903 On .Reviewd on Mon, 25 Jun 2018 04:38:24 GM
نرجو الاهتمام بالأماكن السياحيه أكثر - Thekkady
فندق جميل جدا - Green Woods Resorts
Fatima Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Mon, 25 Jun 2018 02:27:55 GM
This is a beautiful place to relax and rejuvenate from the monotony of urban life . This is a real paradise!!! - Thekkady
Provide hand rails at the entrance of the property Our stay has been excellent a and all the staff are highly friendly and hospitable We have come back to Green Woods because of this reason . In particular I compliment Nimisha for her enthusiasm,she must be encouraged I will certainly recommend my friiends to visit Green Woods.. - Green Woods Resorts
C R Anantha Prakash Stayed at Room No : 501 On .Reviewd on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 15:43:05 GM
جميلة بفعالياتها مثل السفاري والفنون القتالية - Thekkady
الاستقبال ودودين وخاصة أجين والغرف نظيفة والاطلالة جميلة - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالرحمن العشري Stayed at Room No : ٥٠٣ On .Reviewd on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 15:25:44 GM
جميلة جدا - Thekkady
ماريا امجد Stayed at Room No : 601 On .Reviewd on
I have travelled Kerala extensively, found thekkady the best till now. - Thekkady
Amazing hospitality, we felt at home. Well appointed rooms. Great food specially ginger coffee is die for and truly a natures paradise. - Green Woods Resorts
Santana Surana Stayed at Room No : 601 On .Reviewd on Sat, 09 Jun 2018 04:39:14 GM
We stayed in room numbers 303 and 304 for 5 and 3 nights respectively. We are lost of words to provide any feedback. In one word - it was simply awesome. Right from the amazing hospitality at reception to the room service, activities and the resort itself was just so perfect. The best part was the attitude of the staff. Each one of them surpassed all expectations of service excellence and made us feel completely at home. By far this has been the best resort stay ever for us. - Green Woods Resorts
Pradipto Chakrabarty Stayed at Room No : 303/304 On .Reviewd on
Awesome place with cold climate. - Thekkady
Greenwood,as the name says ,such a pristine and serine place,covered with lot of greenery and tall trees. Fantastic hospitality and nuticious and yummy food.awesome place to stay.will be back again. - Green Woods Resorts
Vidhya ganesh Stayed at Room No : 503and504 On .Reviewd on Sat, 02 Jun 2018 05:27:54 GM
Awesome place to visit. - Thekkady
Happy welcome greeting.Super infrastructure, awsome food and exellent hospitality services.superb bedroom decoration,which gave as ah big surprise!Nice place for honeymoon couples.we are really happy to be hear and Greenwood have given us lot of memories too cherish lifelong!Thank u😍😍😍😍😍😍 - Green Woods Resorts
Bharanieureka Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Fri, 01 Jun 2018 16:37:35 GM
Thekkady boating and elephant riding really enjoy - Thekkady
Resort atmospear very nice and beautiful,staffs very friendly and homely.Natural atmospear very attractive. - Green Woods Resorts
Karthikeyan Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Fri, 01 Jun 2018 15:23:39 GM
It was nice - Thekkady
It was amazing - Green Woods Resorts
Sundar Stayed at Room No : 803 On .Reviewd on Wed, 30 May 2018 05:28:35 GM
Wonderful - Thekkady
We have visited many places but this was amazing experience. We will be back again and refer this place to family and friends - Green Woods Resorts
Sreeekumar Stayed at Room No : 1904 On .Reviewd on Wed, 30 May 2018 04:02:28 GM
Excellent place with superb weather. Very different comparing with my last destination (Munnar). Local activities are very good and quite enjoyed it - Thekkady
1. Excellent Property with friendly staffs (in front desk and kitchen) 2. Rooms are nicely cleaned (every day) with excellent decoration 3. Everyone is helpful, particularly name few yogasekar, vipin, Kala and Manager 4. Superb restaurant with amazing food (Mysore dosa is all time favourite for every one of us and tea) 5. Property tour by Yogasekar is very informative 6. The property is center of thekkady but once you get inside the property, you feel away from city 7. Spa is really disappointment 8. Looking forward to come back on my 15th anniversary in 2018 (14/11) 9. Overall good stay with surprise party for my little one birthday 10. The biggesr asset of this property is STAFF (from all departmemt). They carry smile and welcome gesture every time. - Green Woods Resorts
Ravi Ramu Stayed at Room No : 802 On .Reviewd on
Periyaar sancturay boat ride experience is amazing - Thekkady
Very hospitable - Green Woods Resorts
NUPUR MATHUR Stayed at Room No : 904 On .Reviewd on Sat, 26 May 2018 05:17:08 GM
Awesome place to dicsover nature - Thekkady
Loved the stay ,ambience n d food - Green Woods Resorts
Reshma Nair Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on Fri, 25 May 2018 15:18:02 GM
Wonderful place..quiet peaceful - Thekkady
Very cheerful staff..nice welcome.clean place... ambience great ...good food.. nice supportive staff.. prompt service. Would recommend to friends. - Green Woods Resorts
Emmanuel bhaskar Stayed at Room No : 502 On .Reviewd on
Beautiful green Thekkady - Thekkady
Very friendly staffs.Excellent food,Excellent place.Overall an excelllent place to stay for holidays in Thekkady - Green Woods Resorts
Ravishanker Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on Wed, 23 May 2018 06:28:08 GM
Nice - Thekkady
Your services were impressing .Extreamely thankful to all crew. - Green Woods Resorts
Jinu Jenet Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Wed, 23 May 2018 05:47:16 GM
Average - Thekkady
Excellent service and ambience - Green Woods Resorts
Harishankar V Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Sun, 20 May 2018 16:23:56 GM
Nice place, hav lots of funfilled moments. Good ambience and fine hospitality. - Thekkady
Veena sridhar Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on Sun, 20 May 2018 06:18:09 GM
Excellent Stay with nature - Thekkady
Resort envirnoment is excellent. We enjoyed very much.Very - Green Woods Resorts
Govindarajulu Stayed at Room No : 604 On .Reviewd on Fri, 18 May 2018 05:39:03 GM
Lovely - Thekkady
The resort is really nice with good service, though the veg food options are little less. Tge staff is polite and gave us good service - Green Woods Resorts
Priyanka Stayed at Room No : 807 On .Reviewd on
Good place - Thekkady
Nice and comfortable stay. It would be better if An indoor badminton court is setup - Green Woods Resorts
Sakthivel D Stayed at Room No : 401 On .Reviewd on Mon, 14 May 2018 04:23:58 GM
Its a nice place - Thekkady
I liked the stay in your was very pleasant - Green Woods Resorts
Kiran K Jose and team Stayed at Room No : 601,602,701,702,502 On .Reviewd on Mon, 14 May 2018 04:14:25 GM
Thekkady is really good place to visit for nature lovers.Really incredible. - Thekkady
Sree jena Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on
Excellent vacation place - Thekkady
The moment i reached the gate i was greeted by a smiling security guy and onward we received a very warm welcome.All the staff were very friendly and supportive and gave us a homely feel with their service.Overall it was an awesome experience at Green woods and true to its name it is an enchanting feel of greenery all around which we loved..Nowhere we have seen such display of antiques which really gave us that traditional touch.We enjoyed our stay to the full and Green Woods definitely added to that special feeling....A big thankyou for all the friendly support staff.....we will definitely recommend Green Woods resort to any one travelling to Thekkady for that enchanting and soothing feeling we experienced during our stay....with regards from Soumya & Vinod,Thiruvananthapuram dated 9/5/2018. - Green Woods Resorts
Vinod chandra Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Wed, 09 May 2018 05:18:24 GM
Nice climate - Thekkady
Nice place to stay - Green Woods Resorts
Liju varghese Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on
It is a serene place full of nature. You feel like being a part of the beautiful plantations, mountains and rivers. There is no pollution, everything here is untouched from artificial man made developments! - Thekkady
Greenwoods is a perfect destination to refresh and rejuvinate youself! The rooms, the staff, the food....everything is just perfect. - Green Woods Resorts
Manish Rana Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Sun, 06 May 2018 05:01:40 GM
Perfect getaway - Thekkady
every thing was perfect except for the company of mosquitoes - Green Woods Resorts
Dipali mahesh Stayed at Room No : 402and401 On .Reviewd on Sun, 06 May 2018 02:57:23 GM
A very good experience. Lots of things to do. - Thekkady
Ashwin krishnan Stayed at Room No : 804 On .Reviewd on Sat, 05 May 2018 03:50:13 GM
Its too good.Had a great time. - Thekkady
Chithra Prabhu Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on
تيكادي مدينة هادئة وسياحية بامتياز والأجواء فيها جميلة وتميل إلى البرودة في المساء اتمنى تكثيف قوارب التجول في محمية بريار ووجود جولات خاصة للعوائل حتى يتسنى لهم مشاهدة المزيد من الحيوانات - Thekkady
قرين وودس منتجع جميل والموظفون عموما متعاونون ويسعون لخدمتك بكل الوسائل والمكان جميل جدا وكأنك في مزرعة فعلية والمقهى فوق الشجر جميل وممتع للغاية قضيت ثلاث ليالي وأتمنى تكرار هذا في المستقبل باذن الله - Green Woods Resorts
Sohil saad bin mosa Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 May 2018 06:52:32 GM
Very good location - Thekkady
I liked all tge service provided in the resort and all the staff is good - Green Woods Resorts
Mahesh Ganesh Devadiga Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 May 2018 03:06:12 GM
It was very nice. We had a very good experience - Thekkady
Deepak Stayed at Room No : 804,805,806 On .Reviewd on
Ok - Thekkady
Great - Green Woods Resorts
Rajesh kumar Stayed at Room No : 802 On .Reviewd on
Have heard that the city has been named theekady since teak woods went under water because of idukki dam. - Thekkady
Good property very close to city and yet have maintained the serenity of kerala heritage - Green Woods Resorts
Anoop Stayed at Room No : 404,403 On .Reviewd on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 16:12:15 GM
Beautifull - Thekkady
Nice resort, good location. Rooms are clean &big. Excellent staff, friendly,courteous, and very obliging، Suggestions ,: lacks ayurvedic massage & spa facilities. - Green Woods Resorts
Selva, Peri, & Raj Stayed at Room No : 902,904901 On .Reviewd on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 13:49:02 GM
It was short trip for us , we are planning a long trip after few days as far we visited we felt cool and nice - Thekkady
Fantastic services. Everone was kind. Reg food, we feel non veg starters are less. - Green Woods Resorts
Thabana Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 13:23:49 GM
Great weather n great nature . Sight seeing n cultural art shows personal favourites. - Thekkady
It was a great stay for kids n us . Great service by staff. When we r there for 3 nights it would be nice if milk for kids is provided free during afternoon times. Also self drive car or bike rentals wd be appreciated. Great surroundi g, environment n arrangements. Would surely come back again - Green Woods Resorts
Mythreyi L Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Sat, 28 Apr 2018 15:39:25 GM
Good natural beauty allover & green enviornment - Thekkady
Overall it was a good experience at green woods - Green Woods Resorts
Afsal Rasheed Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
رائعة واكثر مااعجبني ركوب الفيلة ومزرعة العنب - Thekkady
Ameenah Stayed at Room No : 40e On .Reviewd on Wed, 25 Apr 2018 04:30:48 GM
Good destination for adventure travellers and wild life enthusiasts. - Thekkady
The rooms are tidy and well maintained. Kids enjoyed the plundge pool, common pool & premium room pool. Staffs are polite, courteous and helpful. Indoor recreation for kids could be improvised like activity corner, outdoor play area could also be improved. Vegeterian menu could include more varieties. Spa could be included in the resort facilities. Pest control esp mosquito control needs to be worked upon. - Green Woods Resorts
Radhakrishnan Stayed at Room No : 101,1001 On .Reviewd on
10 out of 10 - Thekkady
Great - Green Woods Resorts
Balakumar Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 06:09:37 GM
Good place - Thekkady
Enjoyed the stay.. only problem was civet jumped into the pool at night.. was curius about hygiene of poool.. 😀 - Green Woods Resorts
Sreekumar Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on Sun, 15 Apr 2018 06:36:15 GM
Impressive number of wild life sightings both during the afternoon boat trip on the lake and the sunrise jeep ride. Our son loved being splashed with water by the elephant at the camp. Very informative and fascinating spice garden walk. - Thekkady
We were warmly welcomed and well taken care of. Lovely smiles, delicious food, excellent room amenities. - Green Woods Resorts
Nanca Mircea Stayed at Room No : 804 On .Reviewd on
Nice experience, enjoyed off road ride to sathram and kathakali and kalaripayattu at kadathanadan😊 - Thekkady
Rajesh kuttappa Stayed at Room No : 1903 On .Reviewd on Sun, 08 Apr 2018 15:04:46 GM
