Expedite the New Year with Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady!

Expedite the New Year with Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady!

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December 18, 2021
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It’s New Year time, and where else other than the land of tranquillity and calmness. Well, Thekkady marks the perfect destination for the New Year vibe with your loved ones, friends, or family for a refreshing start. There are numerous ways to pack your itinerary with the Lord of Jungles. Apart from staying in top 5 star resorts in Kerala or cruising the Periyar fun, an off-road Jeep Safari hits the trendsetter activity for the time. 

Imagine the beauty of watching the jungle happenings in a jeep ride with your best buddies. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, the land welcomes you to spot the enormous wild, into the rarest species of flaura and fauna and the stillness of the wild. And that is how the Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady would unfold the first chapter of 2022. 

While looking for the best jeep safari’s in Thekkady, you probably have two picks for the expedition. Either you can go for a jeep safari for maximum sightseeing, or else you can unlock a jungle jeep safari into the wild. So here are the best places to pack your New Year ride if you are reaching out from any of the luxury resorts in Thekkady.

Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady


It is one of the pleasant and silent places in Thekkady that goes unexplored by many travellers. Lying at nearly 4.5 km from Kumily, a breath-taking viewpoint awaits your presence. Just a few meters away from there marks the Ottakathalmedu Watchtower. You can have an astonishing view from there which tails the entire Kumily city, small streams, and vegetable farms down the valley. You could also spot a treehouse to the nearside that makes the place an exciting locus to pin by jeep safari.


Pinned at 11 kilometres from Kumily lies the Kerala Tamil Nadu frontier. The place goes popular with cascading waterfalls emerging from Kerala and ends in Tamil Nadu. The village of Chellarkovil grants a 2-hour jeep safari full of vigour and animation. The place hits as the most visited eco-tourism spot by travellers from all over the world. Heading from the best resorts in Thekkady towards the cosy location, you could spot the core of Thekkady here. The vegetable farms of Kumbam and Theni, canal view, penstock view and Kumbum grape farms can adjoin your safari trail. Totally, the Chellarkovil Jeep Safari is going to give you enough memories to keep your journey fresh and reviving.


On the way from Chellarkovil waterfalls, you can connect one more beautiful locus known as Pandikuzhi. Those people looking for adventurous safaris will have to take this to their itinerary. It is a 2-hour journey and is trailed in small vehicles as the muddy path could be challenging. It is a combined safari plus trekking spot where you must park in between and walk towards one of the beautiful viewpoints of Kerala. The place is an astonishing hill station endowed with a green cover, untouched waterfalls, and a myriad of flaura and fauna. Pandikuzhi is a must-visit safari and a regular reach out from the nearby 5 star resorts in Thekkady.


One of the best locations offering a jeep ride in Thekkady would be Sathram. It is often known as the resting site of Lord Ayappa devotees on their way to Sabarimala Temple. The off-road jeep safari is an exhilarating experience for approaching travellers. It is a 3 to 3.5-hour journey that is provided with customized packages and add on spots. The picturesque trail could connect marvellous places such as the Parunthumpra, Panchalimedu etc. The jeep trail parallels the Periyar River and is a delight to experience in the morning mist and surrounding cold. Additionally, the road from Parunthumpara towards Sathram goes scenic with tea plantations on either side. Sathram jeep safari is one of the most looked out activities which you can pin the New Year time in Thekkady.

Wrapping Up

We have enlisted the top four spots which can be opted for the New Year time jeep safaris in Thekkady. There are many more places and destinations that hit the trend list. Aangamoozhi forest Jeep Safaris and packages like Meghamala tour and Sathram packages are popular. The best way to connect these destinations for the specific time would be to book your best family resorts in Thekkady. All hotels and 5 star resorts in Thekkady would be running tight, and try to pack your dreams earlier to the New Year bounce.