Thekkady’s Unexplored Cycling Trails at The Periyar National Park - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Thekkady’s Unexplored Cycling Trails at The Periyar National Park

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One of Thekkady’s most unexplored activities is the vast and varied cycling tails that exist in the region. For cycling enthusiasts of all kinds, the region offers some of the most fascinating and challenging cycling trails. One can take a ride on one of these trails and enjoy the raw, unspoiled beauty of the wilderness and local sights and sounds.

Recently the Periyar National Park has begun cycling trails inside the park for enthusiasts who seek a different adventure while exploring the wilderness and natural beauty of Thekkady. The journey starts from the main entrance of Periyar National park and one can ride up to the boat landing (approximate distance of 4 Km).

As one begins on the cycling trail, one will be greeted by the chirping of the birds and the bellowing of the Malabar Langur. If one is keen eyed, then he or she can catch a glimpse of the beautiful hornbill and other wild animals such as wild buffalo, elephants, S?mbar deer, Gaur, Mouse deer etc. Along the way one can take a break and indulge in a cup of coffee that is served at a small little coffee shop along the trail. All the while one can take in the fresh jungle air and the immense and calming silence that the forest offers. After that one will reach the Thekkady boat landing where the boat ride is set to begin along the Periyar Lake.

There is a museum near the boat landing site that one can visit and take a look at the beautiful photographs about the local flora and fauna on display. There is also a bit of local art and handicraft shopping to be done at the museum for art enthusiasts.

The total duration of the cycling – 3 Hours

Rate – 10 Rs

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