Beautifull forest n lots of greenery with serene quite location, really gods own country. - Thekkady
Pool was under renovation..excellent food n service - Green Woods Resorts
Taher hussain Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on Sun, 01 Apr 2018 03:11:03 GM
Advice to comeback again - Thekkady
Providing some arabian breakfast - Green Woods Resorts
Abdullah Stayed at Room No : 601,602 On .Reviewd on Sun, 25 Mar 2018 14:33:51 GM
Beautiful - Thekkady
Awesome service. Great hygiene and delicious food. Absolute bang for the buck. - Green Woods Resorts
Akhil Raj Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 05:06:37 GM
Super - Thekkady
Radomir Janowczyk Stayed at Room No : 804 On .Reviewd on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 02:57:51 GM
Ktdc can improve more.. - Thekkady
Staff is excellent. Room cleanliness and comfort is good. The best place in thekkedy - Green Woods Resorts
Mohamed anzar ch Stayed at Room No : 601 On .Reviewd on Sun, 11 Mar 2018 14:00:52 GM
We didn't really explore the city that much. The general area is pretty, the shops all seemed very nice, and the reserve was gorgeous. - Thekkady
Overall we loved the place. It was beautiful, the room was great, and the staff is truly exceptional. The food was great. Reception was very helpful with arranging activities and drivers, and even both of the drivers they got for us were the best we've had in India. I already mentioned it once, but really, the staff was GREAT. They all legitimately seemed to be so happy that we were here, and to be able to help us. I have worked in customer service for nearly 15 years, and have seen a lot of fake smiles, but not here. Really, great staff. Honestly, there are only two things that we can think of to make it better. 1) About the treehouse coffee shop. Fresh ground coffee, instead of instant, and if it says, 8am open time, there should be someone there serving coffee at 8am. 2) The website is a little misleading. From the pictures and descriptions, we were under the impression that Greenwoods was in the middle of nowhere, in the jungle. It is actually inside a city, and you can hear cars honking, drums and the mosque. We were expecting a completely quiet, nature setting. We ended up loving the place, but the first day we were a bit unhappy because it was not what we were expecting. - Green Woods Resorts
Harold Pendery Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on
A very relaxing clean environment where nothing is too much trouble for the staff to make everything perfect for ones stay. - Thekkady
This is an absolutely fabulous destination,There is a very strong feeling of FAMILY here.Everyone involved in the running of the hotel has a keen desire to please and be pleasant and kind. - Green Woods Resorts
Carolyn Bugnius Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on
Nice place to travel and discover - Thekkady
We like everything in greenwoods. Especially staying in Vanya. Nature, peacefullness. Nice service, clean and beautiful territory, good food. - Green Woods Resorts
Pelikan Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on
Beautiful place. - Thekkady
Very good hospitality, very good maintenance, cleanliness, good activities, great food... specially bajji, veg biriyani, fish curry. Perfect holiday spot for all. - Green Woods Resorts
Divya Mithun Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:54:28 GM
so much to do. wished we had more time. the jeep safari was the best day so far on our holiday . - Thekkady
wonderful hotel, with beautiful grounds and helpful and friendly staff. wished we could stay longer. - Green Woods Resorts
Roper Stayed at Room No : 604 On .Reviewd on Sun, 18 Feb 2018 01:51:56 GM
As a Wildlife photographer I have no regrets to include Thekkady in my trip.I will certainly come back to explore more. - Thekkady
It was pleasure staying @ Greenwoods . We are overwhelmed by the warm welcome and service by Team Greenwoods. We will certainly cherish the memories of our stay at your property. - Green Woods Resorts
VIVEK JOSHI Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on
Beautiful - Thekkady
Will do this in the Uk - Green Woods Resorts
Tim Woodley Stayed at Room No : 701 On .Reviewd on
lala - Thekkady
lala - Green Woods Resorts
lala Stayed at Room No : 111 On .Reviewd on Sat, 10 Feb 2018 19:36:08 GM
Nice atmosphere - Thekkady
Excellent location and service. - Green Woods Resorts
Jacobs Stayed at Room No : 803 On .Reviewd on Fri, 02 Feb 2018 02:41:19 GM
Top marks for a weel pjt gogether resort - Thekkady
The staff are what make this place a special place from the ladoes in the gardens, the pool guy, restuarant staff to front of house. A special thank you to Aswadhy and Bibinn for eing so happy and making us feel special - Green Woods Resorts
Paul cooke Stayed at Room No : 902 On .Reviewd on Wed, 31 Jan 2018 03:22:01 GM
Very nice - Thekkady
Great - Green Woods Resorts
Gali Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Mon, 29 Jan 2018 05:21:00 GM
☺ - Thekkady
😊 - Green Woods Resorts
AZZZAH Stayed at Room No : 805 On .Reviewd on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 05:31:45 GM
Nice city - Thekkady
Nice hotel good staff nice activite good resturant price only one thing not good heating pool cost 6000 robi that very cost i hoppe to cancel that thing - Green Woods Resorts
Mubarak alsaihan Stayed at Room No : 1001-808-809-807-806 On .Reviewd on Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:42:24 GM
Thekkady ks a very good holiday spot with natural beauty and adventure - Thekkady
Food was good and stay comfortable - Green Woods Resorts
Nikhil Agarwal Stayed at Room No : 501 On .Reviewd on Wed, 17 Jan 2018 16:27:14 GM
Nice one! - Thekkady
This is a fake review. How are you managing the credibility of this Testimonial when anybody and everybody can submit it with out any verification. - Green Woods Resorts
GS Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Fri, 12 Jan 2018 06:35:16 GM
The national forest was awesome. Saw lots of beautiful plants and trees. Was disappointed mnot to see any animals. The Jeep safari and tge trek were both exciting. - Thekkady
Overall a very pleasant experience. The staff was polite and helpful. The ambiance was excellent. I would certainly recommend Greenwoods to friends and relatives. - Green Woods Resorts
Mehr Farooqi Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 12:24:45 GM
Gods own Paradise. Ultimate Peace n Calm - Thekkady
Superb Place to unwind - Green Woods Resorts
VBJ Stayed at Room No : 303 On .Reviewd on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 05:09:43 GM
Wonderful place. - Thekkady
The resort looks very clean and elegant. Enjoyed my stay here and i appreciate the attention to detail for the things which are included in our package like pool side dinner and fower bed. Will look forward to coming here again. - Green Woods Resorts
Ashokkumar Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 05:53:33 GM
Lovely nature and many good options for discovering. It would have been nice if PTR trekking had been available for kids (<9yrs). - Thekkady
Feed-back: We had made our reservation for 4 persons with 2 extra beds in the room. It had been very convenient if the beds had been made upon arrival, now our kids had to wait for their beds to be made. In-door activities: cooking, film about PTR and dancing are very nice. The gym needs some love to be attractive. Food has been very good. You provided breakfast to-go, which we appreciated very much. All staff has been very kind, especially we would like to mention the personnel in the gardens who have been very kind, showing and informing us about different species of flora and animals. Suggestions: Professional mounting bike-tours. The jeep-tracks is perfect for biking! Guided tours. - Green Woods Resorts
Johan Malmstroem Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 13:38:01 GM
Nature lovers will love this place. Peace n harmony with nature. - Thekkady
Awesome place with great ambience. The staff starting from reception to resturant, hosekeeping, garderners all are very friendly and super helpful. Yummy nonveg to relish with the blend of nature n good hospitality. A must to visit place i thekkady. Greenwoods you guys are excellant. Thank you for making our stay memorable. - Green Woods Resorts
Sapna menon Stayed at Room No : 302 On .Reviewd on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 03:32:52 GM
A very calm place good for relaxing - Thekkady
Very pleasant and calm place for perfect and complete relaxation. Very cordial and smiling staff. Tasty food served with good care. - Green Woods Resorts
Miriam Caroline Stayed at Room No : 503 On .Reviewd on
Pleasant climate.we had a nice holiday. - Thekkady
Excellant service.Only thing we missed is a ayur spa.Hope to have it here in Greenwoods soon.The christmas programme and the dinner served was awesome. - Green Woods Resorts
Dr.Mala . Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on
Lots of sight seeing places to see like elephant junction, periyar lake, idukki dam, shopping etc - Thekkady
Great place filled with lots of trees. The ambience is good. Restaurant is also amazing with wide array of choice. The rooms are also neat and clean. Overall enjoyed my stay at Greenwoods. - Green Woods Resorts
Aarif Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on Sat, 23 Dec 2017 06:05:06 GM
Greenwoods resort is in sync with its theme." Be one with nature" . Myself and my wife had a blissful experience starting with Vanya treehouse and were taken away to another world of peace and calmness, something which is a rarity these days. We experienced nature at its spiritual best and felt inner peace even if for few hours. Our stay was completed by spending two more nights at the resort premise and we witnessed the finest Keralite hospitality. The friendly smiles, the warm words and professional attitude is for us to cherish and take back with us home. Thank you for a wonderful time - Thekkady
Greenwoods resort is in sync with its theme." Be one with nature" . Myself and my wife had a blissful experience starting with Vanya treehouse and were taken away to another world of peace and calmness, something which is a rarity these days. We experienced nature at its spiritual best and felt inner peace even if for few hours. Our stay was completed by spending two more nights at the resort premise and we witnessed the finest Keralite hospitality. The friendly smiles, the warm words and professional attitude is for us to cherish and take back with us home. Thank you for a wonderful time. - Green Woods Resorts
Sangeeth Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
We went for boating and it was a pleasant experience - Thekkady
We wanted to escape from the routine city life and live in a pollution free serene environment and we have found the right place. Greenwoods resort is an awesome place with lush greeneries and a peaceful environment. Right from the checkin , the food, the accomodation, the hospitality , everything was perfect. The staff was courteous and take care of all your needs. The daily cooking show, a documentory about Thekkady and daily cultural dance was fascinating. We were really overwhelmed with their great hospitality. We would really look forward to come back and stay at this beautiful resort😊 - Green Woods Resorts
Priya Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on Sun, 17 Dec 2017 04:38:20 GM
I wished there were few more sightseeing apart from forest and boating. - Thekkady
Greenwoods experience was good. Very good staff. - Green Woods Resorts
Gautham Kothari Stayed at Room No : 1903 On .Reviewd on
Beautiful and nice place really a place to comment Gods own country. - Thekkady
A pleasant and beautiful place to spend time with your loved ones. Great people with nice ambience. Must visit for everyone if planning to visit kerala. - Green Woods Resorts
Vijay Gaikwad Stayed at Room No : 1904 On .Reviewd on Mon, 11 Dec 2017 07:40:05 GM
Splendid place - Thekkady
Loved the stay. Everything was well organized. Awesome and friendly staff. Overall a very enjoyable stay. - Green Woods Resorts
Eva Williams Stayed at Room No : 802 On .Reviewd on Wed, 06 Dec 2017 05:40:18 GM
Good - Thekkady
We had a great time - Green Woods Resorts
Mohammed Stayed at Room No : 1002,2001 On .Reviewd on
Nice green, calm and relaxing in nature - Thekkady
Nice hospitality, lovely helpful staff. Thanks a lot. - Green Woods Resorts
Yatin Chalke Stayed at Room No : 1903 / 1904 On .Reviewd on Sun, 26 Nov 2017 04:12:16 GM
A very peaceful place to visit after any kind of hectic jobs with the soothing spices all around. - Thekkady
The food, the hospitality and the stay was extremely good. Just had a wonderful and a plesant experience . - Green Woods Resorts
Divya S Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Fri, 24 Nov 2017 05:52:14 GM
We mostly enjoyed the elephant ride. - Thekkady
Excellent hospitality. Awesome ambinence. Enjoyed our stay here in GreenWoods. - Green Woods Resorts
Nino isaac mathew Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Wed, 22 Nov 2017 04:08:36 GM
Good - Thekkady
