Fancy a cup of tea in the clouds? - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Fancy a cup of tea in the clouds?

Kumbil Appam
Agosto 13, 2016
A Rare and Esteemed Visitor of the Periyar Tiger Reserve
Settembre 6, 2016

Ever fancied a trip back in time? A time when things were simple and good;  when one had the ‘time’ to appreciate the little things in life and nature. I recently had such an experience that took me to a different place in time. At Greenwoods Thekkady there is this unique experience that begs to be tried if you happen to visit this beautiful resort. This experience is called Ambara. It is essentially a tea shop. But, it’s not a tea shop that you would come across at a resort. Ambara is a tea shop that is nestled high up among the trees in the beautiful resort of Greenwoods. You can reach the tea shop by means of a rope way that resembles a scene out of an Indiana Jones film.

As you reach the tea shop you notice the intricate structure made completely of wood and bamboo. The sight of the cupboards filled with tasty delicacies and the traditional utensils that once adorned the tea shops in every rural tea shop in Kerala takes you and your senses to a different realm. You cannot help but let a deep sense of nostalgia take over you and you take a few more moments to breathe in the fresh air and rustic sights. There is, thankfully no WiFi to hinder your senses from taking in all that this beautiful tea shop has to offer. You can notice film posters from a different era, a radio and many such little things that belong to a different time and yet seem so relevant even today.

What surprised me the most was that I discovered what the locals call the ‘one metrechaya’. You see, the tea shops in Kerala take pride in serving you a foamy cup of tea that looks as beautiful as it tastes. The secret to this foam lies in the way the steaming hot tea is made cool by pouring the tea continuously between two tumblers. This process is a sight to behold especially at Ambara because the cook can be seen expertly pouring the tea between the two tumblers at high speeds and long lengths (hence the name ‘one metrechaya’).

And while you have this invigorating cup of tea, you can also notice the beautiful birds that are part of the eco system of Greenwoods. A truly mystical and rustic experience if there ever was one.