Murikkady – A Visual and Olfactory Treat for your Sense… - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Murikkady – A Visual and Olfactory Treat for your Sense…

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Luglio 21, 2017
Agosto 19, 2017

Murikkady is a must visit for those visiting Thekkady. A popular haunt among those who prefer excursions along the hills and seek breathtaking panoramic views, Murikkady offers visitors a visual and olfactory treat.

Situated just 5 kilometres from Thekkady, Murrikady is home to a picturesque setting of cardamom, coffee and pepper plantations.  The vantage view point offers excursionists a panoramic view of these plantations.

The winds that blow over this region carry with it the enchanting fragrance of the spices that are cultivated in these plantations. The very sight of the sprawling plantations is a sight to behold and offers some fantastic photo opportunities.

Watch Tower:

This is a vantage point that gives a bird’s eye view of the spice and tea plantations, mist clad mountains and mesmerizing valleys that are part of Murikkady’s charm.