The Ultimate Checklist For Planning Your Trip To Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

The Ultimate Checklist For Planning Your Trip To Thekkady

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Thekkady is undoubtedly one of the most visited travel destinations in all of South India. Every year, thousands of visitors travel here, to enjoy the surreal and unfiltered version of nature. Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, Thekkady surely has brilliant experiences to offer and stories to narrate. The destination is apt for a short getaway with your friends, family or even the people from your work place. The vivid experiences along with the warm hospitality of the people here, make Thekkady one of the most popular destinations in the state.

It is covered with lush green forests, active wildlife and some manmade wonders to explore. To get great offers on one of the best 5 star resorts in Thekkady, get in touch with us now. So if you are planning a trip to Thekkady, let’s look at all the things that you need to take care of and what are the things that you can expect here.

Thekkady is one of the best offerings of mother nature

The destination is nothing less than a paradise that’s filled with beautiful animal and plant life along with thrilling activities to undertake and vistas to explore. So if you are a nature lover and would love to explore the wild side of nature, then Thekkady is the destination for you. It also has some of the best resorts in Kerala. So a person will be able to enjoy the best of both the world’s here.

Plan your itinerary in advance

Planning an itinerary in advance will help you to enjoy Thekkady in a smooth and hassle-free way. So do the basic research and start with the planning. Look for the things that you want to try out and the vistas that you don’t want to miss out on. Write each one of them down and plan your vacation wisely.

Proper planning also lets you to enjoy certain out of the box experiences and vistas that might pop-up there.

Going through the weather forecast

Thekkady enjoys a pleasant climate all year long. But going through the weather forecast will help you to get prepared for the uncertainties that may arise here. Thekkady mostly holds a moist and cold climate. So if you are planning to visit Thekkady during this season, don’t forget to keep all those materials that are going to keep you warm.

Packing your clothes and other necessary accessories for adventure activities

If you are planning to try out any of the adventure activities here, such as the long nature walks and treks, then packing all the essentials is going to help. Make sure that you have packed your hiking shoes and the required clothing that fits you well. Avoid bright coloured costumes for your nature walks and treks.

Take along your medications

If you are on any medication, don’t forget to take it along with you on your trip. If you are allergic to something and have medicine for that, keeping it close will help you make your way out of uncertainties.

Booking your place of stay in advance

Booking the resorts in advance can help you for a smooth, cosy and comfortable experience at Thekkady. There are several resorts and hotels in Thekkady that provide comfortable stays in different budget ranges. Do your research and also look for the reviews before booking. To book your stay in one of the most luxurious private pool resorts in Thekkady, reach out to us.

Thekkady can be a mesmerizing destination if you plan it right and take care of these things. Moreover, a place is anything and everything that you feel and see there. Make proper arrangements for your transportation. If you are planning for bike rides or car rides, make sure that you check-up on the routes thoroughly and plan accordingly. KSRTC also offers many bus trips to Thekkady from the nearby states. You can pick one that is comfortable and suites you best.

So plan your trips well and enjoy your maximum time during them. To book your stay at one of the finest luxury resorts in Thekkady,reach out to us.