Aboard Nature Express: Thekkady Beckons with its New Rail Route

Aboard Nature Express: Thekkady Beckons with its New Rail Route

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The Transformational Journey of Bodinayakanur’s New Rail Route to Thekkady!

Lodged in the lush hills of Idukki, Kerala, lies the scenic and panoramic town of Thekkady. Famous for its breathtaking wildlife sanctuary and spice plantations, alongside the shade of premier and best resorts in Kerala, Thekkady attracts tourists from far and wide. However, connecting this remote paradise has always been a challenge. 

With the introduction of the new train service from Bodinayakanur to Thekkady, a ray of hope shines on this idyllic region. 

New Train Service: Bodinayakanur-Chennai Express

  • Commenced on June 15, 2023
  • Connects Bodinayakanur and Chennai Central
  • Flagged off by L. Murugan, Union Minister
  • Departures from Bodinayakanur: Tue, Thu, Sun
  • Approx. journey time: 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Return journey from Chennai Central: Mon, Wed, Thu

Embark on a voyage where the rhythm of the new rail route meets the symphony of nature. The new rail route promises transformative benefits for both locals and visitors alike.

Overcoming Geographical Barriers

Thekkady, with its hardy terrain and dense forests, has long been isolated from the mainstream transportation network. Journeying to this natural wonderland was often arduous and time-consuming. However, the new train service from Bodinayakanur marks a significant milestone in the region’s connectivity. By bridging the geographical barriers, it opens up new avenues for tourism, trade, and economic growth. The luxury resorts in Thekkady are all set to host more guests as the untamed beauty is now within easier reach.

Boosting Tourism Potential

Thekkady is renowned for its wildlife sanctuary, sprawling tea and spice plantations, and the captivating Periyar Lake. The opening of the train service promises to boost its tourism potential. Tourists can now embark on a memorable train journey through the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, dipping themselves in the captivating landscapes alongside to Thekkady. The convenience and allure of this mode of transport are sure to attract a larger number of travelers, thereby stimulating the local economy.

Economic Empowerment

The new train service not only benefits tourists, but also empowers the local community. It help unlock avenues for small businesses to flourish, as increased footfall will generate demand for transportation, handicrafts, and culinary delights. The enhanced connectivity will encourage investment in infrastructure development, job creation, and skill enhancement. Thekkady’s residents can now look forward to better employment opportunities and a more sustainable future.

Preserving Nature and Wildlife

As a responsible traveller, it is vital to prioritize environmental conservation. The new train service facilitates sustainable tourism practices by minimizing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Visitors can now opt for a greener mode of travel, reducing the number of private vehicles on the road. This shift will contribute to the preservation of Thekkady’s pristine natural habitats. Moreover, the special voyage will indirectly protect its unique flora and fauna.

Bolstering Cultural Exchange

Thekkady is not just about its awe-inspiring landscapes. It is also a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. The new train service fosters cultural exchange, allowing tourists and locals to interact, share stories, and develop lasting connections. As visitors immerse themselves in the rich heritage, they will gain a deeper appreciation for its people, customs, and way of life. Such exchanges nurture empathy, tolerance, and understanding, enabling a sense of unity among diverse communities.


With the rhythmic chug of the train and the whispers of hope in the air, Bodinayakanur’s new service to Thekkady ushers in a symphony of transformation for Idukki. By overcoming geographical barriers, boosting tourism potential, and fostering economic empowerment, this transformative initiative promises a brighter future for the region. The train’s melody harmonizes with the promise of sustainable development, cultural exchange, and the warm embrace of the 5 star resorts in Kerala

In this symbiotic dance between progress and preservation, Thekkady’s new train service invites explorers to witness the breathtaking landscapes, and experience the finest hospitality offered by the best resorts in Kerala.