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Planning a trip to Thekkady in January?

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Hello everyone! Is the New Year all done for you? Well, the time isn’t ceasing anytime or anywhere in Thekkady. The spell has just got embarked here. January- the beautiful start of the year greets people from across the world to witness the land of tranquillity. There is more charm, better refreshment and greater delight around. Many of the 5 star resorts in Thekkady are going belly tight. 

So, what are the bases for everyone to flock during this specific time of the year? To understand this, we would like to penetrate Thekkady based on various aspects witnessed in the month of January. And if you are thinking of a January flock to Thekkady with your friends and family, it would be amazing to note the beneath. 

What is Thekkady’s temperature in January?

While Munnar and nearby places shiver in the minus grade, Thekkady witnesses somewhat between 10 to 15 degrees celcius. The land is pleasant, warm and cool on a parallel note. The true medley of temperatures makes Thekkady one of the most attractive places at the start of the year.

How much rainfall could you expect in January?

On an average day, Thekkady expects a 9% chance of pours or drizzling around. In more common words, we could say that there might be a slight rainfall but not too heavy. However, the wettest month would be May for the land. And, if you are not a lover of rain or want to experience the land all-out, February would give you a good chance.

How hazy is Thekkady in January?

Who doesn’t love to witness the hazy nature of Thekkady? Well, January would be partly cloudy, 10 hrs. on a typical day. For comparison, the month with the clear sunny days in Thekkady marks January, with an average of 10.9 hours per day. In contrast, August has the shortest amount of cloud-free hours. A land like Thekkady needs your print and step-aside for sure. And January will never disappoint you in that aspect.

How breezy is Thekkady in January?

Neither calm nor the utmost wild would best describe the amount of breeze that Thekkady receives in January. The wind blows at an average speed of 7.2 mph (11.5 kph) in the month of January, making it ideal for people to wander around kissing the breeze. Comparatively, April is the calmest month, and July hits the loudest.

How humid is Thekkady in January?

Thekkady is moderately humid in the month of January, with an average amount of 70%. The month could be expressed as humid but also cool. You could breathe clean air with comfortable temperatures and humidity for the specific spell of the year. Comparatively, August has the highest humidity at 89%, and March hit the least at 60%. 

When can you expect sunrise and sunset in January?

A typical day in Thekkady during January is 11.6 hours of daylight. You could expect the sunrise around 6:40 AM and fall down at 6:20 PM. That would give you equal chances of light and dark and the perfect aura within the best resorts in Thekkady. The longest daylight month in Thekkady clings to June with 12.7 hours, and January has the shortest amount of daylight with just 11.6 hours. 

What will you wear to Thekkady in January?

Now, you have the welcoming insights of January, and what next? Is there a perfect attire for Thekkady in January when the temperature is in the perfect melody- pleasantly warm, humid, and cool? Most people would be wearing something lighter. A pair of t-shirts and jeans would go nicely, and kids can have their own taste. Above slippers, shoes would be recommended for the exquisite time. 

Where to best abide in Thekkady?

And there comes the million-dollar question! Where to pick the stay at the start of the year? You could have many options, but always prefer safety, ambience and quality with your family alongside. If you are looking for private pool resorts in Kerala, Greenwoods is the no.1 luxury resorts in Thekkady trusted by families, friends and honeymooners all time. However, the pick is yours, and you can have your best bet in other ways. All you need is to stay in perfect health, book your comfort and flock far.