Our stay at The Greenwoods Resort has been delightful. The staff are all very attentive and personable and the upgraded rooms we were allocated has made our stay here by far the most pleasurable since ariving in this lovely area of India. I highly recommend anyone visiting Kerela to stay at the Greenwoods Hotel. Thekkady is a very bustling town with traditional shops but also striving to become environmentally friendly. - Green Woods Resorts
Ronald Lott Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on
جيده وهادئه - Thekkady
الفندق بشكل عام ممتاز الخدمة ممتازه - Green Woods Resorts
احمد العبد الكريم Stayed at Room No : 903 On .Reviewd on
A good place for adventure and a good climate. - Thekkady
Received excellent servie throughout our stay.All the staff at the reception were very knowledgeale , respctful and responsive to our needs . The team i,resposile for our dietary neeeds went out of their way to make our stap a memorable one especially the chef who personally prepared a few dishes my wife was missing from home. Evening entertainment was also very good and well organised and so was the Yoga class in the morni g. The garden was delightful.The gardener lady explaied and showed varous spice plants on the property. House keeping was impeccable and responsive to our timely needs. Pleased to have select ed Greenwood for our stay .Please pass my heartful thanks to all the members of staff for making our stay a pleasant one. - Green Woods Resorts
Yogesh jadhav Stayed at Room No : 701,702 On .Reviewd on
Sonce we suffered from travel sicknesses, we just made it to the elephant orphange, but that was fantastic - Thekkady
Wow, all of you did really a great job, thanks so much for everything! The kindness and open hearted way you had been was great. Even though the food was just excellent. Just the times of the dinner were a bit hard for us, travelling with a small child. Normally we eat earlier - Green Woods Resorts
Gianna Novello Stayed at Room No : 401 On .Reviewd on Sat, 18 Nov 2017 04:15:15 GM
Very gud climate. Must visit once - Thekkady
Greenwoods is nice place fully greenery. one can never say no to this. Ill cherish d moments which i spend here. - Green Woods Resorts
Supreet Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Fri, 17 Nov 2017 16:40:12 GM
The best place ever visited in last 20 years of travel. - Thekkady
In brief, extremely comfortable stay and probably the best service received ever in terms of personal attention. Special mention to front office staff, F & B staff and not to forget the houskeeping team. Will be back again.. - Green Woods Resorts
Ankur Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Fri, 17 Nov 2017 16:06:18 GM
Enjoyable experience - Thekkady
Very pleasant and relaxing stay. Attentive, pleasant and helpful staff. Nice and clean room. - Green Woods Resorts
Bjorn Midttun Stayed at Room No : 806 On .Reviewd on Wed, 15 Nov 2017 02:53:18 GM
This is my second visit to Thekkady. Myself, my wife and my little daughter favored this place a lot. Green Woods resorts enhanced our pleasure while staying here in Thekkady. This place is a gem in the crown of Kerala, Gods own Country. Superb natural beauty along with good people will be remembered for long. - Thekkady
Very happy with this property, Green Woods. We really had a very pleasant experience while staying here for three days. Thanks to all staff members for their polite behavior and friendly attitude. Food is good and the rooms as well. The entire atmosphere of the resort is superb. This property requires a very strong recommendation. - Green Woods Resorts
Dr P. Biswas Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on
We like staying here - Thekkady
The rooms need more renovation since we transfere from one room to another 2 times - Green Woods Resorts
Maryam Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on Wed, 08 Nov 2017 07:11:27 GM
Only dissapointment is that no many animals are seen in periyar during boating and jeep rides. - Thekkady
Our stay was really good, the staff took great care and were attentive to our needs. We got a plunge pool villa, which was maintained well. Because its been raining, we couldnt really make most of the pool and the water was really cold, probably if it could be heated in the plunge pool, that will be a solution even on cold days. The walls/dividers around the villa could be more closed and private. The breakfast buffet is elaborate and offers a wide range of choices, the a la carte menu has traditional kerala dishes which is really delicious and fresh. - Green Woods Resorts
Ronald Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
Nice plcae - Thekkady
Our stay was quietly awesome, but food is a bit costly. Otherwise this everything was excellent. - Green Woods Resorts
Maheshkumar Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Sun, 22 Oct 2017 03:45:21 GM
Really good so far highlight was the nature trek in periyar reserve - Thekkady
Brilliant stay, all the staff are very well trained. Good range of activities - Green Woods Resorts
Nishi shah Stayed at Room No : 503,504 On .Reviewd on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 14:38:37 GM
Great - Thekkady
Arvind pareek Stayed at Room No : 501 On .Reviewd on Wed, 04 Oct 2017 06:18:31 GM
Super destionation with lplenty of activities. Amazing climate aswell. - Thekkady
It was truly awesome experience in Thekkady. Enjoyed each and every moment here. Rooms and ambience is amazing. Staff are really friendly. Felt like home from the first day itself. Suggestions .. the lawns could be more greenere, eventhough its fully natural. The lighting in the toiilets could be little more brighter especially for shaving purpose. - Green Woods Resorts
Mansoor Stayed at Room No : 902 On .Reviewd on
Weather is good - Thekkady
Dha naraj r Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Mon, 02 Oct 2017 06:47:38 GM
Thekkady is very good place to be with nature. - Thekkady
It was very happy.We could not feel that we are in town.It was wondertful.The service was nice. - Green Woods Resorts
Senthil Stayed at Room No : 904 On .Reviewd on Wed, 27 Sep 2017 05:33:44 GM
Friendly people,very hospitable and cooperative - Thekkady
The stay was amazing..The presidential villas spacious and of a very clean pool.All the staff were amazing ,room service and hosuekeeping were very helpful and at all times especially Nimsha from will not go wrong with any dish of the buffet especially vey special feature was the adhan heard at every prayer timing,made the stay even more beyond expectation. - Green Woods Resorts
Rehab almaashari Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 05:21:38 GM
Cute little town nestled in winderness. Great food , amazing wildlife and good massages and nice people! - Thekkady
One of our most wonderful stays! Intimate setting, amazing food, homely room and most of all fabulous staff. One of the places we would not want to change at all. Thank you for this memorable experience. Katie and Jay - Green Woods Resorts
Jay shah Stayed at Room No : 303 On .Reviewd on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 04:54:01 GM
Simply its one of the most beatufull places in India ,it needs some emprovment so please take care and thank you so much - Thekkady
Green wood is great it was my first time in it but it will never be the last Iwil bring my family and my girlfrind in the newyear thank you for every thing - Green Woods Resorts
Hussain zid Stayed at Room No : 503 On .Reviewd on
Its one of the most picturesque places ive come across. And greenwoods was the icing on the cake. Thank you for such a wonderful stay!! - Thekkady
Sumant Sharma Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
Is nice place. - Thekkady
Stay was good. Hospitality is also good. All greenery was good. We found all fasility was good and our stay was nice.we r happy to come here, and we sugest our friend also to come. - Green Woods Resorts
Ketan Stayed at Room No : 302 On .Reviewd on Sat, 16 Sep 2017 06:46:08 GM
Good - Thekkady
Santhosh Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
Best place to visit during winter season - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Rakesh sharma Stayed at Room No : 904 On .Reviewd on
Nice place - Thekkady
Increased the internet speed - Green Woods Resorts
Ahmed Huntul Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on
Good - Thekkady
All round excellent - Green Woods Resorts
Allan Jones Stayed at Room No : 302 On .Reviewd on Wed, 13 Sep 2017 07:00:09 GM
Good - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Rajchander Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on Fri, 08 Sep 2017 05:44:16 GM
Relaxing place - Thekkady
Hospitality is excellent Shower water is more hot in pool villa but less hot in rithika Checkout and checkin buffer duration should be shortened - Green Woods Resorts
Vijay sarathy Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on
Thekkady , we were here for the first time. Loved the place its secenic beauty its tranqulity, people, elephants everything. Want to visit once again - Thekkady
We are nature lovers. We love people who value nature and respect nature to its fullest. Greenwoods is the best of its kind. People here are loving and caring. The house keeping executives are a proud lot. They will pamper you and will make you feel like home. When it comes to food it is too good. As we came to kerala we expected malabar parotta but to our surprise they said that they dont use maida or ajinamotto or any kind of taste enhancer. There goes a big "thumbs up". Loved all your inhouse activities. We have been to many resorts including Orange county Coorg and Kabini. We felt that they are the best but you guys in Greenwoods were far beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for adding very good memories in our Travel book. Keep up your good work. - Green Woods Resorts
Selvakumar Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Wed, 06 Sep 2017 14:25:59 GM
تسكادي جميلة جدا وتعتبر من جنان الله في الارض - Thekkady
Green wood ممتاز جدا ومكان حميم وملائم للعوائل والاطفال الطاقم مهذب ومحترم وكريم في التعامل الطرق بحاجة الى تعديل لملاءمة ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة يوجد كوفي فوق الشجرة منظره خيالي شكر خاص للاخ راجن لتفهمه وتعاونه وشرحه لعادات البلد والتقاليد - Green Woods Resorts
فارس المفتي Stayed at Room No : 303_٣٠٢ On .Reviewd on
Nice and looks like pardise on Erth - Thekkady
Green woods are perfect and gentel, spicial thank to Mr, Rajagopalan. He is very helpfull and under standing person. - Green Woods Resorts
Faris Al mufti Stayed at Room No : 303 and302 On .Reviewd on
Its one of beautiful cities in Kerala. We came here three times, and we enjoyed alots, we like the shopping here, and the actevities inside its beautiful nature. - Thekkady
We liked everything in Green Woods, the rooms, the breakfast, the facileties, the actevities, and the cleeness. We will come again and choose Green Woods for accommedation. - Green Woods Resorts
Mr. SAEED Alshahrani Stayed at Room No : 901,1001 On .Reviewd on Mon, 04 Sep 2017 11:49:59 GM
Great.. roads to grampi can be a bit more levelled.. - Thekkady
Excelllent stay and ambience. Food and room amneties are good. Kids play area may need a levelled ground and more sun light area. Also the kids pool area is more deep compared to other kids pools seen in other resorts. Kids under 6 cant stand themselves - Green Woods Resorts
Lim gopinath Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Sun, 03 Sep 2017 12:20:19 GM
Its beautiful and i would come again. - Thekkady
I enjoyed my stay however, the phone calls about meals were not needed. - Green Woods Resorts
Dr. Samantha Hartin Stayed at Room No : 302 On .Reviewd on
Thekkady was wonderful! - Thekkady
The rooms were very nice and the staff was helpful. You do NOT need to call and remind us of every meal. If we dont show up we are choosing to not eat. - Green Woods Resorts
Mr. Alan palumbos Stayed at Room No : 303 On .Reviewd on
ممتاز في لتعامل والخدمه - Thekkady
محمد واميره Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on Wed, 30 Aug 2017 15:33:46 GM
طبيعة جميلة - Thekkady
اعجبني المكان اتمنى العوده اليه قريبا - Green Woods Resorts
Ms. Samirah Mohammed Stayed at Room No : 401 On .Reviewd on Wed, 30 Aug 2017 04:51:20 GM
Thekkkady is a very beautiful with many sightseeing places around it - Thekkady
It is a god hotel but the electrisity turning off after sometimes for seconds every hour. I really like the resort and the view from my room. - Green Woods Resorts
Raid AlZamil Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on Wed, 30 Aug 2017 04:45:19 GM
جمييله وممتعه - Thekkady
رائع ومريح - Green Woods Resorts
ام فراس Stayed at Room No : 402 On .Reviewd on Sun, 27 Aug 2017 06:08:05 GM
We liked the shop here and there uniqe items - Thekkady
We liked the place especially the people here because they were nice and that what moslty matter for us so thank you for your kind hospitality - Green Woods Resorts
Anfal Stayed at Room No : 1901 On .Reviewd on Sat, 26 Aug 2017 04:53:42 GM
Thekkady is beautiful - Thekkady
It' good experience and there are many good employees that have in this wonderful place - Green Woods Resorts
Mansour Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Sat, 26 Aug 2017 02:36:17 GM
Beautiful place for a vacation - Thekkady
Excellent service and mouth watering food. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our stay 😊 - Green Woods Resorts
Saravanan Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Fri, 25 Aug 2017 11:25:30 GM
