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Socially Resposibile Initiatives

At Greenwoods, "preserve our Reserve" is our institutional slogan. We follow the line in letter and spirit. Biodiversity and its conservation is our motto. We are completely wedded with our commitment to maintain the environment even better than when we stepped in. Our Green team, an environmental volunteer assembly and the Green face of Team Greenwoods perform regular environmental activities inside and outside the property.

Helping Hand to Kumily Panchayath for Waste Management

Greenwoods Resort(Kondody Group) always initiate social welfare activities in its on humble ways. We have extended our helping hands to the Panchayath to support smooth operations of waste management, by identifying an unattended vehicle which was about to wreck in to a new vehicle. Whenever we do something it is always supports the mother nature in any manner. To make this Kumily more cleaner we have handed over the new vehicle to Kumily Panchayat to make this clean Kumily green Kumily. Go green .. Support people support government.. keep our city clean and green always!!

Childrens Day Celebration at Govt. Tribal School Kumily

Greenwoods Resort took the initiative to distribute sweets among 700 students in the Govt. Tribal School , Kumily as a part of Children's Day Celebration. We also conducted an awareness among student about the importnce of mother nature and planted a mahagany sapling in the school premises.

Plant A Tree

We greenwoods team ensuing to plant 'A tree A day' either inside the resort or some were in Thekkady..More over our team will do a periodical cleaning in public and inside the property to make a plastic free place..>

Biodiversity is very fragile in Nature. Unguided human activities are the major threat to it. For making the awareness for biodiversity, we target school children as they are the future of the nation and mankind. Childhood is the effective stage to inculcate the respect for the Nature. That's why, we participate school children in our green activities. We call school children at regular interval, arrange nature education, do plantation, and introduce them with plants at premise and their economic, medicinal and scientific value.

In our premise, we have conserved a rare variety of cow, vechoor cattle, which is world's smallest variety and worldwide its population is just 200 worldwide. By rearing this variety, we are just in-line with our commitment of Bio-diversity conservation. We also organize Tribal Song and Dance performance for our guest. As we think these things a precious resources which inspire us to be one with Nature.

For Vijayalaskhmi Teacher

The last day at office was more like a beginning of a new kind

The head mistress of government school-Kumily Smt.Vijayalakshmi would have never thought of a more fulfilling retirement function than this. Thanks to the noble initiatives by the 'preserve our reserve' team of greenwoods resort, who thought of this occasion to donate educational essentials to the under privileged students of the school.

As kid with their parents received new school bags and umbrellas from their beloved head mistress, the gratitude and love in their eye was the best gift that the retiring teacher could have asked for The preservae our reserve initiativs has always touched the lives of local community in the Thekkady and helped them live better life.At greenwoods we belive, that the local community of a destination is the best vital reserve and protecting and empowering them is our duty.

Showing the Seed of Hope

Plant a tree' program by Preserve Our Reserve initiative of Greenwoods is gaining much popularity :-

On one hands human beings are chopping down trees, and filling the air with toxic fumes in the name of development, on the other hand there are people who have realized the need to save mother nature and are doing their bit towards this cause. The Preserve Our Reserve initiative from Greenwoods is proud to be a part of the nature loving community. Always in the forefront in acts of nature conservation, Preserve Our Reserve team has initiated many a programs and activities in and around the resort premise. 'A tree a day' program is one such initiative that aims at planting one tree a day and spreading the message of our nature conservation.

The 'Preserve Our Reserve' team joined hands with government officials, public representatives and even guests at the resort to plant trees at various spots in thekkady.The team also conducted awareness sessions and competitions at the Govt. school,kumily. We believe that a small step in nature conservation will go a long way in making this planet a greener and safer place.

An eye for everyone

The Preserve Our Reserves Club at Greenwoods Resort organized cm Eye Donation Camp at the premises on 20th March 2014 The programme was inaugurated by renowned environmentalist Mr. Joseph Karoor and presided over by the District Medical Officer Mr. V R Raju. An awareness seminar and free eye clinic for the inmates of 'Akasha Parava' , o shelter for the helpless and elderly, was also held alongside the event. As part of the event, several staff members at Greenwoods handed over their consent letters for eye donation to the District Medical Officer.

Our team wedded with Commitments for conservation

Viswanathan - From his childhood he believe that the nature communicates with us and only thing we need to have is the patience to listen what they are saying. We are completely wedded with our commitment to maintain the environment even better than when we stepped in.

Plastic Removal Campaigns

Preserve our Reserve volunteers conduct plastic campaign in regular intervals at Thekkady... Kumiliy Panchayat also trying its best to become a cent percent plastic free zone and we join hands with them in this great effort...

Gokulam - A sustainable living experience

In our Sewage Treatment Plant about 60% of the sewage water is treated and reused for gardening. Its a very scientific process involving different stages and this is used for the watering of about 7 acres of greenery inside the resort.

Biogas Plant - The daily food waste is used for the generation of bio -gas and is used in our Kitchen Vermicompost-The dry leaves inside the resort is collected and turned us compost in our Vermi compost project. This is excellent manure used for our various cultivation. The Vechoor Cow -The milk is having medicinal values and cow dung is used for bio gas and STP project. The domestic birds protected in Gokulam and their movements, breeding and life patterns are much interest to guests, especially children.

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