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Novembre 18, 2015


The legendary aboriginals of thekkady, mannans, exemplify the story of humanity’s long forgotten bond with nature. Mainly inhabiting the kumily panchayath in idukki district, mannans […]
Luglio 10, 2016

Indigenous Tribes

Ever since the evolution of the species, man has inhabited this earth. Creating, destroying and creating. The process of human evolution has come leaps and […]
Ottobre 19, 2016

Thekkady Tribal Dance : Art Forms from a Forgotten Era

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is shining example of how indigenous tribal communities live harmoniously in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The tribal communities like the the […]
Marzo 7, 2017

The Grape Vineyards of Cumbum Valley

The region of Cumbum in Tamil Nadu is one of South India’s most fertile lands. Blessed with the rich nutrients in the soil and a […]
Novembre 14, 2017

Must buy things in Kerala

It is every traveller’s prerogative to take back something from the places he or she has visited. This may include memories, ideas, material things or […]