راىع - Thekkady
جميل جدا المنتجع - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله ،ابوزياد Stayed at Room No : 904 On .Reviewd on Fri, 25 Aug 2017 03:24:14 GM
جميلة وتستحق ليلتين او ثلاث ليال واتمنى توفير برنامج سياحي باللغة العربية - Thekkady
ارجوا توفير الاكل العربي الانترنت بالغرف العلوية ضعيف جدا ارجوا تقوية الانترنت كثرة الاشجار بالممرات مسببة مضايقة بالممرات الاشجار حول المسبح تعيق اطلالة الغرف على المسبح وهذا شي سيء جدا ضعف الانارة بالغرف وممرات الفندق شي سيء جدا الاتصال على الغرف من المطعم بالليل مزعج - Green Woods Resorts
Nawaf Stayed at Room No : 901-902-904 On .Reviewd on
Thekkady is a place were everyone should visit to know more about the real culture and to see real India. - Thekkady
Greenwoods is a marvellously comfortable resort . The inhouse activities are fantastic and very culture related. My family and I enjoyed our stay to the full. - Green Woods Resorts
Jasim Nasser Stayed at Room No : 503,504 On .Reviewd on Wed, 23 Aug 2017 04:30:27 GM
Where is Safari and fun time alawys be , heaven of tea and spices .. really love Thekaddy - Thekkady
Greenwoods resort one of the best resort i ever booked , friendly staff helping you all over the resort with beautiful smile .. multible fun facility availble helps you killing your bored time .. i love staying in such a resort ..always will be my first choice in Thekaddy - Green Woods Resorts
Khalid Stayed at Room No : 604 On .Reviewd on
A dream destination for adventure lovers and to enjoy nature at its best. - Thekkady
One of the best resorts in terms of customer service and exceptionally friendly staff. Keep up the excellent work. - Green Woods Resorts
Shakeeb Nazrudin Stayed at Room No : 501 On .Reviewd on Mon, 21 Aug 2017 15:02:26 GM
We felt nature completely here. Very impressive and cool. - Thekkady
We impressed with the way you welcomed us. We enjoyed morning breakfast especially IDLI & SAMBAR. The overall experience is very good. We are looking forward to bring our complete family here. - Green Woods Resorts
Sounderrajan Stayed at Room No : 808 On .Reviewd on Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:40:51 GM
Okay place. We could not enjoy much because of rains. - Thekkady
Good hotel. Good food taste. More amenities can be added - Green Woods Resorts
Priti Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Sun, 20 Aug 2017 15:49:36 GM
Beautiful scenic place nestled amidst lush greenery. Perfect for short rejuvinating holiday with family and close friends. - Thekkady
Greenwoods is nestled in a quite corner of Thekkady. Its surrounded by scenic views within nature. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The breafkfast buffet has a wide selection of local delicacies. The icing on the cake is the service - efficient, friendly and always helpful. From day one since we were given a warm welcome, we have been looked after extremely well. - Green Woods Resorts
Deepa Punnoose Stayed at Room No : 303 On .Reviewd on Sun, 20 Aug 2017 10:06:22 GM
مدينه رائعه اتمنى ال جوع لها - Thekkady
هوتيل رائع جدا - Green Woods Resorts
Salah al fawaz Stayed at Room No : 501.502.503 On .Reviewd on Fri, 11 Aug 2017 06:24:27 GM
احببتها واعجبتني المناظر الطبيعه والجو الخيالي كانك بالجنه😀 - Thekkady
فندق رائع وانصح به واعجبني الديكور الريفي والاكواخ وخصوصا نظافة % - Green Woods Resorts
مشعل العتيبي Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on Wed, 09 Aug 2017 15:26:37 GM
تيكادي جميلة والطبيعة رائعة والجو معتدل - Thekkady
المكان جميل ورائع ومرتب ، والخدمة ممتازة - Green Woods Resorts
Haya Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on
لا انصح بالقدوم مرة اخرى - Thekkady
الاتصال غير جيد وكذالك الانقطاع المستمر بالكهرباء - Green Woods Resorts
Mr. Abdul Rahman Stayed at Room No : 501,502 On .Reviewd on
Very beautiful - Thekkady
The resort ixs clean and quiet - Green Woods Resorts
Talal alhamed Stayed at Room No : 804 On .Reviewd on
واجهه ممتازه ورحلتي الى تكدي موفقه - Thekkady
اقتراحي لو يكون هناك غرفمفتوحه على بعض - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله سليمان الوهيبي Stayed at Room No : 903،904 On .Reviewd on Mon, 07 Aug 2017 13:17:04 GM
واجهه ممتازه واعتبرها رحله موفقه لي ولعائلتي - Thekkady
لا يوجد - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله سليمان الوهيبي Stayed at Room No : 903،904 On .Reviewd on Mon, 07 Aug 2017 13:13:34 GM
جميلة جدا - Thekkady
جيد جدا - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله دويري Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Sun, 06 Aug 2017 14:43:04 GM
Nice place but it need more survies - Thekkady
I like the view in the hotel but it need make more coffies - Green Woods Resorts
Rashid Stayed at Room No : 801.802.803.806.807.808.809 On .Reviewd on Sun, 06 Aug 2017 09:44:35 GM
وجهة رائعة فيها فعاليات متنوعة مثل السفاري وركوب الفيل - Thekkady
كل شي جميل ورائع - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله المغذوي Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Sun, 06 Aug 2017 04:05:48 GM
تيكدي تتميز باجواء ممطره ورائعه تستحق فعلآ الزياره .. احببنا كيرلا كثيرآ واستمتعنا بطبيعتها الجميله - Thekkady
قضينا 3 ايام في فندق green woods كانت من اجمل الاوقات .. فندق مميز جدآ ولديهم فعاليات ممتعه وطاقم عمل بشوش واكثر من رائع ... - Green Woods Resorts
شبيلي هزازي Stayed at Room No : 1901 On .Reviewd on Sat, 05 Aug 2017 10:08:46 GM
وجهة جميلة جدآ وفنادق رائعه وراقيه ...قضينا 3 ايام في فندق جرين ودس الراقي مع اجواء جميله وممطره - Thekkady
شبيلي علي هزازي Stayed at Room No : 1901 On .Reviewd on Sat, 05 Aug 2017 10:04:02 GM
I give it rat 9.5 out of 10 - Thekkady
I wS very happay and lovley place with ossam stuff - Green Woods Resorts
محمد Stayed at Room No : 903 On .Reviewd on Sat, 05 Aug 2017 05:30:45 GM
مكان رائع جدا والجو جميل وممطر استمتعت بكل لحظة هنا ولابد اكرر الزيارة - Thekkady
الفندق جميل جدا ومريح ونظيف طاقم العمل بشوشين ورائعين البوفيه يحتاج تغيير في نوعية الفطورليوازي جمال الفندق الانترنت يحتاج تحسين - Green Woods Resorts
Ali Ibrahim Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on
Full of greenary. - Thekkady
You must have a ayurvedic spa. Facility is excellent - Green Woods Resorts
Sudhir bane Stayed at Room No : 806 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 Aug 2017 15:51:44 GM
منطقة تيكادي رائعه جدا ..وتفوق الوصف بجوها الجميل وسكانها البشوشين والمبتسمين دائما - Thekkady
المنتجع جدا جمييييل وراقي وقمة النظافه والاهتمام بالنزلاء..اتمنى زيارته مره اخرى..ومن سيزور الهند ومنطقة تيكيدي فلا يتردد بإختياره - Green Woods Resorts
أمل علي محمد Stayed at Room No : 404.403 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 Aug 2017 13:45:34 GM
Nice place - Thekkady
Nice place with nice meeting guides - Green Woods Resorts
Saif aldahmani Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 Aug 2017 11:57:30 GM
جيده - Thekkady
زيادة خي ارات الافطار - Green Woods Resorts
يوسف محمد Stayed at Room No : 904 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 Aug 2017 04:03:53 GM
جميله جدا - Thekkady
عبالله علي Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Wed, 02 Aug 2017 02:58:19 GM
الجو رائع خصوصا في موسم الأمطار ووجود فعاليات مناسبة للعائلة - Thekkady
المكان جميل جدا والاجمل من ذلك تعامل فريق العمل حيث الاحترام والاهتمام الدائم ، النظافة و الخدمة ممتازة ، و المطعم ممتاز ومتنوع ، العاملون جميعا متعاونون بدرجة رائعة . المكان يستحق الاقامة لعدة ايام وخصوصا للعوائل لتميزة وايضا وجود بعض الفعاليات المناسبة وكذلك قربه من السوق . - Green Woods Resorts
بندر الشمري Stayed at Room No : 303.304 On .Reviewd on
Very nice place to visit again - Thekkady
Rajan employee is very nice guy , also the remaining staff was very polit and I would like to thank them all - Green Woods Resorts
Reda Al manshad Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
وجهة جدا ممتازه وسأرجع لها ولنفس الفندق في المره القادمة - Thekkady
Reda Al Minshad Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on
Nice and very good - Thekkady
Very good - Green Woods Resorts
محمد عبيد العنزي Stayed at Room No : 503 On .Reviewd on
رائع جدأ - Thekkady
مريم Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Sun, 30 Jul 2017 04:47:53 GM
Very nice and clean town,,the elephant spa wa amazing!, - Thekkady
Veery nice place and ambience, good food, very friendly welcoming staff, we enjoyed our stay very much, many thanks! The only thing is that it was a little overpriced compared to other 5 star hotels we have stayed in kerala,, almost double the price for the same number of rooms and days - Green Woods Resorts
Reem Alamoudi Stayed at Room No : 903,,904 On .Reviewd on Sat, 29 Jul 2017 13:05:40 GM
منطقه ممتازه وجلوه معاملت الناس حلوه وشعبها طيب - Thekkady
الفندق ممتاز وخدماته ممتازه موقعه حلو والظاقم الي فيه ممتاز المطعم اكله ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
فهد العوفي Stayed at Room No : 1902 On .Reviewd on Fri, 28 Jul 2017 12:40:36 GM
It a nice city - Thekkady
Every thing is excellent - Green Woods Resorts
SAAD A. ALDAWAS Stayed at Room No : 603,604 On .Reviewd on
Excellent - Thekkady
علي Stayed at Room No : 101و201 On .Reviewd on
ممتازة - Thekkady
شكرا لجهودكم - Green Woods Resorts
علي محمد Stayed at Room No : 201و101 On .Reviewd on
نعم - Thekkady
نشكركم علي روعة المكان - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالعزيز العامر Stayed at Room No : 401.402 On .Reviewd on
it is nice view and nice weather - Thekkady
MOHAMMED Stayed at Room No : 803 On .Reviewd on
منطقه جميله وهادىه - Thekkady
المنتجع جميل جدا ورائع ا - Green Woods Resorts
زابن الدوسري Stayed at Room No : 1001.808.902 On .Reviewd on Wed, 26 Jul 2017 04:32:50 GM
منطقه خظراء رائعه - Thekkady
المكان جدا رائع ونظيف ومناسب للعائله والعاملين جدا متعاونين - Green Woods Resorts
صالح Stayed at Room No : 301.302.303 On .Reviewd on
جدا رائعة كروعة حضور الزيزفون - Thekkady
كل شيء جميل بالفندق روعة المنظر الاطلالة العامة للشرفات الطاقم الفندقي ماينقصه تنظيم الرحلات الخارجية - Green Woods Resorts
عبدالله العبري Stayed at Room No : 322 On .Reviewd on
يوجد بها مسرحيات عاديه جدا لا انصح بها ويوجد ركوب الفيل وتغسيله كلها قريبه جدا من فندق قرين وودس - Thekkady
الفندق جميل ونظيف والخدمه ممتازه واغلب سكانه من العرب وكذلك يوجد حديقه ومسبح - Green Woods Resorts
بشاير Stayed at Room No : 601,602 On .Reviewd on Mon, 24 Jul 2017 14:02:04 GM
Very nice , the people her is very lovely .... thanks - Thekkady
Every thing is good - Green Woods Resorts
Lulu Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on Sat, 22 Jul 2017 15:23:03 GM
I had very nice experience in thekkady , it's very peaceful place - Thekkady
The hotel has a very beatiful and blissful view - Green Woods Resorts
Fawzeya Stayed at Room No : 807,808 On .Reviewd on Fri, 21 Jul 2017 06:47:09 GM
Really nice town to shop great place. - Thekkady
Really enoyable hotel, i like the food and everything about it i hope i come back again someday to live this experience i had. I would give it 10 out of 10 thank you all for the great service! - Green Woods Resorts
Mosa esam safar Stayed at Room No : 601 On .Reviewd on
The weather is very good friendly people - Thekkady
Beautiful view -relax atmospher -perfect service-very friendly recepion - Green Woods Resorts
Ameena& Khaled Stayed at Room No : 802,803,804,805,806 On .Reviewd on Wed, 19 Jul 2017 07:42:49 GM
جميلة جدا وواجهة سياحية مئة بالمئة - Thekkady
تنويع الافطار وتدفئة ماء المسبح الخاص - Green Woods Resorts
Abdullah al Stayed at Room No : 701,702,1002 On .Reviewd on
منطقة تيكادي جميلة والطقس ممتاز وجميل وبها الكثير من اماكن التسلية - Thekkady
جرين وودز - Green Woods Resorts
علي ابراهيم علي Stayed at Room No : 301،302، On .Reviewd on Mon, 17 Jul 2017 15:12:04 GM
Excellent place to enjoy the beauty of nature - Thekkady
Good hotel. The staff are so helpful, welcoming, and smily all the time. The yard makes feel as if you are in the jungle. You can spend a good time enjoying your time in the yard . - Green Woods Resorts
Ruwaya Stayed at Room No : 808 On .Reviewd on Mon, 17 Jul 2017 14:52:59 GM
Good - Thekkady
Exellent place to reset and vacation , resturent is vary good for us - Green Woods Resorts
Amjad Stayed at Room No : 1902 On .Reviewd on Sun, 16 Jul 2017 15:38:01 GM
ممتاز - Thekkady
ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
محسن Stayed at Room No : 301 On .Reviewd on Sun, 16 Jul 2017 03:35:05 GM
تيكدي - Thekkady
قرين وودز - Green Woods Resorts
ماجد زيد Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on Fri, 14 Jul 2017 13:37:10 GM
Nice - Thekkady
Make anthor reastront - Green Woods Resorts
Khaled Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Wed, 12 Jul 2017 14:26:45 GM
Awesome - Thekkady
It is an excellent property with great service and amazing staff. - Green Woods Resorts
George Mathew Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Wed, 12 Jul 2017 05:02:11 GM
مدينه جميله ورائعه - Thekkady
جميله الاقامه في غرين وودز واتمنى العوده مره اخرى الخدمه رائعه والجميع متعاون والطعام لذيذ - Green Woods Resorts
منصور Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on
Nice place . - Thekkady
The hotail is very nice.. the staff are very friendly .. always availble to assest.. the resort is qouit, safe, clean and has many activty.. we enjoy our staying in the resort. The tree house is very nice add to the resort where we had an afternoon tea.. also the playing erea has very nice long swing... thank you so much for hosting us - Green Woods Resorts
Sumaya Stayed at Room No : 501,502,601,602 On .Reviewd on Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:18:08 GM
