Kuttikanam – The Vibrant and Charming HillStation of Idukki - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Kuttikanam – The Vibrant and Charming HillStation of Idukki

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Among the many hill station locations of Idukki, Kuttikkanam is probably one of the most diverse and vibrant in its beauty and appeal.  Perched at a height of about 3500 feet above sea level, the region is covered with sprawling green tea plantations, mystical pine forests, alluring streams, cardamom plantations and pristine hills.

The flowers which bloom over the hills of Kuttikkanam are vivid in their colour and offer visitors a sheer visual spectacle. One can catch a glimpse of many rare varieties of wild flowers growing in around the region. Kuttiknanam unlike the more famous hill stations of Idukki is not a frequented tourist location. It is this fact that makes the region idyllic and attractive.


The region of Kuttikkanam came to prominence due to the tea plantations. In fact the place even saw the arrival human settlements after the tea plantations started to come up. During the rule of Changanacherry kings in the 16th century, the region was unpopulated. It was only until Changancherry was conquered by Travancore rulers in 1756. That the region came to prominence due to the efforts of Henry Baker, a Christian missionary who,initially started coffee plantations in the region. Later the cultivation tea which is now more predominant was introduced to Kuttikkanam.

Kuttikkanam developed into an up-market resort during The British rule in India. Inadequate routes for transportation was a major issue and as a result the Aerial Ropeway Ltd, a public limited company, the first of its kind in Travancore was established to provide ropeway services in the region..Also the Travancore royal family had their summer palace here.

Tourist Attractions of Kuttikanam:

  • Valanjanganam Waterfalls or Ninnumullippara falls from over a height of 75 feet. This misty waterfalls is as beautiful as a dream.
  • An artificial pine forest over 100 acres that houses more than 30 bird species is the major attraction of Kuttikkanam. The forest comes under the buffer zone by state forestry department.
  • The viewpoint at Panchalimedu offers captivating view and alsomfind its place in the pages of ancient mythology It is said that Panchalimedu served as a hiding spot of the Pandavas and their wife Panchali of the great epic Mahabharat. A pond named after Panchali called Panchalikkulam is one of the places from where “Makarajyoti” of Sabarimala can be viewed.
  • Other captivating tourist attractions include the giant rock sculpture at Grampi known as Parunthupara situated 12 00 m above the sea level, Thrisangu hills or Baker hills, the hills at Peeru which is about 1 km away, the viewpoint at Nallathani on the Kottayam-Kumily highway and the magnificent Azhuta diversion project along which the Azhuta river runs.
  • Do not miss the tomb of the famous Muslim saint Peer Muhammad too.

When to visit:

August to January

Getting there:

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport is approximately 90 kilometers away.