Property Visit - The Nature Unveils

Green Woods forms an ecosystem in itself. The resident naturalist at Green Woods will guide these tours where the objective is to provide guests with an intimate understanding of the fascinating ways in which nature functions, the mutual dependencies that all species form with one another and thereby the need to conserve and sustain ecosystems.

The nature tours start at the resort where as part of an environment conservation awareness initiative the naturalist will take guests walking through the property where a profusion of flowers, fruits, spice plants and trees all thrive and are home to fascinating variety of endemic and migratory birds. The trees and plants have all been meticulously tagged with their botanical names and places of origin.Guests are also encouraged to plant a tree during the course of the tour. Next guest are taken to the resorts waste management where organic waste is treated. Situated next door is a large cattle shed where an endemic breed of 'Vechur' cows are housed.


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