ممتاز جدا اشكر العاملين فيه على كل ما قدموه - Thekkady
ممتازة جدا - Green Woods Resorts
صلاح العمري Stayed at Room No : 301,302 On .Reviewd on Mon, 10 Jul 2017 04:09:36 GM
جدا ممتع - Thekkady
ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
ابراهيم السعدان Stayed at Room No : 702 On .Reviewd on Sun, 09 Jul 2017 04:02:52 GM
هادئة وجميله وجوها صحي - Thekkady
الخدمات ممتازة والموظفين راقين في التعامل والنظافه موجوده في كل انحاء الفندق والطعام لذيذ ومنوع - Green Woods Resorts
السيد محمدقرنفله Stayed at Room No : 801،802،803 On .Reviewd on Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:58:07 GM
جمييييله وممتعه - Thekkady
تبديل لون اضاءة الغرفه الى اللون الابيض بدلآ من الاصفر - Green Woods Resorts
فهد ووضوح Stayed at Room No : 805 On .Reviewd on Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:48:58 GM
A wonderful trip to witness the beauty of mother nature. Greenwood resort stay has really enhanced the enjoyment of our trip. - Thekkady
Saji Thomas Stayed at Room No : 401,403,404 On .Reviewd on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 02:46:34 GM
جميلة جدا - Thekkady
المكان جميل وهادىوانصح به - Green Woods Resorts
Abdullelah Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 12:11:33 GM
Natural beauty is the imprnt thing in thekkady.. elephant ride is a dfrnt exprns to us - Thekkady
We are fully satisfied in ur resort. - Green Woods Resorts
Ummer farooq Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:33:06 GM
Lovely secnic placc. Would definetely recommend - Thekkady
Lovely stay really enjoyed the service n the treatment from the staff. Completely relaxing and enjoyed. - Green Woods Resorts
Swati mehta Stayed at Room No : 701 On .Reviewd on Sun, 25 Jun 2017 05:56:03 GM
Thekkady is a wonderful place to visit with very limited travelling and all features of a hill station - Thekkady
Had a fantastic ,relaxed stay Exellent hospitality - Green Woods Resorts
Sundar Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Sat, 24 Jun 2017 13:25:55 GM
Fine - Thekkady
Gud atmosphere calm & quiet - Green Woods Resorts
Rinto Johnson Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Fri, 23 Jun 2017 05:56:48 GM
Didnt go anywhere else otherthan elephant ride Greenwood itself is enough for a three day experience.. - Thekkady
Awsome place to stay with love of your life to relax and enjoy the facilities Pool suit is the best and all staff are very welcoming especially Nimsha and tree house cook our dear shaji chettan.. His special kappi (we cannot forget).. so me and my wife give a full thumbs up for the amazing experience. - Green Woods Resorts
Febin samuel varghese Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on
Thekaddy experience of the different varieties of spice trees, elephant rides, nearby visit to the grape vineyard and vegetable farms is simply great. - Thekkady
Excellent stay. The Staff was very friendly and courteous and served really delicious food with ample spread. Tree house coffee shop was a good experience and Mr Shaji guided us on good places around thekkady. Property visit of the petting zoo, swings on tall trees simply added to the experience. And not to miss the pool villa where we had a good family time. Thank you Greenwood team!! - Green Woods Resorts
Alphonsa Felix Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on Sun, 18 Jun 2017 15:40:56 GM
Great - Thekkady
Beautiful resort with amazing service. Will visit again ! - Green Woods Resorts
Rishabh Stayed at Room No : 301,302,303,304,201 On .Reviewd on Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:07:17 GM
hjhj - Thekkady
hjhj - Green Woods Resorts
hjh Stayed at Room No : 304 On .Reviewd on
Places are good its like heaven - Thekkady
Toral parikh Stayed at Room No : 303 On .Reviewd on Mon, 12 Jun 2017 04:42:32 GM
Good - Thekkady
Nice place - Green Woods Resorts
Sangeetha Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Sat, 10 Jun 2017 05:29:46 GM
During monsoon thekkady is green......literally green. Great elephant ride with beautiful landscaped track. Got to see martial art n kathakali wich is a very good xperience. Grear shopping arena of spices, handlooms n handicrafts. - Thekkady
Specifically we stayed in a villa with an attached mini pool, which was an awesome xperience; however one cannot have fun in the pool at night coz of only one light availability. Hence sincere request to provide xtra lights to avoid intrusion of any sort of rodents, etc. - Green Woods Resorts
Mrugesh Patel Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Wed, 07 Jun 2017 14:46:55 GM
Pleasant place to relax and enjoy - Thekkady
Very nice service... hotel maintanence is excellent. Very cordial staff ... overall experience is good - Green Woods Resorts
Malathy viknesh Stayed at Room No : 1002 On .Reviewd on
Wonderful destination for vacation. - Thekkady
sdgdhg Stayed at Room No : On .Reviewd on Sun, 04 Jun 2017 08:17:15 GM
Manythings to explore for adventure and family - Thekkady
Best service,awsome food,beautiful location. Its in main city but when u get inside the place it will be a calm place now i feel i have gifted a great holiday to my parents No.9 will give u anything(when u enter this resort u will feel this) - Green Woods Resorts
Nagaraj Stayed at Room No : 401 On .Reviewd on Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:14:07 GM
Beautiful place to relax - Thekkady
Loved the stay. The foods tasted Authentic. Rooms were well mainted and cleaned regularly. Sometime during evenings we get foul smell coming from bathroom area. Kids play area ccan be improved. You could include below 5 years play area. All staffs were very friendly. - Green Woods Resorts
Prathap Stayed at Room No : 1904 On .Reviewd on Fri, 02 Jun 2017 04:57:06 GM
Nice service and beautiful location - Thekkady
Vinod Fernando Stayed at Room No : 901 On .Reviewd on Sun, 28 May 2017 10:04:23 GM
Weather is good, jeep ride is good only fot youngsters - Thekkady
Menu of restaurant should be more fullsome - Green Woods Resorts
A.R.Sreedhar Stayed at Room No : 401 On .Reviewd on Sun, 28 May 2017 03:50:06 GM
Good place for holiday - Thekkady
Mitesh mehta Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Sun, 28 May 2017 02:44:48 GM
No water in the periyar lake . Other than that everything else was fine . - Thekkady
It has the beauty of nature . It has very good hospitality . Good food . - Green Woods Resorts
Stephen Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Fri, 26 May 2017 16:38:03 GM
Nice place to visit - Thekkady
Vivek angra Stayed at Room No : 301 On .Reviewd on Fri, 26 May 2017 14:01:36 GM
Good place for relaxing - Thekkady
We all enjoyed the stay..the best part was services provided by staff who were Ever smiling. Food was also nice. - Green Woods Resorts
Bimal gudhka Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on
The trip was really enjoyable - Thekkady
Sejin Philip Stayed at Room No : 903 On .Reviewd on
Best detination for family relaxation - Thekkady
Fabulous ambience, very good hospilaty, experiance and smiley staffs and tasty resturant - Green Woods Resorts
T. Manivannan Stayed at Room No : 501 On .Reviewd on
Destination is good - Thekkady
1. Increase lighting in rooms 2. Increase lighting on walkways towards room as it is very dark in evening while going back to the rooms 3. In buffet the food variety not very different everyday 4. Staff is good - Green Woods Resorts
Sachin Stayed at Room No : 802 On .Reviewd on Wed, 24 May 2017 08:15:57 GM
Pleasent stay - Thekkady
Kumara Raja Stayed at Room No : 201 On .Reviewd on Wed, 24 May 2017 06:08:41 GM
Thekkady is a great destination with excellent weather aand greenery - Thekkady
Ramdas jaid Stayed at Room No : 603 On .Reviewd on Mon, 22 May 2017 13:30:24 GM
Cool place , calm and perfect weather for a relaxed holiday - Thekkady
Vishal sharma Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on Mon, 22 May 2017 05:52:12 GM
Thekkady was wonderful place with loads of activity around .fresh green vegetation and climate was good . This is a place wih activity suit for all kind of intrest and budget . For wild life enthusist lots of trekking , jungle safaries. For foodies lots of restuarants with local fresh vegetable and fish . Can get good spices and chocolates for home shoppers . - Thekkady
Can add kids play area with swing , slides , sand pits - Green Woods Resorts
R.suresh Stayed at Room No : 1001,201 On .Reviewd on Mon, 22 May 2017 05:30:26 GM
Good - Thekkady
The stay was totally awsome and we had an amzing stay but the time for bringing in the alacarte could be improved and i would like to have a better menu on the buffet and i felt the menu is repetitive every day - Green Woods Resorts
Ajai elango Stayed at Room No : 503 On .Reviewd on Mon, 22 May 2017 03:04:52 GM
Good - Thekkady
Menu for dinner could be better - Green Woods Resorts
gayathri Stayed at Room No : 501,503,504 On .Reviewd on Mon, 22 May 2017 03:00:48 GM
This is our first visit to Thekkady!....very nice place for a good holiday!! - Thekkady
Stay at Greenwoods resort was very pleasant and would be a memory to cherish!! Very nice ambience, never felt we were amidst the city.....very friendly and courteous staff made us feel at home....each and every staff seems to be very desicated and customer/guest focused....including the housekeeping people! Service at the restaurant is excellent...and food delicious! I personally thank each and every staff....(to name a few....Sreelaj, Nimisha, Bhanupriya, sajeesh (chef), .for making our stay at Greenwoods very special. Suggestions Taking full payment while checkin can be avoided,instead it can be made as 50% Dance costumes can be more brighter and colourful - Green Woods Resorts
Sunil Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Sun, 21 May 2017 15:43:49 GM
Nice place - Thekkady
Good stay - Green Woods Resorts
Dhaju balakrishnan Stayed at Room No : 502 On .Reviewd on Sun, 21 May 2017 04:19:48 GM
Love Thekkady, and we will surely be back to enjoy the offerings again ... The trekking for sure ... the elephant camp is wonderful - one must enjoy the ride and the bathing and shower by the elephant = an experience for sure... and the boating ride on periyar reserve maybe when it is season so that one can see animals, but the ride itself was well worth it ... the local arts - Kathakali and Kalaripayuttu at Navarasa - oh man we thoroughly enjoyed it ... Lovely town, friendly people and we will surely be back to experience more... - Thekkady
Not often do you come across a resort that truly reflects and stands for its vision of preserving and conserving nature - not just for this generation but for the many coming behind, and ensuring that their passion for conservation is beautifully blended with impeccable hospitality and lip smackingly delicious food - all supported by a fantastic team on the ground! Loved every minute of our 3 night 4 day stay at Greenwoods Resort. This truly has been one of our best resort experience in the recent past... An amazing oasis amidst all the hustle and bustle of the thekkady town! A resort that truly is a veritable treat to all of your senses right from the green foliage - greenery everywhere and what amazing variety of plants (every one of them carefully named with their common name and botanical name), range of flowering trees and plants that add color and beauty to the place,and a whole lot of fruits literally growing in the property - jackfruit, chinese oranges, figs and spices and herbs - truly amazing to see how thoughtfully the property is being nurtured and cared for... This is the season and we loved seeing the jackfruits and figs all over the place...One must take the property tour for sure and enjoy the walk - the swings, hammock sprinkled across the place and ofcourse the farm animals - rare breed of Venchu cows - Lakshmi and her baby Mani kutti, rabbits (we got to hold a 20 day young baby rabbit), turkeys and guinea fowls = all well cared for... Property is truly a delight!! Now coming to our room - it is spacious yet cozy and warm, and tastefully done with the local decor - one can reflect on how everyday tools and articles are shaped into art !! And oh i must say that the resort true to its ethos of preserving nature does NOT have any plastic in the room - bags are linen and paper, no kinley or aquafina water bottles - instead they have glass bottles that are refilled everyday = a bold step for sure and probably the only resort that we have come across that took this leap of faith !! no iron boxes in the room :) instead they do the ironing on request, while the rooms are truly eco friendly there is no compromise on the comfort ... Moving to the food at the restaurant - every meal of ours here has been a feast! Breakfast has a fantastic spread of continental, south indian and local delicacies - donot miss out on the local delicacies... We never missed an opportunity to have a meal at the restaurant and looked forward to every meal.... the chef comes out to chat and enquire and even suggest ... the resort also offers a nice space for recreation for the guests, a pool for the adults and kids to chill out, and entertainment along with chef demonstration of local cuisine ... and one can give their email id for the recipes to be sent across... All of these experiences of ours was truly made memorable by the warm, friendly staff who made our stay special... right from the happy Mari Akka who cares for the farm animals and has been around for 15 years at the property, to the front desk staff Nimisha, Bijji, Yoga who are omnipresent and eager to assist in all ways, to the GM who is there are the entrance to the resort to welcome the guests with a cardamom garland and traditional welcome, to the restaurant staff - Kala, Ramkumar and many others - who served us and interacted with us a smile ... They truly reflect their management ethos, and one can see the pride when they talk about their property (note it is their property :), happy motivated staff = delighted customers... Overall we loved our entire stay here and will surely be back and will share about our experience with family and friends... Thankyou Greenwoods team for making our holiday special and for making us feel extra special - we will look forward to coming back soon ... - Green Woods Resorts
