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Must buy things in Kerala

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It is every traveller’s prerogative to take back something from the places he or she has visited. This may include memories, ideas, material things or maybe even a new perspective on life itself.

The southern coastal state of Kerala, being handsomely endowed with a varied and beautiful geographic landscape of hills, valleys , backwaters, lakes and the beautiful sandy beaches, is home to some of the most colourful and vibrant cultures too. With a plethora of art forms that cater to varied tastes and an abundance of sheer natural beauty, the state offers some of the finest indigenous and cultural products that one can cherish for years to come.

The souvenirs that can be bought at many of the curio and handicraft shops in Kerala are a great testament to the deep and immensely rich cultural heritage of the state. Anyways, the purpose of this particular blog is to highlight five of the ‘must not miss’ items on your shopping list while on holiday in Kerala.

Also popularly known as the spice coast, the state of Kerala has a rich history of cultivation and trade in the area of spices. The spice coast was instrumental in the establishment of trade routes between various civilizations and Kerala. Some fo the finest quality varieties of pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and vanilla can be found and bought in Kerala.

Ayurvedic Products:
Kerala is home to some of the major practicing hubs of Ayurveda. From Hair oil to body oil, beauty to medicinal products, the state has a wide variety of Ayurveda products that caters to every need.

Kerala Handlooms:
Famous for is Set Saris for women and Veshti-Chattai for Men, Kerala handloom has a distinctive appeal and beauty. It is on special festivals like Onam and vishu that we see the people adorn these beautiful traditional attires. You can indulge yourself by shopping for some of these traditional attires at one of the many handloom shops.

With a large pool of skilled artisans, the kaleidoscopic spectrum of Kerala’s art and culture can be seen in the form of various handicrafts that are sold across the state in curio and handloom shops. From wooden elephants to masks, jewellery made of pancha dhatu (five metals) to cane products, there is something for every visitor at these shops.

Sun-dried savouries, banana chips and sweets:
Home to some of the most delicious and tasty savouries and confectionaries, Kerala is renowned for its banana and jackfruit chips. Every region in the state has a unique food item that you can pick to indulge your taste buds. Banana halwa, wheat halwa, Unni Appam etc are some of the items that one cannot simply afford to miss.