Exploring The Mighty& Wonderful Dams Near Thekkady With Us

Exploring The Mighty& Wonderful Dams Near Thekkady With Us

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Thekkady is definitely one of the most popular destinations in the God’s own country that is home to both natural and man-made wonders. A visitor will be able to explore the different shades of nature and also get awestruck by the gigantic human-made wonders, such as the mighty and the wonderful dams in here.

So if you are a person who wants a holiday that is a mix of both nature and human made wonders, then Thekkady is the answer. Besides being a wonderland with the lush green covers, streams, gardens, vistas, meadows, hills and a wildlife teeming with energy – Thekkady has much more to offer. These experiences can be unique and help you to make the most of every rupee you spend on your holidays. Whilst your visit here, why not stay at one of the best resorts in Kerala? To know more about the finest blend of nature and luxury, reach out to one of the top rated 5 star resorts in Thekkady – Greenwoods.

There are many dams near Thekkady that is open to public for visits. Dams are one of the major attractions in here that pulls thousands of visitors up here. Thekkady is a destination that is nestled close to the Western ghats near the Kerala, Tamilnadu border. A person visiting here will be able to peak into the cultures of both these places. You can spot a person who speaks Tamil and Malayalam whilst walking down the lane.

The Mullaperiyar dam, Idukki dam, Cheruthoni dam are some of the major dams in the area that sees thousands of visitors every year.

Did you hear the latest update about the Idduki dam and the Cheruthoni dam?

Both the Idduki dam and the Cheruthoni dam are now open to visitors subject to certain conditions. The dams were shut down for public visits citing certain reasons by the government. The latest update by the government lets tourists visit the dams from 1st February 2023 to 31st May 2023, except on Wednesdays and the water release dates. These two dams are excellent spots that pull many visitors and can be perfect for your picnics. Excited to plan a holiday to Thekkady? To experience one of the luxurious 5 star resorts in Kerala, whilst your journey here – reach out to us.

Dams are just majestic human made wonders that help people in many ways. It is also one of the many tourist pulling attractions around the world. Dams near Thekkady are amusingly beautiful, the major green cover and the misty hills around them makes it one of the major attractions to celebrate. Moreover, some of the dams in here produces high amounts of electricity to power up the town’s and cities in the god’s own country.

Now let’s look at some of the major dams near Thekkady.

The Mullaperiyar Dam

The Mullaperiyar Dam stands majestically near Thekkady which is popular amongst the visitors and undoubtedly one of the most preferred picnic destinations.  The dam gets its named from the combination of the two rivers. The dam is approximately 155 ft high and 1200 ft long, majestic enough to grab every visitor’s attention. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is also a wonder that comes along with the Mullaperiyar Dam.

Visitors will be able to undertake activities such as boating, sightseeing and more. Besides this, the place also has some of the best photography spots. Hence, one can create and capture memories with their loved ones.

The Idukki Arch Dam

The Idduki arch dam is nothing but an engineering marvel located on the Periyar river. The dam is constructed between two hills – Kuravathi and Kuravan. The Idukki Arch dam is one of the highest arch dams in all of Asia. The majestic dam along with the magnificent view around it makes it a destination to include in your itineraries.

Boating can be undertaken by the visitors in the reservoir. The destination is a must-visit one for every traveller who wishes to have fun and witness a modern day engineering wonder!

The Cheruthoni dam

Standing tall at a height of 138 metres, the Cheruthoni dam is the largest concrete gravity dam located near the Idukki dam. Every visitor here is blessed with some of the most joyful experiences. Boating and sightseeing are some of the activities one can undertake in here. So if you are planning for a holiday in Thekkady, you should not miss this one of a kind experience.

Thekkady is truly a destination that is a mosaic of all the wonders and experiences one wishes for in a holiday. The majestic dams can be both a learning and leisure experience. The vast stretches of nature and human made wonders makes this place irresistible.

Thekkady can be best enjoyed with Greenwood. We are adorned with every luxury that one asks for in a place of stay.  We are one of the very few private pool resorts in Thekkady that will help you to have a wonderful time. To know more call us right away and celebrate Thekkady like never before!