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Escapade To Evergreen Thekkady, Be Free From Delhi Pollution

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Pollution is a major factor affecting the health of the population. High industrialization is shooting up the rate of pollution and casting its adverse effects. In India, the capital city, Delhi is among the most polluted cities in the world and it is causing hazards to the residents. Air pollution can affect the population causing respiratory diseases such as asthma and other disorders among children and adults alike as they breathe in toxic gases emitted from industries or automobiles. Power plants, industrial waste and emissions of factories, fumes and emissions discharged by vehicles are all major causes of pollution in the capital city.

Effective steps should be planned to mitigate the effects of pollution and promote healthy living.  One such option would be to plan escapade to a verdant locale and breathe fresh in its pure, verdant environments. A popular getaway to consider is Thekkady located in God’s Own Country, Kerala. The serene, natural environment can dispel the effects of pollution and rejuvenate you. Those victimized with air pollution should consider vacation in evergreen locations unspoilt with industrialization and breathe fresh.

Thekkady is an evergreen tourist destination location near Periyar National Park in Kerala. You have an array of attractions in the verdant locale such as:

  • Periyar National Park
  • Decidious forests and Savannah grasslands
  • Periyar Tiger Trail
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Thekkady Lake
  • Spices Plantations
  • Famous resorts

At Thekkady, you can visit a host of attractions such as Mullaperiyar dam, famous Tiger Reserve, Periyar National Park, Anakkara, its picturesque waterfalls, spice plantations and other green locations. You can even plan a nocturnal trek at the spice gardens and plantations; enjoy the natural endowments of the top tourist destination, Thekkady. Plan your stay at the famous resorts, pursue exploration activities in the locales and benefit from an incredible experience. Be cast away from the stress, struggle and pollution of the contaminated urban areas and enjoy good tranquillity.

Plan your stay in a well-furnished and ambient resort which is easy as there are plenty of good choices available. These plush resorts ensure your comforts as they are well-equipped with best facilities.

A mere visit to the natural zone, Thekkady is not sufficient to curb the effects of pollution on your health. You should also adapt good measures and strategies to improve your conditions.

The effective procedures include:

Wearing masks while driving or walking in the streets

You should wear masks while driving or walking in highly polluted cities such as Delhi and evade the effects of pollution. In streets, you are exposed to toxic fumes emitted by the traffic and this can affect your condition. As you will be subject to air pollution, ensure that you wear masks and prevent the inhalation of poisonous gases and emissions.

Relocate from highly polluted areas

If you are a victim of air pollution or other forms of pollution, then relocate from the polluted areas and shift to greener locales. This will help improve your health conditions and prevent the worsening of your health conditions caused due to air pollution.

Consider a natural escapade to Thekkady soon!