Vanya Tree House

(4 Kms Away from Greenwoods Resort)
A rubble strewn path leads upwards in the direction of the Periyar reserve. The cacophony of civilization recedes gradually as the path begins a steep ascent. Wrapped in a primal silence punctuated by the call of a bird, the stirring of leaves in the underbrush,trek past cardamom bushes, trees of teak and sandalwood, small clumps of vividly colored wild flowers. It is a bit of a climb, guests can opt to trek the entire distance to 'Vanya' or use a four wheel drive vehicle to get off where the path ends and then walk the rest of the distance. The forest is dense seeming to close in on those on the trail. Birds overhead let loose a volley of chatter. Presently the path leads to a little tree house built on a single stump of a tree. Crossing a drawbridge guests enter the tree house. At sunset the drawbridge is withdrawn in order to ensure the safety of residents. The design of the tree house ensures that guests are at all times in touch with wilderness outside. Inside, the decor inside is entirely ethnic and equipped with all requisite amenities. Airborne in the lush embrace of the forest, the view from the balcony outside looking out to the distance over the canopy of trees - watch the mist swirl in from the mountains sometimes and watch the fabulous variety of animals and birds as they go about the day's business. Food and beverages are supplied and laundry undertaken by a resident butler and valet who live next to the tree house and can be contacted on an intercom. Vanya Forest Tree House is about 4 kilometres away from the Resort. 30 Minutes steap trek required to reach the top of the tree house.

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