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The Periyar Interpretation Centre – A Guided Tour

February 16, 2017
Periyar National Park
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February 27, 2017

The Periyar Interpretation Centre is a visual and audible treat for nature lovers who visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is a one stop destination for all the knowhow related to the flora and fauna that is home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and it also serves as a guide for those seeking a better appreciation and understanding of the various nuances of the jungle and its diverse and complex eco system, Located near the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Centre is just a few minutes’ walk from Kumily town.  It is a must visit for all those visiting the reserve.

The entrance to the Periyar Interpretation Centre has a very earthy and forest based tone and theme about it. The entire structure is built to resemble a honeycomb in fact. One cannot help but notice the intricately designed entrance with its lush green bamboo arch and wooden panels. The place tries to inspire the visitor with an appreciation for the finer aspects of nature with the following lines that are highlighted at the entrance: “A sense of wonder, curiosity, respect and patience are essential to understand the nature!!!”

The interiors of the interpretation centre resemble the deep woods accompanied with the sights and sounds that are common to the jungle. Everything from the sounds of artificial waterfalls, hissing snakes, roaring tigers and chirping mongoose can be seen and heard. Further, one moves onto 3 rooms which have a continuing theme of pictures that give information about the earth and the evolution of varies species. The central attraction of these rooms is the large skeletal of an elephant.

All the various exhibits are accompanied with a touch board kiosk that gives the visitor various types of information about the particular exhibit. A special room is dedicated to the various species of animals and birds of the Periyar tiger Reserve. This room serves as an auditory lesson in the sounds of these animal and bird species.

For those interested in trivia, there are 3 kiosks that quiz the visitor on a variety of trivia related to the forest wildlife. There is also room that replicates the experience of night trekking in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. One can experience the life like ambience of the forest at night with its animals and birds accompanied with a guided voiceover of the spotter. One can also learn a lot about the various harmful effects that each of our day to day activities have on the environment and our forests.

The Periyar Interpretation Centre was developed to instill in its visitors a sense of appreciation and understanding of nature. It seeks to educate and inform us about the need for the conservations of our forests and reserves.