Sudipto Chandra Stayed at Room No : 302 On .Reviewd on Fri, 19 May 2017 14:08:37 GM
Have been a frequent visior to Thekkady for several years now. One of thos places which hasnt lost its charm in the concrete jungles which many of the vacation spots have become. - Thekkady
I hae had the distinct pleasure of staying in Greenwoods Resort this month and I must say it has been one of the most peaceful and pleasure filled experience for me and family out here. As an IT professional and a avid traveller, I have had an opportunity to stay in the best hotels / resorts in about 14 countries. I have seen the best of customer service to the worst. I should say Greenwood stands among the best of the best. From the moment we reached the resort to the entire duration of the stay, every thing has been managed very professionally and to this time I havent seen a frown or a twinge on the faces of the staff. The resort is beautifully laid out in traditional kerala style and has extremely well appointed rooms with every need for a great stay taken care of to the dot. Its dotted with finely planned and well taken care of lush green garden dotting the entire campus. Honestly I felt like flicking those voluptuous Jack fruits which keep hanging from the trees across the campus. A few names which really stand up in terms of quality of service, Front Office Assistants (Mr.Jabeed, Ms. Nimisha), Executive Chef (Sajeesh) , F&B Steward (Mathew), F&B Stewardess (Ms. Kala), Room Service Assistant (Mrs. Bensha), Gardner ( Mrs. Lailthamma). Every single request has been taken care of and they have gone one step ahead to make our stay comfortable. The Chef is a blessing for this resort. He doles out lip smacking dishes be it Continental, South Indian and North Indian. Its been a sheer pleasure to the palette particularly myself and my son arevery finicky about the quality of food. Overall its been a satisfying and funfilled experience for me and family away from bustling and stressful city life. Keep up the great work Greenwoods. It was a sheer pleasure getting lost in nature. My only suggestion would be: Get more activities to keep your guests involved with the resort - Green Woods Resorts
Rajeev Anand Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Wed, 17 May 2017 10:12:44 GM
Good - Thekkady
Ganesh KUMAR Stayed at Room No : 403 On .Reviewd on Wed, 17 May 2017 05:27:47 GM
Excellent first place choice. In May peak summer situation excellent cool climate. Highly recommended - Thekkady
Awesome - Green Woods Resorts
Nirmal Nathan Stayed at Room No : 2001and 302 On .Reviewd on Wed, 17 May 2017 04:52:55 GM
Good place. There are many places around thekkady like idukki, gavi that can be combined with this. - Thekkady
The rooms are very good, each member of staff is very courteus and takes care of guests very well. The property is well maintained, clean and facilities are well maintained. Great place to come and relax - Green Woods Resorts
Jayan P Stayed at Room No : 1903 On .Reviewd on Sun, 14 May 2017 04:44:35 GM
Nice town with Good scenic beauty - Thekkady
This is one of the best resorts we have been too. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the food was awesome. The executive chef as well as the manager were continously enquiring if we were comfortable and liking the food. Really enjoyed staying here, would definitely recommend friends about the resort. - Green Woods Resorts
Amol Bathe Stayed at Room No : 404 On .Reviewd on Fri, 12 May 2017 16:01:14 GM
حلوه - Thekkady
الاكل يكون خليجي غيرحار - Green Woods Resorts
محمد شقب Stayed at Room No : 602 On .Reviewd on
Nice place should visit. - Thekkady
None - Green Woods Resorts
Murari Stayed at Room No : 503 On .Reviewd on
Serene - Thekkady
Had stayed in pool villa. We felt the room can have better view as it is totally secluded. - Green Woods Resorts
Ranjini menon Stayed at Room No : 101 On .Reviewd on
Good - Thekkady
It was a very pleasant stay,with wonderful hospitality. Homely and very friendly staff. The way we were welcomed really made us feel awful... I would definetly recommend this resort for my friends too.... thank you - Green Woods Resorts
Dr.PRIYADHARSHINI Stayed at Room No : 2001 On .Reviewd on
Greenery and wildlife at its best - Thekkady
Anant Iyer Stayed at Room No : 602 On .Reviewd on Mon, 08 May 2017 16:11:02 GM
Good destination - Thekkady
All good - Green Woods Resorts
Abdurahman Al motwa Stayed at Room No : 1001 On .Reviewd on Sat, 06 May 2017 15:52:33 GM
We have elephant ride and booting and jeep safari and much mre thinks - Thekkady
Good place and we enjoyed lot kf thinks . - Green Woods Resorts
Sheikjas Stayed at Room No : 903,904 On .Reviewd on Sat, 06 May 2017 11:47:38 GM
Good - Thekkady
Abdul Aziz Stayed at Room No : 602 On .Reviewd on Fri, 05 May 2017 14:03:24 GM
Super destination..... had a wonderful experience THANK YOU!!!!! - Thekkady
Close to nature very good service and polite people always smile on their face - Green Woods Resorts
Bindu Stayed at Room No : 903&904 On .Reviewd on Fri, 05 May 2017 04:45:11 GM
Thekkady is a nice place with beautiful scenery and wildlife around - Thekkady
The staff were always very helpful and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The only thing we would ask for os bottled water not in glass bottles so guests can walk around - Green Woods Resorts
Rhian jacobs Stayed at Room No : 604 On .Reviewd on Wed, 03 May 2017 09:43:34 GM
Beautiful place where nature is at its best - Thekkady
None regarding the stay, however regd jeep safari arrangement it would be better if the package included safari to places like sathram or gavi instead of nearby places like kurishumala - Green Woods Resorts
Revathi Stayed at Room No : 801 On .Reviewd on Wed, 03 May 2017 04:29:47 GM
Iddukki dam, kalvari mount and Gavi are great places to visit for nature lovers. Vagamon is another place with unbelievable natural beauty. - Thekkady
Rooms are well maintained with prompt and excellent service. Lot of well maintained greenery within the resort that is frequented by the birds and squirrels. Restaurant has great ambience with very welcoming staff. Food is clean, healthy and good but a bit repetitive. - Green Woods Resorts
Brijai Stayed at Room No : 804 On .Reviewd on Wed, 03 May 2017 03:31:37 GM
Nice climate , had a nice time - Thekkady
Environment is good around here... we r satisfied with ur service too.... rooms r neatly maintained... thank you - Green Woods Resorts
Purushothaman Stayed at Room No : 902 On .Reviewd on
Good place - Thekkady
Keep up the good work - Green Woods Resorts
Hamdah mefer Stayed at Room No : 504 On .Reviewd on
Thekkady is great destination and has a lots of attraction . We loved it here and surely revisit.. in near future. - Thekkady
It was a warm and a cozy stay . Thank you for your hospitaliy. - Green Woods Resorts
Ponnuraj&balaji Stayed at Room No : 601&602 On .Reviewd on
Worth a visit - Thekkady
The rooms and other services are very great . The food is delicious but me as a spicy foody didnt get well with the rice ,other than that food is great . Swimming was relaxing and refreshing ,the water was clean . Only disappointment was i wanted hot water bath in jacuzzi . The room is spacious n attracting . The overall package with the elephant ride n saffari was expectedly more cosy . - Green Woods Resorts
Mukesh Stayed at Room No : 302,201,1001 On .Reviewd on
Exslant - Thekkady
Hussain Stayed at Room No : 303,304 On .Reviewd on
People are very friendly and the climate ois supetb - Thekkady
We are very with your services and the staying at greenwoods for 3 night with our children and family members was and unforgetable experience in our life time. - Green Woods Resorts
Antoniraj Stayed at Room No : 403,404 On .Reviewd on
Test - Thekkady
Test - Green Woods Resorts
Dileep Stayed at Room No : 809 On .Reviewd on Sat, 22 Apr 2017 13:25:24 GM
المنتجع جدا رئع لكن القررود مشكله - Thekkady
الكهرباء - Green Woods Resorts
نجد Stayed at Room No : 804 On 2017-04-01.Reviewd on 2017-04-01
تيكدي جميلة واضطررت لتميد فترة بقائي لثلاثة أيا من جمالها - Thekkady
منتجع جمييييل جدا و وضعا لي حفلة بمناسبة ذكرى الزواج وصعدو مستوى حجزي لفلة كبيرة بنفس القيمة سأعود لهذا الفندق مرارا - Green Woods Resorts
عمر Stayed at Room No : 1002 On 2017-03-30.Reviewd on 2017-03-30
Great spot. Good balance of active things to do and relaxation - Thekkady
Beautiful surroundings, excellent service and great food - Green Woods Resorts
John Nealon Stayed at Room No : 201 On 2017-03-29.Reviewd on 2017-03-29
Superb - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Hakim Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2017-03-24.Reviewd on 2017-03-28
Just OK - Thekkady
Thanks to greenwoods for making my vacation so wonderful one. The staffs are so dedicated and kindful, served us in a well manner. Foods are awesome,rooms are maintained very neat and clean.It would recomment my friends to Greenwoods for their stay during the visit in Thekkady.So thankful to chef and his team for preparing special food for my son. - Green Woods Resorts
Sajith Stayed at Room No : 404 On 2017-03-25.Reviewd on 2017-03-26
Wonderful and nice climate - Thekkady
Perfect and nice place to stay in with pleasent staff - Green Woods Resorts
Ms Basma Murad Stayed at Room No : 603 On 2017-03-21.Reviewd on 2017-03-24
The city it self is nice and simple to experience diffrent life style , but i noticed that this city needs more entertaiment so the people can spend more days in here . - Thekkady
I enjoyed my staying in this nice and cozy hotel , am sure next time when i visit thekkady this hotel will be my first choice . Thank you so much for making our stay unforgetable . - Green Woods Resorts
Alzamzami Stayed at Room No : 503 On 2017-03-20.Reviewd on 2017-03-22
A place that everyone must see, beautiful - Thekkady
Excellent property, Amazing Staff - Green Woods Resorts
Abdulkarim Alamri Stayed at Room No : 201 On 2017-03-21.Reviewd on 2017-03-21
Though visited many a time, LOVELY NATURAL HOLIDAY "PALACE" - Thekkady
One single word - HOSPITALITY THY NAME - Green Woods Resorts
Ravisankar V & Mrs Mala Ravishankar Stayed at Room No : RITHIKA 101 On 2017-03-14.Reviewd on 2017-03-15
Intersting and lots of trips available - Thekkady
This is a beautiful resort set amongst plants and trees. The restaurant is excellent and staff aare very helpful if you hhave any special food requirements. Our De lux room is very comfotable and quiet. - Green Woods Resorts
Kathleen Stayed at Room No : 403 On 2017-03-08.Reviewd on 2017-03-10
Very nice place , small village but very quite and nice - Thekkady
Very good resort , the pool villa is very nice and its worth the price , - Green Woods Resorts
Khaled Alateeqi Stayed at Room No : 302,1002 On 2017-03-06.Reviewd on 2017-03-09
It is a nice city, i like the elephants and alot of programms here - Thekkady
The servies , resturant, programms and all the staff are very good, i will come to you when i vist Thekkady later - Green Woods Resorts
Abdul Rahman Stayed at Room No : 301 On 2017-03-05.Reviewd on 2017-03-07
Many things to see and to do in a beautiful landscape. - Thekkady
Greenwoods is absolutely a place to stay and to not miss. Staff is really nice and helpful. Food is delicious. Atmosphere is peaceful. - Green Woods Resorts
Saravanan Muthuswamy Stayed at Room No : 804 On 2017-03-03.Reviewd on 2017-03-07
Relaxing and inspiring. Periyar National park is a special part of the world so we hope the conservation efforts continue and pollution diminishes so future generations can enjoy the trees and wildlife - Thekkady
Very warm hospitality and everyone is so friendly. Food is great and the dancing was cool! - Green Woods Resorts
Evan Davis Stayed at Room No : 304 On 2017-03-04.Reviewd on 2017-03-06
Nice climate and cool place to relax with family... - Thekkady
Nice place to stay and relax..... - Green Woods Resorts
Anish kumar Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2017-03-02.Reviewd on 2017-03-05
A very calm n beautiful place that takes you very close to nature :) - Thekkady
A very WARM AND lovely place. Amazing n sweet stuff. A once in a lifetiME experience. Looking forward to visit this place again with family. A BIG THANK YOU GREENWOODS :) - Green Woods Resorts
Shwetha V P Stayed at Room No : 1001 pool suite On 2017-02-28.Reviewd on 2017-02-28
