Pullumedu - 5 Star Resort in Kerala


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Agosto 5, 2017
Agosto 26, 2017

Along the course of the Periyar river lies a beautiful stretch of hills that are draped in a layer of lush greenery. Theses hills are known as ‘Pullumedu’.

Literally meaning ‘hills of grass’ these hills are home ot some of the most beautiful and rare species of flora and fauna. The sight of such a vast expanse of green landscapes soothes the aching hearts and minds of travellers who visit this place. Pullumedu is located 43 kilometres away from the bustling town of Thekkady and around 26 kilometres from Periyar. So, if you are planning a trip to Thekkady you must not miss out on this scenic locale.

One of the most intriguing views this location offers is that of the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple. During the period of ‘makarajyothi’ at the famous pilgrim destination of Sabarimala one can see the famous makarajyothi light from these serene hills. This is an event that takes place during January every year.  Apart from its religious significance, Pullumedu is also rich with its wide varieties of flora and fauna.There are some areas in Pullumedu that are inaccessible or difficult to access. These areas have helped to preserve the eco system of the region and allowed the rare species of flora and fauna to flourish. The months of September through to December are the ideal time to visit this region. One can indulge in a lazy hike along these pastures of green. Road connectivity makes this a popular spot among tourists. The Ernakulam-Thekkady road will lead you to this beautiful picnic spot, while the nearest railway station is Kottayam and the nearest airport is The Cochin International Airport. Please note that one mujst have prior consent and permission from the Wildlife Preservation Officer at Thekkady or the Range Officer at Vallakkadavu to visit Pullumedu.