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Thekkady Turns Blissful During Diwali!

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Diwali – Often deemed as a luminous festival in the states of North India, happiness goes sky-high in many parts of Kerala as well. Once again, the festival of lights is around the corner. The time plugs yet another reason to travel, and not just to have a bounded celebration with your friends and family. If your sanity wants to stay far from the crackers or the pollution it causes, travelling the time would be a reason for joy.

Kerala is a captive beauty amongst other Indian states, and Thekkdy is a top contributor to its authentic colours. The weather, hill stations, mountains, beaches, and magnificent beauty make Thekkady a top-sited destination for travelling during the holiday time, especially Diwali. It is more than a complete package with the lights of the best resorts in Kerala, gorgeous destinations, coolheaded ambience and many more.

So, look no more this is the perfect place for you to spark your holidays of Diwali time.

How to make your Diwali break more beautiful?

1. Plan a trip to Thekkady, Kerala

If you are eyeing a tranquil place this Diwali, Thekkady can offer you more than your expectations. It allows nature lovers to explore its unique hill slopes and the exclusive fauna and flora. There are diverse places of interest here, but the main focal point is the Periyar National Park. Besides wildlife exploration, you can go for other appeals and fun-filled activities that clad you tight and close. Make your travel roadmap, backpack your needful and flock to the green glow above the hills.

2. Relax at the private pool resorts in Thekkady

The best way to enjoy the land during Diwali is to pre-book one of the private pool resorts in Thekkady. While planning to travel with your loved ones, you should settle first and then flock to activities and places. Imagine a private pool resort amidst the lush greenery of Thekkady welcoming you with all amiable facilities and fun-filled activities in the Diwali bliss. Thekkady resorts can induce a varied feel, especially while looking for a honeymoon setting in the calm and verdant greenery.

3. Light the diyas & lamps around

Without lightning diyas and oil lamps, Diwali isn’t complete. Major hotels and luxury resorts in Thekkady will have their special space illuminated with oil lamps and decorated for the auspicious time. You can feel like it’s a Diwali spell at your home but also could mark the contrast that a peaceful destination brings. There could be many other festival-related activities also happening in Thekkady. You could share gifts and sweets with your friends and loved ones around. These can be homemade chocolates that are authentic to the land.

4. Taste your favourite varieties of culinary

The occasion marks a happy appetite time in Thekkady. You get to see a lot of culinary varieties, including dishes, snacks, and special dinner flavours. You can experience the Lapsi Halwa, one of the sweet dishes made from large grain cracked wheat, cooked using ghee and sweetened with sugar & cardamom powder. The night is where the party begins, and every hotel and restaurant will unlock their favourite flavours for the time. If you are staying amongst the best family resorts in Thekkady, it is itself a great chance to taste authentic delicacies.

5. Exit to the high-time surrounds

No- No, the Diwali fun isn’t done yet. The time also reflects the best activities going out there in Thekkady. You can have your roadmap ready from the resort or hotel prior to the flock. Likewise, look for the pristine and peaceful destinations around Thekkady that drive high time. While counting the beautiful places, enthralling activities and wild happenings, the land is a true star. The only thing you require is time and the right company to explore the minute happenings and happiness out there.

Greenwoods Resort to redefine your Diwali time!

Greenwoods is one of the top-trusted resorts in Thekkady and the traveller’s choice from around the world. With an impeccable aura amidst the woods, top-rated hospitality, in-house activities, culinary attractions, and luxurious appeal, the resort is a gem that will add the most vibrant colours during Diwali. Build your Diwali travel roadmap from the known people out there in the resort. One thing is for sure, you will definitely get what is called ‘Beyond’ from here. So, why a further wait? Let’s celebrate Diwali time with Greenwoods.