Have been here 5 years ago, when the lake was full with water. Interesting to see the diffenence this time. Did a very nice walk i the park and went to Gavi. Thekkady has become much bkgger than last time. - Thekkady
The hotel is very nice, the pool fantastic. Rooms very clean and quiet. Park is interesting. - Green Woods Resorts
Mr. Seemann, Mrs. Waldmann Stayed at Room No : 503 On 2017-02-24.Reviewd on 2017-02-26
So much to do in this wonderful area. Rolling tea plantations. Elephant junction where the elephants are humanely taken care of. Spices everywhere to buy as cardomom is natural here, and pepper etc. So enjoyed my stay in this area! - Thekkady
I love this resort. The staff are over the top friendly. The food is amazing. You are set among beautiful trees. Our room had a private balcony on the 2nd floor and complete privacy. Everything wonderful. - Green Woods Resorts
Marilyn Bowman Stayed at Room No : 504 On 2017-02-23.Reviewd on 2017-02-26
Quite exciting,plenty to do - Thekkady
Great resort,love the hospitality and the food even more.great package as well! - Green Woods Resorts
Richa s Stayed at Room No : 805 On 2017-02-26.Reviewd on 2017-02-26
Good - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Dany anto Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2017-02-21.Reviewd on 2017-02-23
Very nice place - Thekkady
Simply Superb, The Climate and nature haritage was good, A very good resort for visit & Ritika villa was awesome... Resorts staff member are very helpful - Green Woods Resorts
Mr.Ronak Patel Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2017-02-20.Reviewd on 2017-02-21
جذاا - Thekkady
ممتاس جذا - Green Woods Resorts
ساذ الذرب Stayed at Room No : 804 On 2017-02-17.Reviewd on 2017-02-19
3 days are enought to visit. Elephant parc is very nice - Thekkady
Our room was very nice and quiet. The buffet of restaurant was very good. Nevertheless burgers are not good. Every people of the hotel are very nice and available. - Green Woods Resorts
Julien champeix Stayed at Room No : 701 On 2017-02-17.Reviewd on 2017-02-19
Excellent - Thekkady
Great setting and good customer service. Can have more activities within the resort like yoga, massage etc - Green Woods Resorts
Raj Stayed at Room No : 1002 On 2017-02-14.Reviewd on 2017-02-17
Good place to stay - Thekkady
We enjoyed ur delicious food...good room with nice atmosphere..Resort is attractive but site seeing was nt good enough - Green Woods Resorts
NirmalRaj Stayed at Room No : 303 On 2017-02-07.Reviewd on 2017-02-08
Very beautiful and developed place .. must visit for all tourists .. spices are must to buy :) - Thekkady
Great hospitality and very helpful staff .. property is very spacious and beautiful with full natural surroundings .. food is superb .. a very positive feedback for the staff .. special thanks to Nimisha for all the coordination and help during our stay .. :) - Green Woods Resorts
Nikhil trivedi Stayed at Room No : 201 On 2017-02-07.Reviewd on 2017-02-07
جميله جدا - Thekkady
ممتاز - Green Woods Resorts
Abdul rahman Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2017-02-04.Reviewd on 2017-02-07
Beautiful scenery, amazing jeep rides and elephant rides - Thekkady
Very good ambience and kind friendly staff - Green Woods Resorts
Manikanta Stayed at Room No : 201 On 2017-02-07.Reviewd on 2017-02-07
Great experience. A ton of stuff to do. Wish we had more time to stay and enjoy everything that thekkady has to offer - Thekkady
Excellent service, staff tookvery good care of us, clean and vey well maintained facility. - Green Woods Resorts
Pramod Palat Stayed at Room No : 1001 On Invalid date.Reviewd on 2017-02-07
We are the first time visitor to thekkady. Awesome place to visit. - Thekkady
Everything about greenwoods resort is good. Food, room services were too good. Staff are very friendly. Defintely will recommend to our friends and family. - Green Woods Resorts
Srinivasan Stayed at Room No : 401,403,404 On 2017-02-02.Reviewd on 2017-02-05
مشهوره بالبهارات ورحلات السفاري - Thekkady
جميل جدا و المطعم جميل والخدمه مميزه وموجود شخص يتكلم العربي تعامله جدا رائع - Green Woods Resorts
raed hassan aldawood Stayed at Room No : 2001,1002 On 2017-02-01.Reviewd on 2017-02-02
A nature's paradise.... Beautifull...!! - Thekkady
Excellent staff, awesome service and great scenic surroundings...... overall a mesmerising experience.... would surely love to come back here...!! - Green Woods Resorts
Anirudh Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2017-01-30.Reviewd on 2017-02-02
One of the best stay places i have visted . One small tip recreatiom place needs a little improvisement - Thekkady
No negatives about this place , the stay was comfortable and satisfactory - Green Woods Resorts
N.balamurugan Stayed at Room No : 903 On 2017-01-29.Reviewd on 2017-01-29
Yet to see Thekkady - Thekkady
Great staff , hospitality is really good - Green Woods Resorts
Kushagra Stayed at Room No : 604 On 2017-01-28.Reviewd on 2017-01-28
Superb - Green Woods Resorts
Roy & Lincy Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2017-01-25.Reviewd on 2017-01-25
Excellent - Thekkady
It was an amzkng experiance the people were really nice Jabeed and all the staff were so cooprative and friendly the food is so diverse and delious and the chef has done an amazing job overall our stay in greenwood was one to remember - Green Woods Resorts
Abdulaziz aljeri Stayed at Room No : 802 On 2017-01-21.Reviewd on 2017-01-23
Great destination. Should be experienced - Thekkady
Courteous Staff. Nice experience - Green Woods Resorts
Kinjal singh Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2017-01-23.Reviewd on 2017-01-23
Good - Thekkady
Myself Aby and my wife geethu aby are extremily happy for choosing greenwood resorts.. we were on a somewhat like a honeymoon trip.. and we enjoyed each moment spent here.. the hospitality was so commendable.. room service as well as the restaurant were way above our expectations.. the rooms are designed beautifully with maximum privacy.. a special mention for miss.Nimisha who was very friendy and accomodative.. also we enjoyed the live cooking demonstration and cultural programmes.. in total the stay here was a very memorable experience.. would surely recommend it to others and looking forward to come back here. Thanks!! - Green Woods Resorts
Aby Abraham Stayed at Room No : 806 On 2017-01-18.Reviewd on 2017-01-19
The two tours at Periyar nationalpark seemed nice after we saw the adverts, but we were disappointed in the end by the strange booking process and the unwelcoming way we were told how to book and pay (at the forest office). The tours didn^t even last two hours (of the promised three hous). The jungle scout was a big disappointment as it went along the main street of the park and the rangers kept fiddling with their phones all along. - Thekkady
Very nice hospitality. Friendly, charming staff. We especially appreciate the outstanding personal care. We felt like home! - Green Woods Resorts
Padavil Stayed at Room No : 601 On 2017-01-16.Reviewd on 2017-01-18
Fine placce - Thekkady
Verygood - Green Woods Resorts
Rajesh kumar Stayed at Room No : 1002 On 2017-01-16.Reviewd on 2017-01-16
Nice - Thekkady
Nice stay and we enjoyed very well.The food was excellent - Green Woods Resorts
Deepak Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2017-01-13.Reviewd on 2017-01-16
Its pleasent destination for family and to come back. - Thekkady
Its excellent,.best in all categories like from start welcome,rooms cottages,food,activities and above all v gud team of hotel reprentatives.its very much worth to stay in this property in thekkady. - Green Woods Resorts
Manish mehta Stayed at Room No : 2001 On 2017-01-13.Reviewd on 2017-01-15
We love this contry - Thekkady
The hotel is marvellous ansd the restaurant amazing - Green Woods Resorts
Jean marc jacquer Stayed at Room No : 801,802 On 2017-01-10.Reviewd on 2017-01-12
Great - Thekkady
Excellent place especially for kids. Sijith,kala,ramkumar,others are excellent team to spend time - Green Woods Resorts
Arun Stayed at Room No : 501 On 2017-01-12.Reviewd on 2017-01-12
Thekkady is an amazing place. - Thekkady
One of the best hotels. The hospitality is great! - Green Woods Resorts
Kalpesh Padia Stayed at Room No : 403 On 2017-01-07.Reviewd on 2017-01-09
Evergreen place for adventure and relaxation, God 's Own Country indeed - Thekkady
Impeccable service, Never say "No" attitude,eversmiling staff, prompt service, excellent food,will surely recomend to friends - Green Woods Resorts
Latha Raja Stayed at Room No : 701,702 On 2017-01-07.Reviewd on 2017-01-09
It was a better experience at Thekkady,we felt the best at Thekkady in greenwoods ,it was a misty climate .A good place to visit - Thekkady
It was an amazing experience with greenwoods.As the name says its everywhr greenery,A complete nature resort. They provided the best delicious fod that too with out any added flavors.The ambience is awesome especially the warm private pool,it made our trip funfull .Best at housekeeping.Thank you for providing us such an awesome experience - Green Woods Resorts
Vinu selvaraj Stayed at Room No : 902,1001,1002,2001 On 2017-01-06.Reviewd on 2017-01-08
Greenwods is like an oasis in this little lively town, wonderful place to relax. We enjoyed the periyar tiger reserve. Amazing wildlife and nature. The kathakali show was amazing. We had a great time here. - Thekkady
Very friendly stuff, excellent food, charming tree house with delcious coffe and view - Green Woods Resorts
Marius pulles Stayed at Room No : 904 On 2017-01-04.Reviewd on 2017-01-07
National park is beautiful serene ,We saw elephants and many animals and Nice wheather - Thekkady
Beautiful place,staffs are brillient,Everything is good,Lovely rooms - Green Woods Resorts
Roger Wicks Stayed at Room No : 903 On 2017-01-04.Reviewd on 2017-01-06
Great Place and a Must visit to enjoy the nature and wildlife. - Thekkady
I stayed with my family over the Christmas holidays. Very pleasant staff, warm welcome. We stayed in room 504. When my travel agent booked this for me, she gave a good review about this place. And after my arrival and check-in, I can vouch for her words. Very close to all shopping paces and well inside the town, yet away from all the noise. I really loved the open space, the Tea at the tree house, smiling and helpful staff. It is worth going up the tree house for an evening Tea. Buffet and meal spread is really good and plenty to chose from. I liked their display of traditional Kerala daily household utensils and antiques. Overall a great stay and pleasant experience. I want to specially mention help from the resort executive Mr. Sreelaj. My son left his brand new pullover which I brought him 4 days back form US. He was in tears when we found it is missing while we were at Kochi. We contacted him and he traced it and shipped it to our Bangalore address very next day. It arrived promptly within two days. Special thanks to him. - Green Woods Resorts
Rammohan N Stayed at Room No : 504 On 2016-12-26.Reviewd on 2017-01-06
Had a great time ! Highly recommended - Thekkady
Pranav Anam Stayed at Room No : 701,702 On 2017-01-03.Reviewd on 2017-01-05
An amazing place to do do lots of outdoor nature activities. We have loved trekking both at night and daytime. I have a love of elephanrs and we have so enjoyed bathing and showering with them. We also found thekkady to be very safe and friendly - Thekkady
This has been an abssolutley wonderful experience. The staff could not have been more helpful, happy and charming. Our room was of a very high standard and super clean. The food has been a superb experience., just marvelous. I would not hesitate in reccommending Greenwoods to anyone. We will definately be back. - Green Woods Resorts
Janet Rothwell Stayed at Room No : 501 On 2017-01-02.Reviewd on 2017-01-04
Pleasant stay and nice resort and theme..liked the courteous staff - Green Woods Resorts
Akshay Banbote Stayed at Room No : 902 On 2017-01-03.Reviewd on 2017-01-04
Lovely place - Thekkady
Treehouse coffee shop //this is a wonderful feature of the hotel with the man that runs it very helpful and friendly. The green ethos of the hotel and the biogas and worm composting plant and the helpful staff were very welcoming..More hotels should adopt this green ecological approach! - Green Woods Resorts
Derek climpson Stayed at Room No : 805 On 2017-01-03.Reviewd on 2017-01-03
Gorgeous natural beauty and phenomenal activities. - Thekkady
Lovely resort with luxurious accomodations amd warm hospitable service. - Green Woods Resorts
Prabha ramakrishnan Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2016-12-31.Reviewd on 2017-01-02
Very nice - Thekkady
Very good - Green Woods Resorts
Alice Martin Stayed at Room No : 303 2001 On 2017-01-02.Reviewd on 2017-01-02
Awesome - Thekkady
Overwhelmed with the service provided and good facility. Kudos to entire team. Excellent. Going above and beyond to provide the needed care. Felt like spending time with another family members for a gathering. - Green Woods Resorts
Arun karthik Stayed at Room No : 603,701,702 On 2016-12-30.Reviewd on 2017-01-02
Lovely place, nice people - Thekkady
Thank you for warm welcoming and hospitality , staff are helpfull a and always greet us with big smile - Green Woods Resorts
