The Legend of Panchalimedu - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

The Legend of Panchalimedu

Kesari Waterfalls
Giugno 12, 2017
The Mystical Suruli Falls
Giugno 26, 2017
Kesari Waterfalls
Giugno 12, 2017
The Mystical Suruli Falls
Giugno 26, 2017

Panchalimedu , a hill station in Idukki that is as enchanting in its appearance as it is by its name. A number of hills make up the landscape of Panchalimedu.

The name Panchalimedu is a combination of two words. ‘Panchali’ named after the wife of the Pandavas from the great epic The Mahabharata and ‘Medu’ meaning lush green pastures.
According to legend, the Pandavas along with their wife Panchali, were said to have resided in this region during the course of their exile from their kingdom. This is how the name Panchalimedu is believed to have come about.

Here, a cave is known as bearing the footprints of Bhima. There is small temple dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari. The remnants of Shivalingas, thrishul, naga idols are also there. A small pond is there, which is known as ‘Panjali Kulam’, in which Panchali (wife of Pandavas) used to take her bath.

The western side of the majestic cliff points towards the regions of Mundakkayam and Kanjirappilly. On a bright clear day, one can even catch a glimpse of the distant sea. The ‘Makarajyothi’, during the Sabarimala season can also be viewed from this place. Panchalimedu in Idukki is definitely a must visit for the sheer history and magnificence that the place represents.


  • 2 Kms from Kuttikkanam (When you come from Kumily, Thekkady)
  • 8 Kms from Peruvanthanam (When you come from Kottayam)

Getting There:
By Road:
7km hike from Murinjapuzha on Kottayam Kumily route. (Jeeps are available from Murinjapuzha)
8 Kms from Peruvanthanam (Jeeps or autos available from Peruvanthanam)

2500 ft above sea level

Where You Can Stay:
Kuttikkanam, Peerumedu or Mundakkayam

What to do at Panchalimedu?
Enjoy climbing the hills, cool breeze, soft touch of fog, enjoy nature and landscape.

Best Season to Visit:
Throughout the year, except during monsoon.

Nearby Places to Visit:
Amalagiri, Kanayankavayal, Thekkemala, Kuttikkanam, Murinjapuzha, Peruvanthanam and Peerumedu.