Best time to visit Thekkady with your family & friends - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Best time to visit Thekkady with your family & friends

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Often plotted as a jewel in the crown of Kerala, Thekkady exists as the most pristine spot for travellers from around the globe. A must-visit place in Kerala, Thekkady lures attention with the captivating Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the exotic flora and fauna, pristine slopes, verdant tea gardens, and religious temples. Also, the place encircles some of the best resorts in Kerala, reflecting the rays of cosy comfort and luxurious living.

Pinned in the Idukki District of Kerala, this locus experiences pleasant climatic conditions without extreme changes. Even though many travellers believe that monsoon can be the ideal pick of the season, the winter season commencing in November and ending in February mark the best time to visit Thekkady. It would allow you to relish the soothing sights and sounds without encountering summer rays or heavy pours.

However, there can be personal favourites of climates and main factors deciding your holiday break. So, through the blog, we try to unclose the specific sightings that Thekkady would throw at you during different seasons.

Detailing different climatic flavours of Thekkady

The weather in Kerala splits into three seasons–summers, monsoons, and winters. Summer from February to May throws scorching heat and humidity with an average temperature of 36-degree Celsius. The southwest monsoons commence in May or June and continue till the mid of October or can even stretch to the beginning of November. Winter starts as soon as Thulavarsham ends, allowing a significant dip in average temperatures. However, November to February hit the peak tourist season with minimal rainfall and a cool climate. Now, let us see in detail how these three climatic times impact the big picture of Thekkady.

Winter Season Between October and February

Travel to Thekkady during winter, and you have an amazing time with your family. The temperatures might fall to an average of 15 degrees Celsius, making it the ideal time for a holiday break to Thekkady. During this specific clock, Thekkady offers more fun-filled activities like canoeing, bamboo rafting in the Periyar Reserve, elephant riding, and bird watching. These activities mark the best adventure offerings from Kerala tourism. 

Cruising the backwaters would also be a better plan during this particular time. Boat cruising is one of the major attractions in Kerala tourism. It is a chance to go on wildlife safaris and marvel at the natural beauty of Thekkady. With so much to watch and experience, winter hits the most popular and favoured time of the year, especially for honeymooners and families.

Summer Season Between March and May

The months of March, April and May, with elevated temperatures, throw a warm atmosphere in Thekaddy. Temperatures can climb to 36 degrees Celsius. Special care is required while flocking the time. Evade direct sunlight, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated while you travel. If you are glad to bear the elevated climatic condition, you may grab great deals on flights and hotels as it is the off-season for Kerala tourism.

The evenings, however, are gentle and pleasant. Walk during the twilight fall along the hilly plantations and experience the soft breeze on your face. If you are a nature enthusiast, this time is well suited to spot some of the wild animals that flock around Periyar Lake. You can also visit Kumily, stretching a few kilometres from Thekkady. The place is famous for the contoured hilly slopes of plantations and picturesque frames, making it a must-watch during this particular time.

Monsoon Season Between June- September

With the temperature falling slightly to 20 degrees Celsius, Thekkady shoots heavy rainfall in July and August. Even though the drops can be special, they can also hinder all outdoor activities like trekking and sightseeing. The wild frames and the landscape settings of Periyar are worth watching during this span of the year. So, travelling during the monsoon period can still be delightful.

If you count yourself as a rain lover, monsoon also vows stunning views of the hills and the Periyar lake and is a refreshing time for you to visit Thekkady. Enjoy the green blanket of monsoons and the shimmering waterfalls at Chellarkovil village. Likewise, make your trip adventuresome by flocking to the gorges of Peermede to undergo the gorgeous Peeru Hills. If you want to avoid clogged places and get good deals on luxury resorts in Thekkady, then the monsoon season hangs in as the best time to unleash the budget sightseer in you! 

Final Thoughts

So far, we have described three special seasons in Thekkady that every traveller can explore. Thekkady lives as a year-round destination with consistently pleasant temperatures and breezes, with all the seasons conveying a separate perspective of the place. However, the best time to visit Thekkady clings to the winter note. Connect Greenwoods – top 5 star resorts in Thekkady to have your holiday break with friends and family.