Vagamon's Spectacular Cantilever Glass Bridge: Walk on Air!

Vagamon’s Spectacular Cantilever Glass Bridge: Walk on Air!

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Are you seeking an adrenaline rush escape to the hills of Kerala? Well, an incredible adventure awaits you in the picturesque landscape of Vagamon. India’s longest cantilever glass bridge at Kolahalamedu has just got unveiled. It has set a new benchmark for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This blog delves into the exhilarating experience of striding on this engineering marvel. Likewise, the article also covers the unique features, and the scenic beauty that the structure can offer you without a doubt. For visitors seeking luxury and refinement, residing in private pool resorts in Thekkady adds an extra layer of indulgence to the journey. Experience this awe-inspiring adventure while relishing the comfort of Thekkady’s premium accommodations.

A Glimpse of the Glass Bridge

Rising proudly at a towering 40 meters, India’s largest and deepest cantilever glass bridge stands as an irresistible allure for thrill-seekers. Located within the adventure park of the Idukki District Tourism Promotion Council, this architectural wonder provides some of the best hawks-eye views. It encompasses distant locales such as Mundakayam, Kuttikkal, and Kokkayar. There is no pause for the topography, and people can step into a world where awe and excitement converge!

The Construction Marvel

Crafted jointly by DTPC and Bharat Mata Ventures, the cantilever glass bridge showcases modern engineering excellence. Employing steel cables and a towering pole structure, this bridge challenges gravity and invites an adventure-packed journey. The breathtaking vista from its end is ideal for capturing unforgettable memories. Indeed the bridge is an architectural triumph that beckons the daring and curious alike. While staying at the luxury resorts in Thekkadytravellers can embark on this escapade to add a thrilling flavour to their holiday experience.

The Unforgettable Experience

For a nominal fee of Rs 500, adventure enthusiasts and curious travelers can venture on a memorable walk across the cantilever glass bridge. No longer do Indians need to travel abroad to countries like China for this thrilling experience; Vagamon offers it all. As visitors take each step on the glass floor, the sensation of walking on air with a sheer drop below is both exhilarating and captivating. Embrace the thrill of walking on air with each step, as Vagamon’s glass bridge captivates with its sheer beauty.

Beyond the Bridge

The adventure park at Kolahalamedu is not ceasing at just the cantilever glass bridge. The excitement resumes with plans to introduce more attractions, including sky swings, sky cycling, sky rollers, and even a rocket injector. These additions will surely amplify the thrill and cater to diverse tastes in adventure. They also promise to paint the sky with thrill and amazement.

A View from Above

The cantilever glass bridge is strategically placed to provide panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, rivers, and distant landscapes. Gazing across the horizon, visitors can take in the natural beauty of Koottikal, Kokkayar, and Mundakkayam, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether dawn or dusk, the vista paints a canvas of nature’s finest strokes, a masterpiece in every moment. The bridge transforms into a lens revealing the untamed beauty that Kerala holds.


The cantilever glass bridge at Vagamon has elevated the adventure tourism scene in India to new heights. With its engineering marvel, breathtaking views, and heart-pounding experience, it offers a unique and exhilarating escapade. As travelers step onto the glass floor, they not only conquer their fears but also create cherished memories. These memories will remind them of the beauty and thrill of nature’s wonders for a long time. Ready to retreat in luxury after your daring adventure? Discover the epitome of opulence at the best 5 star  resorts in Thekkady.

“Embrace the thrill, conquer the heights, and relish the views – India’s cantilever glass bridge at Vagamon beckons!”