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Rose Park, Thekkady

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The most amazing and natural, floral place of Thekkady, the Rose Park is simply not just an amusement park or a garden but a world of breath-taking charm. Moreover, it is a mesmerizing place to celebrate the smaller moments as well as share big experiences. The visitors can get on the 30+ exhilarating Adventure Rides when they visit this place. If you are visiting, you should make sure that you check out our most thrilling attractions, rides as well as landscapes. Besides, your visit to Rose Park, Thekkady should be non-stop fun. A crossover between an amusement park and a garden, Thekkady Rose Park is a perfect place for fun activities and family outings. You can have a relaxing cup of tea at the café or check out thrilling rides and attractions. Besides, kids can enjoy a 4D movie or play on slides or water paddle boats.

Further, several activities, such as archery, rifle shooting, kayaking, zipline, and bungee jumping are available here. Also, these activities are suitable for adults of different age groups. Thekkady is renowned for its amazing plantations which are spread over a wide area. Whether a thrill-seeker, backpacker, a casual vacationer, a leisure seeker, or a honeymooner, the fascinating locales and the rugged terrains of Thekkady will yearn you for more. The adventurous theme park of Rose Park located at Attappallam, Kumily is an apt place where you can relax with your family. This picturesque location is just 4.6 km from the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. You simply cannot miss out on the alluring Periyar Lake in Thekkady while visiting the abode of the wild. This artificial lake is one of its kind that makes its way through the wildlife-protected area. It also serves as the primary water source to the jungle dwellers and is more than a tourist spot. Selfie lovers and photographers will surely love their visit to the Rose Park, Thekkady.

If you are exhausted by the bustle and hustle of city life and want to escape to a place where there is only wildlife, nature, and serenity, this is an ideal destination for you. The adventurous rides in Rose Park include stream crossing through rope, Commando net, Burmah bridge, Pedal boat, horticulture park, Sky cycling, kayaking, Spider web, Zipline, and Trampoline. This area is also popular for spice plantation and cacti succulent collection. Furthermore, the snacks available at the country hotel inside the park are very delicious. kayaking in Rose Park

is done through a small circular stream and there are different types of kayaking boats available here. A small boat only for one adult and a larger one in which two adults and two children can ride is available at the Rose Park. Apart from that, you can also enjoy sky cycling 25ft above the ground fixed over a single steel rope. Enough safety measures are taken to protect you from falling. One can experience how the commando crosses the obstacles in the net by exploring the commando net adventurous activity. A spices plantation is also available in the serene location of Rose Park.