Shopping in Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Shopping in Thekkady

Thekkady – A Complete Travel Guide
January 11, 2021
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Indian food is a mix of a variety of flavors that are rendered using home-grown spices. And, Thekkady is spice the spice hub of Kerala. You can give yourself plenty of time to browse the number of stores and spice plantations during your Thekkady vacation. Besides, there is a wide range of vintage or handcrafted products available on sale. With its ample tea/coffee, spice plantations, and calm vibe Thekkady is the perfect destination for your organic grocery shopping. The merchandise you see in the shops of Thekkady suits the fancy of Indian vacationers as well as the laidback vibe of foreign tourists. You can also purchase precious items, souvenirs, and vintage-tinged artifacts from this place.

Things to buy in Thekkady

The visitors can start with some handicraft items. Moreover, you can gift these items to your friends or relatives and these would add charm to your home. In Thekkady, you can choose from a range of handloom materials, wooden carvings, silver jewelry, hand-knotted silks, wool carpets, and crafty paper works. These products are both brought in from other parts of the state and locally made.


The best buys in Thekkady are, of course, the authentic spices. The spices of Thekkady are famed or well-known for their culinary value and their aromatic flavor. Commonly sold in transparent, compact packets, the aroma and freshness of these spices make them an irresistible buy. Apart from that, you can find various products made with spices like spiced preserves and spice chocolates. Tourists can also find specialty teas and coffees that are mixed with spices. You can see a large variety of spices on sale in the local markets of Thekkady. Coriander, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Vanilla pod, green Pepper, Fenugreek, and White Pepper are hot favorites!

Garden-fresh fruits

You can find a small market town in Thekkady filled with colorful shops. This market offers you fine quality fenugreek, garden-fresh fruits, and vegetables, jute, and bamboo products, as well as many varieties of beautiful flowers. The travelers can also purchase the traditional pickles and popular banana chips known as Kerala chips, etc.

Handloom fabrics

Thekkady also offers the tourists gorgeous handloom fabrics. Apart from the traditional handloom of Kerala, you can also find handloom from those of other states like Kashmiri, Gujarat, etc available here in the markets of Thekkady. Many traders from North India often set up small stores here to sell their regional handloom and their silk.

Hand-crafted Souvenirs

Visitors can check out the handcrafted items like Batik paintings, Rosewood and Sandalwood sculptures, kitchenware, household utensils, traditional lamps, furniture, and more in Thekkady. You can also buy antique items from here. Many antique stores here sell traditional furniture, household utensils, lamps, and kitchenware. Handcrafted items such as sandalwood and rosewood sculptures find many takers at the Thekkady market.

Thekkady, one of the best tourism hotspots of Kerala, is a quality shopping destination for its visitors. The Kashmiri emporiums in Thekkady often sell light or white-colored material and costumes that have their characteristic simple but elegant embroidery. Although there are no big bazaars in Thekkady, you can find numerous shops that sell souvenirs.