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Harmony with Nature

Best Family Resorts in Thekkady

Greenwoods is a luxury nature resort in Kerala and one of the best resorts in Thekkady to make your holiday bright and cheerful. Plan your visit to the green locale surrounded by dense forests and get cosy-settled within the top 5 star resorts in Thekkady. Indeed, a chance to trek through the spice plantations and beautiful hill slopes, exploring the naturally-endowed location. Imagine waking up to the melody of birds, touching the green orchards and uncovering the undisturbed mud of Thekkady.

The search for tranquility - the thirst for wild adventures - the quest for secret indulgence- everything comes to cease with Greenwoods luxury resorts in Thekkady. Imagine a secret dip into the pool with your loved one or hopping with your family and friends - we got you covered. Without a pause, pack and plan your adventure towards Greenwoods - the premier 5 star resorts in Kerala. Let's pin the serene land of Thekkady, transforming your visit into an exhilarating experience.

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  • Mr.parag chandrana
    Property is outstanding & perfect hospitality. Everyone is great right from reception staff to the chef.
    Mr.parag chandrana
  • Ms.Binita george
    Pool Temperature, if regulated would be better. The ambience was slightly difficult to locate. Evening lights could be brighter could be better for safety reasons
    Ms.Binita george
  • Mr.Dixon Thomas
    Ambience and staff. Rony is an added experienced feather to the crown of greenwood.He should be treated to the next level
    Mr.Dixon Thomas
  • Mr.Arunan
    Lovely staff and great ambience Sudeesh, Basheer - very friendly. Helpful and approachable.
  • Mr.Dony
    "Exreamly calm atmosphere. Rony,Ashwathy,sudeesh,Abhilash,vishwanathan."
  •     Mr.Amit Khatri
    Excellent service. Safe for kids, Good kids zone Kiran Nair , Sudeesh Provid excellent services. Its already great keep it up.
    Mr.Amit Khatri
  • Mr.Amitabh
    Retain your people. They make the place worth the superlative experience.
  • Mr.Sebastian
    Bed hard can be more soft same with the pillow.
  • Ms.Manisha Manu
    "Extremely helpful and Hospitable. Staff with warm a smile. Good food and great ambiance."
    Ms.Manisha Manu
  • Mr.Sebastian
    "The service was great. Basheer was great. Albin perfect service in the Restaurant."
  • Mr.Akhilesh
    Needs more lighting at night. Lack of proper lighting made it difficult to walk without mobile flashlight.
  • Mr.Libu
    "A good place to spend with family for a day. All were good."
  • Mr.Bharath chauhan
    Excellent Service Gestaure Of Staff. Aswathy's polite nature simply makes customer Happy.
    Mr.Bharath chauhan
  • Mr.Amruth Vairamani
    Wonderful Stay / Kind and helping Staff.It is a nice place to relax right inside the town.Everyone in Restaurant was Awesome, Given Covid times ,they took care even when very less number of people were there.Nothing much everything was good.
    Mr.Amruth Vairamani
  • Mr.Vinu
    This is my 5th visit Nothing for the resort stay relaxation.Sreelaj & Vinoj were extremely good &support. Keep it up that's all nothing else. You are good always.
  • Mr.Shrinath K
    Stay in greenwoods was wonderful.the experience was really great .Staff interaction & room services also good .This peace & great experience will be always remembered.
    Mr.Shrinath K
  • Mr.Deepak
    Pet area could be better.
  • Mr.Ambresh P
    Had a good experience after the lockdown. All good no add on required.
    Mr.Ambresh P
  • Ms.Amina
    Just Love for Greenwoods Basheer very polite and very carying employee Its already the best
  • Mr. James Mathew Pow
    Lovely stay!! We had a great relaxing time. The restaurant manager was especially attentive
    Mr. James Mathew Pow
  • Mr.Ankit Navinkumar
    You can add some more variety to food menu and it would be great to have separate veg restaurant
    Mr.Ankit Navinkumar
  • Mr.Devanshi Shah
    Superb and fast service Nice, clean & spacy rooms Had a bharatnatyam show
    Mr.Devanshi Shah
  • Mr.Anoop Pillai
    "Check-in should be fast Food taste was up to the mark"
    Mr.Anoop Pillai
  • Ms.Kanimozhi
    Hospitality awesome. Been too many resorts. This was the best. Keep rocking
  • Mr.Akansh Goel
    Stay was quite comfortable , Hospitality was super amazing Thanks.
    Mr.Akansh Goel
  • Mr.Rajat Gupta
    " Service & food is amazing . Albin, He is such a gentlemen, a great host, cheers"
    Mr.Rajat Gupta
  • Mr.Arun Prakash
    The stay was excellent , everything was smooth , staff were very friendly and the premises were beautiful and clean.
    Mr.Arun Prakash
  • Mr.V Manikandan
    "Peaceful and relax. Yes, good mind relax in my normal day full of stress , but the one day in very happy."
    Mr.V Manikandan
  • Mr.Sanjeev khurana
    Great Hospitality and yummy food. Beautiful Resort. Basheer was very helpful and approachable"
    Mr.Sanjeev khurana
  • Mr.Rajiv Panikker
    "Right in the heart of the town but yet right within the forest.All of them , Josna , Aswathy, Basheer, Albin and many more - Last bt not the least mary amma. Leave it as it is. Do not change anything"
