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Sathram Thekkady

Nature’s Story Of Unity And Community Living
Ottobre 17, 2017
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The word Sathram means ‘a resting place’ in Malayalam. The place called Sathram in Thekkady was traditionally used by pilgrims and devotees of Lord Ayappan on their way to the Sabarimala Temple. It was a resting point for these pilgrims before they began their 10 km long arduous trek through the dense forests all the way up to the famous temple to pay their homage to Lord Ayyappa.

At this resting place there is a temple devoted to Lord Murugan and it is also near this location that the Tamil settlers from Sri Lanka who arrived in the early seventies have settled and make a living by working with the forest department and also in the tea plantations.

The route to Sathram is very picturesque. A jeep trail runs along the edge of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and guest can take a guided tour on one of these jeeps. There are numerous mounds that give the guests a breath taking view of the entire valley that runs through the area. It is as if a lush green carpet has been laid out on these hills. A cloud of mist usually sweeps down these hills and disappears just as soon they arrive. It truly is a magical experience to be in these hills with the wind blowing and the forest whistling with the sound of wildlife calling out to you.

The guests can use the binoculars provided to catch glimpses of the wildlife that inhabits the area. Rare species like the Hornbill and Lion Tailed Monkey can be seen often on the trees that line forest boundary line. The guides are well versed with the behavioral patterns of the wildlife and are hence, very good at spotting any wildlife on the trail.