Head to Mangaladevi 1000 year old Temple in Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Head to Mangaladevi 1000 year old Temple in Thekkady

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March 6, 2022
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Have you heard about Mangaladevi Temple in Thekkady? If you are looking for a devotional gleam of ancient temple culture and rituals, this is the right place in Thekkady. It is a unique experience to behold while having a packed family stay amongst the best family resorts in Thekkady

Mangaladevi Temple History, Architecture, Ambiance & Festival

·       History

Mangaladevi marks a 1000-year-old ancient temple amidst the thick forest of Periyar Tiger Reserve. The traditional and sacred temple stands tall at an altitude of 1337 m above sea level. The temple goes dedicated to the deity of Mangaladevi or Kannaki, as popularly known. Kannaki remains the symbol of moral power that an ordinary woman holds within herself.

Silapathikaram, written by the famous poet Llango Adigal, revolves around Kannaki and is recognized as one of the five great epics of Tamil literature. The story says that Kannaki burnt Madhurai town by a curse when her husband Kovilan got killed after being wrongly accused by the court. And then, Kannaki headed towards the Periyar forest.

·       Architecture

With zero records on the time of the epic construction, local people believe that the Chera King, Chenkuttuvan created the temple. Though it exists now in a shabby state, one can pinpoint the large stones that mark the remembrance of those glorified days. Likewise, visitors can clearly witness the effort of the construction of the temple. The temple complex constitutes four stone structures that hold many other idols other than that of Mangaladevi. 

You can eye-catch the idol of Kuruppuswamy, Lord Shiva and a Sanctorum dedicated to Lord Ganapathy. Stone walls go etched by sculptures. Also, there is a belief that the temple had secret pathways underneath that connected Meenakshi Temple. Some people also believe that the pathway head towards the palace of the Pandya King.

·       Ambience

While flocking to the ancient culture of the temple, you need that peace of mind that can take you there. Families can hook the best resorts in Kerala, Kerala to adjoin the journey. Speaking about the travelling scape and experience, you will have to cover a 12 km stretch wrapped by dense forest. 

Enjoy the pristine beauty of the wild while spanning alongside catching the panoramic view of the western ghats. It also offers a splendid view of small villages from a distance that can hold your journey time. Likewise, the path can connect the wild happenings, intrinsic flaura and fauna and many more towards the ancient built.

·       Festival

The temple goes open only once a year during the Chithrapournami celebrations in April/May. During this time, certain unique religious rituals get performed by the priests. Goddess Mangala goes decorated and ornamented with flowers and silk. Also, many poojas get performed throughout the full moon day, and women make and offer Pongala to the Mangaladevi.

The festival is jointly supervised by the officials of the Idukki and Theni district alongside forest officials. The discussions for the festival start in the early quarter of every year. There are mighty preparations for the festival as it is the only time the temple goes open to the people. Restrictions and measures apply during the time to control the flow of devotees. 

Wrapping Up

While having your favourite time within the best resorts in Thekkady, a break towards the ancient temple culture offers a unique feel. Travellers show interest in exploring the traditional culture and festivals of Kerala. As a result, Spiritual Tourism is gaining popularity in Kerala. If you are probing for such an exploration into the ancient temples of Kerala, the Mangaladevi Temple visit during the festival time is worth the value.