Honeymoon in the stillness of Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Honeymoon in the stillness of Thekkady

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Are you looking for a hill station to wrap your newlywed time? Well, Thekkady can beat your heart with many colours. So, you might be wondering what makes the location the best fit for the romantic tick of the clock. The land is the reflection of aesthetic beauty, fragrance, and picturesque colours. It is a pleasant climate here with surrounding wild covers and life that sticks to the cryptic trails. And for the special-getaway-time, it offers thrilling activities that no other place would fetch you.

However, it isn’t going to be an extreme experience if you miss out on the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady. And to fill in the best couple of hours of your lifetime, the land hosts numerous luxurious and enigmatic stays which can take you to the cloud-9 cheer. Being the top picked escape location next to Munnar, Thekkady shines on stillness, uncovering the best 5 star hotels and private pool resorts in Kerala. 

What makes Thekkady twinkle at the auspicious time?

Thekkady speaks about many things and existence. Abundantly blessed with natural charm, the landscape illustrates pleasant lakes, lush carpets of forest flowers and green meadows that no other destination holds. And if you and your partner have a similar feeling about nature, Thekkady is your best bet choice. So, let’s dive into a glimpse of your favourite time together in Thekkady. 

·       The Climatic Rhythm

We all know that Thekkady has a unique climate compared to other hill stations. The temperature remains Suttle and still year-round without many fluctuations. It is indeed a land that holds its cool-climatic rhythm and tempo in symmetry. Honeymooners would love the time here as the climate brings them even closer.

·       The romantic adventure

Adventure activities are something that can make the honeymoon time forge happy smiles. While you pick a stay amongst the best 5 star resorts in Thekkady, you have both options to experience the in house activities and the outside thrill. The placid Periyar Lake is one promising adventure zone for a romantic boat ride. The ride can show unexplored forest areas, the flock of birds, and animals at the shore with the thirst. 

·       The breathtaking canopy

Thekkady goes washed with lush greenery, misty hillsides and lakes that add to its breath-taking beauty. You can create a bucket list of places before approaching the land, in which Chellarcovil and Pandikuzhi shall not get missed at any cost. Chellarcovil is famous for the twilight fall of the sun, and do not miss the place if you are looking for the evening dash. You can glance at the beautiful canopy with the best couple of chatters.

·       Trailing the idealistic nature

Thekkady offers you both soft and hard trekking experiences to boost the adrenaline. If you are looking for a pleasant walk in the morning mist or twilight fall, you can pick the tea plantations or cardamon trails. On the other hand, you can also spend your time on heavy trekking programmes that shoot a thrilling and happening experience. Whatever be the pick of choice, you and your loved one would have the maximum fun out of it.

·       Soothing stays of amour

While flocking with your loved one secretly, having an exquisite stay could be something to look at. Kerala has the top luxury hotels and family resorts in Thekkady, making it an ideal destination for honeymooners. They can provide the best soothing colours of suites alongside attractive cuisines, amenities, and activities to connect your time together. A campfire at the night and a romantic candle-light dinner can add extra colours of amour.

The final glimmer

Indeed, it is your best and first time together with your loved one. It needs to go cherished for the entire life, and Thekkady can extend the best chapter for you. Thekkady can be considered as an initial start to a longer journey. Once you have witnessed the fragrance and tone of the nature here, you might turn yourself into a nature lover for sure. So what to wait for – Connect the best 5 star resorts in Kerala perched in Thekkady hillsides to adorn your beautiful time together.