Photography Tips & Spots for Monsoon Time Images in Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Photography Tips & Spots for Monsoon Time Images in Thekkady

Your Fairytale Honeymoon at Greenwoods Resort in Thekkady
May 20, 2024
Your Fairytale Honeymoon at Greenwoods Resort in Thekkady
May 20, 2024

It is very much true that Thekkady truly shifts into a lush paradise during the monsoon season. The rains respire new life into its forests, tea gardens, and spice plantations. The setting provides photographers with a special opportunity to capture the unspoiled beauty of the region. Are you someone looking to flock towards Thekkady during the monsoon time? So, here are a few tips and must-visit spots to help you capture stunning images. Also, take a chart of the best 5 star resorts in Thekkady adjacent to this fascinating beauty.

Photography Tips in Monsson Time

Gear Protection

Monsoon falls can be surprising and intense. It is vital to ensure that your camera gear is well-protected. Utilize rain covers for your camera and lenses. Also, use a dry bag to keep your equipment covered.


The monsoon time often remains cloudy, creating soft, diffused lighting ideal for photography. However, get ready to adjust your settings frequently as the light varies rapidly. Use a higher ISO to compensate for lower light situations and consider bringing a tripod for steadiness during longer exposures.

Capturing Water

Thekkady’s water bodies come to full rhyme during the monsoon time. Experiment with slower shutter speeds to capture the silky-smooth flow of waterfalls and streams. Use a polarizing filter to reduce glare and enhance the colors of the water and foliage.

Macro Photography

The Monsoon time brings out a variety of flora and fauna. This is the perfect time for macro photography. Capture the intricate details of raindrops on leaves, colorful fungi, and tiny insects. A macro lens will be invaluable for these close-up shots.

Weather Conditions

Check the weather forecast before heading out. Thekkady’s weather can be quite erratic during the monsoon. Plan your shoots during breaks in the rain, often early in the morning or late afternoon, when the light is best.

Best Spots for Monsoon Photography in Thekkady

1.      Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a shelter for nature photographers. The monsoon sweetens the shelter’s greenery, and the Periyar Lake’s water levels rise. It attracts a variety of wildlife. You can capture elephants, deer, and exotic birds against the lush backdrop. Early morning boat rides offer serene landscapes enveloped in mist. Further, some of the best family resorts in Thekkady provide luxurious stays with breathtaking views amidst your journeys.

2.      Pandikuzhi

Pandikuzhi is a picturesque spot located between Chellarkovil and the Tamil Nadu border. The place is known for its captivating waterfalls and streams that swell during the monsoon. The mist-covered hills and cascading waters make for breathtaking photographs. It is an ideal spot for a peaceful retreat into nature.

3.      Mangaladevi Temple

The Mangaladevi Temple, perched at an altitude of 1,333 meters, furnishes panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. The monsoon time adds a mystical charm to this ancient temple, with clouds enveloping the structure and the lush landscape below. The temple is also a significant cultural site, attracting pilgrims and history enthusiasts alike.

4.      Vandanmedu

Vandanmedu, renowned as one of the world’s largest auction centers for cardamom, offers an aromatic and visual treat. The spice plantations look extra-vibrant during the monsoon time, with cardamom plants in full bloom. Grab the lush greenery and workers going about their tasks. Visitors can also take guided tours to learn about the spice cultivation process.

5.      Murikkady

Known for its tea, pepper, and coffee plantations, Murikkady is a photographer’s ecstasy during the monsoon time. The plantations seem greener than ever. Also, the mist rolling over the hills adds an ethereal quality to your photographs. The aroma of fresh spices and coffee enhances the sensory experience.

6.      Chellarkovil

Chellarkovil delivers stunning vistas of the falls and the plains of Tamil Nadu. The view from the watchtower is particularly impressive during the monsoon when the waterfalls are at their most vigorous. Nearby, some of the best resorts in Thekkady hosts comfortable stays with stunning views of these lush plantations.

Composing the Perfect Shot

  • Foreground Interest: Use elements like flowers, rocks, or branches to add depth and interest to your photos.
  • Leading Lines: Paths, rivers, or rows of trees can lead the viewer’s eye into the scene, creating a sense of depth.
  • Rule of Thirds: Place key elements along the grid lines or at their intersections to create balanced and engaging compositions.
  • Reflections: Utilize puddles and wet surfaces to capture reflections, adding an artistic touch to your images.


Thekkady in the monsoon time is a visual feast for photographers. The abundant wildlife, verdant landscapes, and cascading waterfalls provide infinite opportunities for stunning shots. By following these tips and exploring the recommended spots, you’ll be able to capture the essence of monsoon magic. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, the beauty of Thekkady during the rains is sure to inspire your photography. Additionally, consider pre-booking one of the luxury resorts in Thekkady to ensure a comfortable stay with breathtaking views.