Zainab Stayed at Room No : 604 On 2016-12-29.Reviewd on 2016-12-31
not enjoyed, no bost tickets, no animalsin the forest. - Thekkady
great rooms and perfect ambience, room with warm pool perfect.memorable stay - Green Woods Resorts
Abdullah wahab Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2016-12-28.Reviewd on 2016-12-31
Thekkady is an amazing place, very beautiful. Shame we couldnt get the boat tickets. - Thekkady
We really enjoyed our stay at the resort, the staff were very friendly and the food was delicious. We would highly recommend the resort. - Green Woods Resorts
Andrew loftus Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2016-12-29.Reviewd on 2016-12-30
Spice visit at green parks was excellent and tea plantation tour good but otherwise dissapointing and not much else to do. - Thekkady
Rooms are large but need more lighting and decoration. Good showers. - Green Woods Resorts
Mr sanjay chohan Stayed at Room No : 1002 On 2016-12-27.Reviewd on 2016-12-29
Lovely place , unfortunately rained - Thekkady
Lovely resort efficient staff - Green Woods Resorts
Kajal shah Stayed at Room No : 805,806,807,808,809 On 2016-12-26.Reviewd on 2016-12-29
Wide variety of things to do and see, including planatation and spice tours, and wildlife including elephant rides. - Thekkady
Best hotel we have stayed at during our time in India, and the only one with a gym,games room and trampoline, which delighted our children. Food was delicious and a visual and gustatory delight. Catered for even childrens tastes, with bland as well as spicy recipes. The level of service was extremely good, with friendly reception, unintrusive attentiveness, and surroundings which were beautifully maintained and ecologically friendly. 😀 - Green Woods Resorts
Sarah Hiorns Stayed at Room No : 602 On 2016-12-26.Reviewd on 2016-12-28
Good - Thekkady
Very welcoming staff, beautifully organised campus, authentic feeling at every move. Worth stay here. Enjoying our vacation in the lovely campus. All good wishes for future - Green Woods Resorts
Kavita jain Stayed at Room No : 303, 304 On 2016-12-26.Reviewd on 2016-12-28
Earlier information forwarded to guests regarding bozating bookong online etc may make the trip more enjoyable - Thekkady
Excellent hospitality by the staff particularly in the restaurant - Green Woods Resorts
A RAAJKUMAR Stayed at Room No : 904 On 2016-12-28.Reviewd on 2016-12-28
Very nice - Thekkady
Super - Green Woods Resorts
Ramesh Stayed at Room No : 901 On 2016-12-24.Reviewd on 2016-12-27
Good - Thekkady
Good - Green Woods Resorts
Sukumar Stayed at Room No : 403 On 2016-12-24.Reviewd on 2016-12-27
This is a test. Please ignore. - Thekkady
This is a test. Please ignore. - Green Woods Resorts
Rishabh Stayed at Room No : 1 On 2016-12-26.Reviewd on 2016-12-26
Loved it. Jeep safari and tribal dance were awesone. Great place to relax. - Thekkady
Great property overall. Tree hpuse tea shop and the vechoor farm beibg the highlights for us. As an area of improve could ensure the power supply does not flicker too much. - Green Woods Resorts
Jacob george Stayed at Room No : 1903 On 2016-12-24.Reviewd on 2016-12-24
Great forest preserve. - Thekkady
Resort rooms met expectations. Good breakfast buffet. Most of the staff members were customer friendly. Two specfic feedback items - 1. bufffet dinner was missing on 20/12 and it could have been commmunicated ahead of time to customers. 2. Half a roti was missing but the staff member did not acknowledge and address the situation. - Green Woods Resorts
Ramya Kalyanaraman Stayed at Room No : 807 + 5 ROOMS On 2016-12-20.Reviewd on 2016-12-20
Busy place but exathing - Thekkady
Good stay nice room and frendly personal - Green Woods Resorts
Bo and Helen Noilsson Stayed at Room No : 803 On 2016-12-20.Reviewd on 2016-12-20
Good for Couples - Thekkady
My stay was excellent and comfy. Staffs were very courtyous. - Green Woods Resorts
Siddarth B Stayed at Room No : 1903 On 2016-12-14.Reviewd on 2016-12-17
Great destination! - Thekkady
Excellent overall experience!! - Green Woods Resorts
Rajesh Stayed at Room No : 804 On 2016-12-11.Reviewd on 2016-12-14
i,enjoy,very,much - Thekkady
Very,nice - Green Woods Resorts
Pradip kumar Stayed at Room No : 302 On 2016-12-10.Reviewd on 2016-12-13
Beautiful place.Lovely lake.Adventurous jeep safari.Love to come back here. - Thekkady
Fantastic.Only reqquest to have more light inside the rooms. - Green Woods Resorts
Udaykumar Stayed at Room No : 806,1002 On 2016-12-10.Reviewd on 2016-12-12
periyar lake is beautiful....the boat ride is indeed an experience....thekady - Thekkady
Very nice location....extremely cosy rooms and great ambience was great at times but could improve overall....very friendly staff and really 3 best days spend as a place is extremely green...nice place to laze around and spend a few serene days - Green Woods Resorts
Shovan Sengupta Stayed at Room No : 304 On 2016-12-10.Reviewd on 2016-12-12
Thekkady is full of natural splendor and u want to measure every inch of it. - Thekkady
It was our 1st trip to Kerala. We chose it as our Honeymoon destination. During the Kerala trip we stayed in many luxury resorts, but the experience we had in Greenwoods Thekkady was truly amazing and memorable. We booked a honeymoon package for 2 days here. It is a beautiful resort, full of natural splendor all around in the middle of the city. On 1st day, we had a traditional welcome with Kumkum, Spice garland and lamp with a healthy welcome drink made of ginger, coffee and palm sugar. Many inhouse and outdoor activities like elephant ride and spice plantation visit were arranged by resort. Whenever we took services from staff, whether it were inhouse activities like greenwoods resort tour, Saree/dhoti demonstartion etc or outdoor activity like arranging scouts for both elephant ride and plantation visit as our driver did not know the way, were very helpful. Food was delicious and full of variety from traditional Keralite to other Indian and Chinese/continental dishes. Hospitality we enjoyed here in every experience was truly amazing. We had a candle light dinner planned near the pool and the Chef himself personally served us. It was a delightful experience. They packed our linch over a phone call, as we were late for the boat ride. We felt too homely to leave. We loved being here and definitely look forward to come again for extended period sooner than later. - Green Woods Resorts
Dr. Deepak Kansal Stayed at Room No : 803 On 2016-12-10.Reviewd on 2016-12-12
Nice place, full of greenary. - Thekkady
Great place, very friendly staff, well maintained premisis in the heart of town,. - Green Woods Resorts
Gem Andrews Stayed at Room No : 904 On 2016-12-11.Reviewd on 2016-12-11
Everthing fine mainely boating ,jeep safari, Thank you for all to have a wonder ful holidays in thekkady - Thekkady
Everything is nice from reception to kitchen ...service was very good ,jabeed and mariya helped too much - Green Woods Resorts
Fathia algorah Stayed at Room No : 901 On 2016-12-11.Reviewd on 2016-12-11
Thekkady was a good place. Nice climate. Nature lovers paradise. - Thekkady
We stayed as teo couples at the greenwoods resort,in december. We loved the place and felt completely close to nature. The entire property is covered in greenery with plenty of privacy for honeymoon couples. Food was great and buffet had plenty of vrgrtrisn options. Not to mention the hospitality and all our reauests were served as per our needs. The only negative was it was hard for us to find the resort as there were no signs leading to the resort - Green Woods Resorts
Devanathan desikan Stayed at Room No : 301,302 On 2016-12-08.Reviewd on 2016-12-09
Lots to do, national park a real treasure - Thekkady
Brilliant, staff very good and room was lovely - Green Woods Resorts
Mr william amies Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2016-12-05.Reviewd on 2016-12-05
Great nature and wildlife destination. - Thekkady
Nice hotel, great location and extremely helpful staff. - Green Woods Resorts
Minna martikainen Stayed at Room No : 501 On 2016-12-02.Reviewd on 2016-12-04
Beautiful ,Nice People - Thekkady
Abdul aziz Stayed at Room No : 903 On 2016-12-02.Reviewd on 2016-12-04
Although close to the city, the serinety is great. - Thekkady
Greenwoods resort is a heavenly place and our stay was awesome. Right from the availability check till check out, the service was just wonderful. Apart from the excellent facilities, the hospitality is what we were amazed at. We also enjoyed the food and live counter. The staff always made sure we are comfortable. The tree top cafe gives a unique experience. We would highly recommend this resort to our friends and family. - Green Woods Resorts
Deepa Stayed at Room No : 2001,404 On 2016-12-02.Reviewd on 2016-12-04
We have seen Spice farm and tea plantation which were facinating - Thekkady
Its a lovely place - staff very efficient and was a shame wasnt better , but i would reccomend the resort . - Green Woods Resorts
Jane Maton Stayed at Room No : 401 On 2016-12-01.Reviewd on 2016-12-03
Wonderful place. - Thekkady
Its good. Exterior and the landscape of the resort is good, tree top coffe shop is amazing, the hospitality is good. The room interior could be improved. Spa s missing. - Green Woods Resorts
Gopinath Stayed at Room No : 201 On 2016-11-30.Reviewd on 2016-12-02
جميله جدا جدا - Thekkady
منتجع جميل جدا واستمتاع واسترخاء واعجبني البرامج اللي يسوونها ويوجد واحد يتكلم عربي وهوجيد اسمه جابير - Green Woods Resorts
نايف احمد الزهراني Stayed at Room No : 603 On 2016-12-01.Reviewd on 2016-12-01
Beautiful place. - Thekkady
Awesome resort. The entire experience, the welcome, the food, the ambience, the people .... eveyrthing about this place is truly AWESOME.. THANK YOU GUYS. KEEP UP THE GR8 WORK. - Green Woods Resorts
Kushal kalambi Stayed at Room No : 904 On 2016-11-28.Reviewd on 2016-12-01
beautiful, Sunny, friendly. - Thekkady
A llittle quiet oasis. Very Friendly staff, nothing is too much trouble. Would recomend to friends - Green Woods Resorts
Lorne angus Stayed at Room No : 404 On 2016-11-30.Reviewd on 2016-11-30
Interesting - Thekkady
One of the best resort ever stayed in - Green Woods Resorts
Sudhir sood Stayed at Room No : 601 On 2016-11-26.Reviewd on 2016-11-29
منطقه جميله فيها المصطحات الخضراء الواسعه - Thekkady
منتجع جدا رائع و الخدمات رايعه و العاملين فيه جدا ودودين و الشي المميز الهدوء - Green Woods Resorts
Ali Ahmed Stayed at Room No : 2001 On 2016-11-24.Reviewd on 2016-11-27
Wonderful area with much to see. Very much enjoyed the jeep ride with a very good driver who pointed out lots of interesting animals and sights. Elephant ride and bathing was truly amazing. There is somuch to do here that two nights is not enough. - Thekkady
Beautiful situation in lovely tranquil grounds. Amazing room, really loved the swimming pool and the layout of the suite. Excellent food and i teresting activities. - Green Woods Resorts
Mr Robert Mrs Anne hadway Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2016-11-24.Reviewd on 2016-11-26
Jeep safari was brief but decent. - Thekkady
Great place, very helpful staff and good service. Wifi connection needs to be improved. Could have better gym facilities too - Green Woods Resorts
Aishwarya Stayed at Room No : 303,1002 On 2016-11-22.Reviewd on 2016-11-23
Beautiful spot. Nice place to visit again. - Thekkady
Good experience. Very helpful and friendly staff. - Green Woods Resorts
Namitha Stayed at Room No : 903 On 2016-11-20.Reviewd on 2016-11-22
Interesting town, spice tour was great - Thekkady
Had a lovely time - Green Woods Resorts
Julanne mcintyre Stayed at Room No : 603,604 On 2016-11-15.Reviewd on 2016-11-17
Very good - Thekkady
Excellent - Green Woods Resorts
Abdulrahman mohammed sahli Stayed at Room No : 1901 On 2016-11-15.Reviewd on 2016-11-15
Yes. All good - Thekkady
Yes. Exceĺlent resort - Green Woods Resorts
Ibrahim abdultif Stayed at Room No : 1002 On 2016-11-15.Reviewd on 2016-11-15
Fine - Thekkady
Everthing good,Jabeed was very helpful to ours - Green Woods Resorts
Adeil Stayed at Room No : 1001 On 2016-11-06.Reviewd on 2016-11-08
Green & lush surroindings with lots to do. Particularly enjoyed Periya lake & visiting the elephants. - Thekkady
Lovely stay over 3 days - the staff are delightful and aleays smiling. Kerela breakfast is excellent, so too is the chai msrsala in the treetop cafe. A green & quiet oasis in a very busy tourist town. - Green Woods Resorts
Wendy Douglas Stayed at Room No : 304 On 2016-11-05.Reviewd on 2016-11-07
Very nice - Thekkady
Very nice, please provide alcoholic drinks in the restaurant or in the bar or let the guests bring their own drinks in the restaurant. Sitting arrangements in the front of maim lobby would be nice. Need more pathway lights especially a lot of clientle is elderly.Service is very good. The staff is very courteous and helpful. Food is excellent. The property is very well maintained and clean. - Green Woods Resorts
Ramesh patel Stayed at Room No : 302 On 2016-11-05.Reviewd on 2016-11-05
Testing - Thekkady
Testing - Green Woods Resorts
Neeraj Bhatt Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2016-10-28.Reviewd on 2016-10-28
Testing - Thekkady
Testing - Green Woods Resorts
Rejeesh Stayed at Room No : 101 On 2016-10-19.Reviewd on 2016-10-19
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