    Mr.Rajiv Panikker
  • Mr Deepak S
    We are Extremely happy with the stay and would love to come back. Everyone treated us so well. Special Mention- Yogasekar, And Sravan
    Mr Deepak S
  • Ms.steffi Ignation
    More Greenary in grounds .Food could be little more better - need more south indian flavoured dishes
    Ms.steffi Ignation
  • Mr.Ronak Parekh
    Excellent service . Aswathy - Excellent welcome, good service, polite , humble, soft spoken, explained all amenities nicely
    Mr.Ronak Parekh
  • Ms.steffi Ignation
    More Greenary in grounds. Food could be little more better - need more south indian flavoured dishes
    Ms.steffi Ignation
  • Mr.Arun Thampi
    A peaceful blizzful place. Everyone Maintain the way you keep it now
    Mr.Arun Thampi
  • Ms. Kiran Agarwal
    I just loved it here everything was great.Bibin, Ebin ,Sravan Basheer and everyone basically. Please start keeping brown sugar sachets.
    Ms. Kiran Agarwal
  • Mr. Smijith C
    Staff was very good , efficient staff and nice ambience.
    Mr. Smijith C
  • Mr.Kumaran Anjumoorthy
    All Staff are very polite and good approach.
    Mr.Kumaran Anjumoorthy
  • Mr. Rajeev
    The Restaurant Staffs Are Very Friendly And Professional. Overall Excellent. Very Good Ambience, Excellent gardening.
    Mr. Rajeev
  • Mr. Ribhi
    The Whole Team Was Excellent and The Service Was Flawless.
    Mr. Ribhi
  • Mrs.Bobby Samaira
    Staff is extremely please keep up the good work. Nice cool stay. All I met are so nicely behaved well done all.
    Mrs.Bobby Samaira
  • Mr.Ankit Shaji
    Great ambience and relaxing surrounding.
    Mr.Ankit Shaji
  • Mr.Abhijith
    All the employees are at their best.
  • Mr.Padmax Patel
    Staff is very co-operative. You already done it."
    Mr.Padmax Patel
    Excellent property very nice for vacation trip.
  • Mr. Pawandeep Singh
    Peaceful surroundings and cozy rooms.
    Mr. Pawandeep Singh
  • Mr. Petrus Antonius
    Keep going on like it is, cant be better.
    Mr. Petrus Antonius
  • Mrs. Shreya Jain
    Property requires a bit of touch up. Eg. Villa swimming pool lights / villa lights etc.
    Mrs. Shreya Jain
  • Mr.David Skopec
    The Stay Was Relaxing And Welcoming Thank you
    Mr.David Skopec
  • Mr.Ramakant Prajappa
    All Good. Every Thing Was Good Friendly And Helpful.
    Mr.Ramakant Prajappa
  • Mr.Bijendra Kumar Gupta
    Good Looking Eco Friendly climate
    Mr.Bijendra Kumar Gupta
  • Mr.Manimaran
    Outstanding staffing. Everyone was so kind & care in nature & turnout the stay as very pleasant.
  • Mr.Vishvajeet Choudhary
    All Good. Environment was good, Basheer was good guide & photographer.
    Mr.Vishvajeet Choudhary
  • Mr.Ravindra Patel
    Great Service. Clean & Great Service. Everybody were corporatable, Great Job, Keep it up.
    Mr.Ravindra Patel
  • Mr.T A Shajahan
    Need more spacious rooms. Bad odour at room. No flowers in garden.
    Mr.T A Shajahan
  • Mr.Irshad patel
    Very Nice Palce, All Very Helpful and arranged for gignger coffee for friend feeling unwell. Thank you.
    Mr.Irshad patel
  • Mr.Nitin Kumar
    Personal Service Excellent. We Love to Come Again. Loved Food Excellent Smile Nice Staff. Sjiith,Basheer are Good All are Good.
    Mr.Nitin Kumar
  • Mr.Abhishek Pandya
    The Evening Cuisine Could be Better. Both Evening the both Indian Food wasn`t Good
    Mr.Abhishek Pandya
  • Karen Stacey
    I just want to comment on how outstanding our stay was at this resort 13-14 November. The rooms, facilities were excellent. From the floral garland arrival to the tour of the property, discussions of the sustainability programs, to the meals, cooking with the chef , the games activities, dancing demonstration and the historic videos. everything was perfect. Nimisha and Basheer were great hosts - all the staff made our stay very special. We have been raving about it to all our friends - encouraging them to come to your marvellous resort. Thankyou so much.
    Karen Stacey
  • Mr. Ganesen Aunasalam
    Friendly and good service. good service of all times.  Vignesh is helpful.
    Mr. Ganesen Aunasalam
  • Mr. Shahazeb Wadia
    Nimisha & Basheer - very good and helpful. All Perfect.
    Mr. Shahazeb Wadia
  • Mr. Rajesh Jaggi
    Good food & staff.  Nimisha, she was helpful in every possible way.
    Mr. Rajesh Jaggi
  • Room - 901
    Good location + Excellent hospitality. Reception stafff, Basheer & Nimisha. Always need two or three nights to explore well.
    Room - 901
  • Room - 802
    Traditional dress wearing session was awesome. Nimisha & Basheer were very good in traditional dress wearing session. Very good ambience, clean atmosphere, very good service staff. Next time I will try to stay for atleast 2 - 3 days.
    Room - 802
  • Ms. Vaibhavi
    Dilip chandran is the GM at hotel, really supported and nice person, special thanks for his help, again thanks to Mr. chandran. Jean and Aswathy cordial person at your resort.
    Ms. Vaibhavi
  • Mr. Rahul Sharma
    Beautiful stay, had a wonderful time. Aswathy is very generous lady, helped and supported a lot during our stay. She is a star employee at Greenwoods.
    Mr. Rahul Sharma