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Nature’s Story Of Unity And Community Living

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Ottobre 10, 2017
Sathram Thekkady
Ottobre 24, 2017

Have you ever noticed a beehive? How it always seem so busy, so full of activity and life? Well it is just one of the most fascinating works of creation on this beautiful earth. It takes an entire community of bees for a beehive to thrive and grow. Every single bee has a very important role in making the beehive what it truly is – an eco system that forms the basis of greater things. Take a wedding for instance. It results in a union called marriage. A whole cycle of events transpire to create what we humans like to call ‘a match made in the heavens.’

A typical wedding with all the various people involved is so much similar to a beehive and all its members. It begins with a boy and a girl, or in the case of an Indian wedding, the boy’s family and the girl’s family. Like all good parents, when it comes to the matter of finding a suitable boy or a girl, they would go to any lengths if possible to find what they believe to be the best for their children. Similarly the worker bees of a bee hive forage for the best pollen and nectar. The Queen Bee is similar to the bride who is the centre of attention at any wedding, being tended to all times by the worker bees just like the bride who is tended to and decked up in all her bridal glory by a retinue of her relatives and friends.  Then there are the numerous people who go about arranging all the arrangements for wedding reception – from the wedding hall arrangements to the seven course feast. No stone is left unturned, much akin to the worker bees that look after even the minutest detail from ventilating the hive to defending it.

The union of man and woman through the institution of marriage is in many ways the result of the actions a community. Like the beehive, a community of people looks to its own for its furthering and its development. When the bees swarm to form a new hive they embark on a new adventure in search of a perfect location, just like the newlyweds who are at the beginning of a new and prosperous adventure in their lives.

Greenwoods too, is a small part of the community of Thekkady with its unique ecosystem of beautiful forests, rivers, hills, animals and people.  On a microscopic level we at Greenwoods are an eco system of sorts just like the amazing beehive. Our resort beautifully nestled among the trees that provide refuge to a whole variety of birds and beings is just another beautiful way by which a community takes care of its own. Always bustling with activity, like the proverbial ‘busy bee’, Greenwoods strives to be at the forefront of community based eco tourism programs. It is our constant effort to ensure that we instill a sense of community and love for the environment in all those who come to pass through and join our eco system.