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14th Flower Show in Thekkady Lures the Attention!

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March 31, 2022
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April 22, 2022

Tourism is one of the prime focal points in Kerala with its immaculate beauty and natural freshness. And Thekkady boasts itself as a silent and rejuvenating destination for tourists from around the world. The climate shows very little variation here and is a popular choice among travel enthusiasts. Likewise, the land gets wrapped by the top luxury resorts in Thekkady, adding to the soothing colours. 

So, you might be wondering what makes Thekkady different to the time from other locations such as Munnar, Vagamon, etc. Is there something happening out there that adds value to your time? Indeed, we are talking about the 14th Flower Show in Thekkady. Who doesn’t love to witness the captive colours and fragrances of endemic plants and flowers? In fact, it is a visual delight for anyone who steps into the showcase organized here in Thekkady.

About Thekkady Flower Show

The Endemic Flower Show goes collectively organized by the kumily Grama Panchayath, Thekkady Agri Horticulture Society and Mannaratharayil Gardens. Begun on April 1, 2022, the showcase will stretch till May 2. The visual treat is happening on the Kallarakal ground, Kumily. The visitors flock like bees to catch the marvellous intersection of exclusive plant verities, rare flower sights, and other cultural programmes. Moreover, the topographical conditions of the land have largely fuelled the inclusion of rare flowering plants in the show cast.

Top attractions to gaze at!

The plant varieties here host both domestic as well as outside genes. However, most of the plants are grown locally and mark the indigenous culture of the land. The show outcasts various flower plants, vegetables, fruit plants, ayurvedic & medicinal plants, etc. All details, including scientific names of plants and flowers with relevant information, get displayed to the visitors on the go.

In addition to the displayed beauty and colours, the show encases various seminars, cultural programmes, competitions for children and folk-art performances in the evening. The seminars would be of social relevance, and performances will stick to folk, temple, and tribal art forms. It is a chance for the visitors to mark the unseen and unknown discovery of flowers alongside exploring the relationship between man and nature.

Reaching out to the destination

Thekkady crowns itself with the top 5 star resorts in Kerala alongside luxurious hotels, stays and cottages. One great option would be to pack your bags for one of these cosy retreats and have a relaxed journey afterwards. While approaching through the airways, the nearest airport would be Madurai which is 103 km away from Kumily. Cochin International Airport stretches a 114 km journey to the destination. If you are looking for a railway path, Theni marks the nearest Railway Station at a 62 km distance. However, the roadways from your home with your loved ones could be fun and can shoot an exploring path towards the Thekkady flower show. 

Summing Up

Visiting Thekkady can be a soothing and probing experience for any visitor. Besides the natural beauty of the land, enthralling activities and sightseeing experience, a peep through the endemic flowers and plants reflects a unique feel. Amidst your fun-filled time and natural exploration, you can have a varied feel amongst the natural and intrinsic kingdom of the flaura. What else to wait for – wrap your bags towards the sky-scraper locus filled with the fragrance of the blooms.