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December And the Exotic Thekkady Experience

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March 23, 2021
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What invites you to Thekkady in December month? December is the ideal time of Kerala that connects people to the impeccable beauty of its nature. If you are looking for family time together, a romantic getaway or an unplanned visit with your friends, Thekkady will surely smash your list. The best way to do this is to unlock one of the luxury resorts in Thekkady. What else can promise other than having a comfy stay together before the travelling expeditions?

Located in the heart of the Idukki district of Kerala, Thekkady is a go-to destination dipped in silence and stillness. The serene locus is located at an altitude of 2800 meters and is a natural retreat for anyone. Beyond the scenic beauty, it offers some of the best enthralling activities to connect your travelling time. Thekkady has become the prime selection for travel enthusiasts for the surrounding peace, muffled destinations, and water expeditions.

The climate of Thekkady in December

The land is known for its stillness and surrounding magnificence. It undergoes hardly any seasonal variations. But when speaking about the best time to pack your dreams, December takes an inch over any other month. Winters hold a bit of dryness, but the gentle breeze can take you all along to experience the beautiful place. You can expect zero showers, and it is the most comfortable time for sightseeing and water sport activities. If you wish to stay amongst the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady, it can offer a varied ambience.

Activities to embark the best time in Thekkady

Let’s start from the beginning. While planning your travelling time, search for the best family resorts in Thekkady. It is always great to build your journey after experiencing the resort culture here. Additionally, you can unlock several in-house activities before pitching out to the scenic beauty of the land. Following are the best ways to explore the tranquil land outside the resort scope.


Where else other than the Periyar Lake to sail your dreams? In fact, it is one of the popular reaches in Thekkady for boating enthusiasts. The lake goes as a part of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and offers the very cheer of water boating activities. You can spot the local people of the sanctuary involved in their daily activities here. Whether you are on a romantic time together or else having a family ride over, Periyar Lake can surprise you. The usual boating experience ties around 1.5 hours, and you can have a splendid voyage time with your loved ones. The gentle breeze, soothing ambience and the melting river is indeed a joy to grasp.


You can never leave the stillness without getting hiked in Thekkady. It is the most popular activity that welcomes travellers to the destination. Nothing can beat the joy of enormous hikes through the uneven soil beneath. You can experience border hiking activities via wildlife conservation treks. Parties must split up into two groups of 10 people, inclusive of 2 guides and a forest guard. Traverse the gentle slopes of the plain towards the peak of enormity (1000-1200 metres). Trekking is always fun with groups of scenic admirers. Eye-catch the best species that comes by your way and witness the happenings of the wild.


If you love the boating activity, you might love this too. Bamboo rafting goes in the same Periyar Lake which we pictured earlier. Unlike river boating, bamboo rafting gets you much closer to the feel of water. Travelling is fun when you can explore the raw forms of natural reflections. Next, the activity could get you close to the inhabitant lifestyle of the sanctuary amidst the green thicket. You could also experience the swing and rhythm of the river a bit close than expected. Capture your joyous moments above the river by trying the variant activity of the Periyar Lake.

Nature walks

Most of the 5-star resorts in Thekkady connect nature walks as their resort activity plannings. One way to explore the intrinsic land is to go for it. Besides those, there are many other guided nature treks in Thekkady, which you can pick as an extended activity. Usually, nature walks extend from 3 to 5 km. It is the best way to touch the core vibe of the land by spotting rare species of flaura and fauna. The mornings and evenings are equally explorable. It is the most recommended activity for newlyweds as they can adjoin the best chatter of their lives along the way. Trekking groups are smaller when compared to hiking but can induce the best time together with health benefits.

Wrapping Up 

Finally, we are here wrapping up the beautiful activity story of Thekkady in December. The wintertime is pretty to capture in its initial period as the temperature gets ideal for flocking. We have listed only the top 4 activities to look out for in the tranquil land. Thekkady can connect you to many other activities beyond the expected. Besides these far-flung activities, indulge in the luxurious amenities and comfort of private pool resorts in Kerala