The Pugmark Trail: The Perfect Family Trekking Experience - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

The Pugmark Trail: The Perfect Family Trekking Experience

Agosto 26, 2017
Thekkady’s Unexplored Cycling Trails at The Periyar National Park
Settembre 23, 2017

This is an activity that one can indulge in by oneself. A self guided soft trekking program, the activity begins from the building premises of the “Office of the Deputy Director, Periyar Foundation”.

One can reach the premises on the way from Kumily by taking the first left after the park entrance. There is a direction marker indicating the building’s location. Once you get there, there is a sign-in sheet as well as a waiver sheet that needs to be filled up. Parking facility is provided outside the gate. The Pugmark Trail is not a loop trail and so you basically end up walking back the same way once you reach the end of the route. There is a marker indicating the end of the route but it is also obvious as the trail ends on the road that runs through the park. There are several endemic trees on either side of the trail and are informative because of the well maintained display boards that are kept along the track. Though the track runs only for a small distance, it is worth it. The Pugmark Trail is the only trekking program which allows kids. So it is a perfect soft trekking program for the entire family.

Timings: 8 AM to 4 PM

Rate: Rs 100/- for Adult & Rs 20/- for Children

Entrance Fee to Periyar Tiger Reserve: Rs.33/- For Indians.