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Elephant Ride In Thekkady

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December 20, 2017
Thekkady’s Fascinating Nature Trail
January 16, 2018

There are several parks in Thekkady that offer the visitors to indulge in a variety of elephant related activities. One popular activity among the tourists is a one hour elephant ride around the park that is filled with the aroma of various spices that is home to the park.

This is an interesting activity as it gives the visitors a view of their surroundings atop an elephant. There are a host of activities like Elephant Bath which involves indulging oneself (and the elephant) in a playful session in the pool built to bathe the elephants. During this session you can have your photos taken as you immerse yourself in total bliss. Other sessions which are of a longer duration include a two hour long elephant ride, a session on commands and communication with the elephants, a session where there is a display of how timber is dragged by the elephants combining their immense strength and incredible dexterity.