Calvary Mount Tourism Fest in Kerala: Jan 21-31, 2020 - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Calvary Mount Tourism Fest in Kerala: Jan 21-31, 2020

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Welcome To Calvary Mount Tourism Fest….

The scenic locale of Calvary mount should top our list of best destinations to visit. Behold the beauty of the picturesque destination and enjoy its natural environment during your visit to God’s Own Country, Kerala. With the Idukki Dam reservoir located amidst hills on both sides, forests and valleys, this is a great destination to explore. Calvary Mount is a natural bounty most inviting to tourists and nature-lovers. The view point is located 2700 feet above sea level and is a tourists’ favourite.

Tourists from different places as well from other regions in Kerala reach the locale to catch the stunning view of the lower, sprawling landscapes of Idukki from the lofty Kuravan and Kuruthi hills with the bright blue waters of Idukki Arch dam among the prime attractions at the foothills. Located 10 Km way at the Kattappana to Cheruthoni route, the verdant location can be most captivating. You can capture the spectacular sight of Idukki Reservoir from a 700 Feet elevation and the islands situated in the middle of the huge water reserve. Such sights are truly rare and you should plan to enjoy it well…Don’t miss out on it, during your visit to God’s Own Country, Kerala. Enjoy the mystic fog, salubrious climate and tranquil atmosphere of the destination and gather an unforgettable experience to be etched in your memory forever.

Popular as among the best natural locales in Kerala, Mount Calvary is a truly splendid destination for visit. A tourism fest planned between January 21st to 31 st can provide tourists, the great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the marvelous landscapes. You can enjoy Tourism Cluster Travel, Off-Road Trekking, Farm Tourism – Tourism Factory Visit, Marketing and Exhibition Stalls, Science and Technological exhibition, Agricultural Crop Show, Pet Show, Agro-Tourism- Fisheries Seminars, Amusement Park, Exploration Rides at the grand tourism fest held here. The fest is named ‘Kalayanathand Tourism Fest 2020’.

The Fest is targeted to introduce Mount Calvary, a nature retreat to explorers and tourists from all destinations. Kamakshi Grama Panchayat, Mariapuram Grama Panchayat, DTPC Idukki, Thankamani Service Co-operative Bank, Idukki Taluk Tourism Co-operative Society, Calvary Mount Tourism Development Society and Forest Conservation Committee have joined in their efforts to highlight the verdant haven and reveal its enigma to enthusiastic travellers on their exploration spree.

How to Reach Mount Calvary Fest? Find your way…

Find Calvary Mount located close to Idukki Cheruthoni. Travelling along the Cherthoni- Kattappana route, you can locate the entrance to the place. The locale is located 15 Km away from Cheruthoni, 10 Km away from Idukki Dam. If you are an explorer, then you can access Mount Calvary located 55.6 Km away from Munnar, 71.3 away from Thodupuzha, 140 Km from Kottayam. Reach the location from your convenient point…

While attending the Fest, you would have explored the most enchanting destination in Kerala and explored its natural attractions. The green haven is a great escapade where you can mitigate your stress and dispel your pressures. You can get away from the pollution and clutter of the urban locales and be perched at the high point reveling in the natural splendor of Mount Calvary.

You may be bored of the urban landscapes and the common places of visit. Your ideal option to break the monotony is a trip planned to the exotic locale famous for its green endowments. You will find it delightful and pleasurable.

When are you planning your visit to Mount Calvary at God’s Own Country, Kerala?  Schedule it soon before the Tourism Fest ends and gather a lasting experience…