Explore Thekkady in 2020: Top Activities To Enjoy - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Explore Thekkady in 2020: Top Activities To Enjoy

Escapade To Evergreen Thekkady, Be Free From Delhi Pollution
Dicembre 2, 2019
Calvary Mount Tourism Fest in Kerala: Jan 21-31, 2020
Gennaio 28, 2020
Escapade To Evergreen Thekkady, Be Free From Delhi Pollution
Dicembre 2, 2019
Calvary Mount Tourism Fest in Kerala: Jan 21-31, 2020
Gennaio 28, 2020

A naturally-endowed destination, home to rare and endangered wildlife species, Thekkady is a favourite halt for tourists visiting the God’s Own Country, Kerala. During the visit, you can plan and enjoy an array of enjoyable activities in Thekkady. There are plenty of comfortable resorts in Thekkady where you can plan your brief stay, explore the evergreen haven and enjoy its sightseeing activities.

Here are few best activities planned in Thekkady… Enjoy these activities in Thekkady and have an exhilarating experience.

Wildlife Excursions

  • Explore Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Do you love watching wildlife in action in their natural environs? At Periyar National Park, you can observe wildlife in their natural habitats and enjoy the experience. The National Park is located at the Western Ghats and is famous as a preserve of rare and endangered animal species especially tigers. Don’t miss out on exploring the National Park and Wildlife activity here.

  • Elephant Rides

Have you ridden on elephants? If you haven’t, then during your visit to Thekkady, you can actualize your fancy and enjoy trekking the evergreen expanses in the country. Perched loftily on the elephants, enjoy the majestic experience. You can plan this experience too at the Periyar National Park which is among the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. You can plan a great experience with the elephants such as watching elephant bath sessions, feeding the elephants and shooting candid shots with the tame animal. You will be accompanied by experienced guides and need not fear close contacts with the elephants as they are well-trained and friendly.

*Ideal adventure activity for the entire family in Thekkady

  • Jeep Safari

A great way to explore the wildlife is with a jeep safari. As you are driven through the Periyar National Park, you can catch the glimpse of tigers, deer, lions, Indian Bison and array of animals in their natural habitat. Enjoy your safari experience!

Sightseeing tours 

Thekkady, one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Kerala is ideal for sightseeing. Plan nature walks, visit natural attractions such as waterfalls, temples, spice and tea plantations during your visit. You can earn an eclectic experience and enjoy a delightful tour activity in the green haven, Thekkady.

Water sports

  • Cruise on Periyar River

The serene Periyar River is an ideal water stretch for boating tours. Explore the water realm and take in the splendid beauty of the green expanse. The cruise is a great choice of activity in Thekkady.

  • Visit to Thekkady Lake

Picturesque Thekkady Lake is your next water territory for visit. You can enjoy pulsating activities such as Bamboo Rafting on the lake and have a lasting tour. Glide on the water expanse and earn a distinctive, natural experience.

Nature hiking and trekking

Plan a great hiking in the natural environs of Thekkady and its tranquil areas. You can traverse the aromatic spice plantations; catch the splendid view of cascading waterfalls, natural endowments at the scenic location. Watch the sunset from viewpoints such as Ramakkalmedu and even shoot best photographs from the high location.

Nature Explorations

You will be spoilt for choice of verdant explorations at Thekkady. With your interests saturated at the common spots, you will be eager to explore new realms and catch a glimpse of its choicest attractions. Plan a visit to Gavi, a breathtakingly beautiful nature spot.  The green haven is ideal for sightseeing and camping, best activities to pursue in Thekkady and its precincts.

Spice Shopping

If your interests in sightseeing and exploration are whetted, then you can plan spice shopping as your successive activity in Thekkady tour. At the markets in Thekkady, you can find a range of rare spices and condiments as tea and coffee. Go ahead and pick the pure, natural spices of your choice such as Cardamom, Ginger, Pepper, nutmeg, cloves.  These spices are naturally grown in the precincts of Thekkady and are ideal natural ingredients for your food.

Tour to Tea factories

Curious to know on tea production? Visit the tea factories in Thekkady and understand the processes involved in the production of tea. You can have an insight into the various stages for production of pure and aromatic tea.

Which are your favourite activities in Thekkady tour?

Take a resolution to visit the locale in 2020 and plan activities in Thekkady. Have an eclectic and delightful tour in the green landscapes; settle for a rewarding experience in the lap of nature. All the natural activities are thrilling and safe; do not miss out on any…