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Chathurangapara – The pristine beauty!

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Kerala, the beautiful state in India, sparks high time in the months between September to December for travellers from around the globe. And Thekkady is a star next to Munnar that hosts numerous domestic and international travellers with some of the best resorts in Kerala. We all have had good travelling experiences in our life. But, that isn’t enough when it’s Idukki in the travel chart list. To make your travel time more exhilarating, let’s navigate through the blog portraying the pristine beauty of Chathurangapara.

What makes it distinct from other attractions?

  • The place is one trendy spot to watch and experience besides where you are – Thekkady or Munnar. Chathurangapara is pinned near Udumpan Chola in the Kumali-Munnar state highway. The foliage of the western ghats, the marvellous & distant sight of Tamil Nadu, and the windmill fields are all beautiful bites for any traveller. 
  • But what makes it more inviting is the splendid view while climbing the mountain upwards. Indeed, it will be a dazzling feel to catch glimpses of the farmlands of Tamil Nadu and the distant panorama of the Anakkaramettu, Thevarammettu, Pushpakkandam, and Mankuthi Mettu.
  • Also, the view of the Chinnakanal and the distant sight of the Suryanelli and the Gap Road is worth a watch. Now, with the broad tourism opportunities, the spot is repeatedly picked by many Kerala tour packages and honeymoon packages. While staying amongst the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady, Chathurangapara would be something to look for without a second word.

What is the view out there?

  • Lying 10 km away from Udumpan Chola, the viewpoint can be reached by climbing from the Chathurangapara junction. All you need to do is a hike of 2 km from there. And that won’t be as easy as it sounded. If only the view is your priority, you can also use a vehicle to reach the top.
  • Upon getting to the top, the mesmerizing wind wraps you in its hands. The view of the whirling windmills is a sight to behold. The place somewhat resembles Ramakkalmede in appearance. Another view here is the meadows. You can also relish the views of the mountains here. 

Best route & time to hit the destination

  • The place is accessible via the Thekkady-Munnar State Highway, stretching 10 km from Udumbanchola in the Idukki district. Chaturungapara can also be mapped via Kothamangalam-Adimaly-Rajakumari-Poopara-Kumali path. Any time gets favourable to visit places in Idukki, but it is most okay to come here in the morning or in the evening, especially in months of monsoon. 
  • With great charm around, it is one of the viewpoints that get extremely gorgeous hiking spot for visitors. Typically, when you are flocking with family or friends to the destination, you would need 2 to 3 hours on an approximate. And that would be more than a worthy span to click some marvellous pics of yours and have a family time together in fun and ecstasy. 

Wrapping up 

So far, we have entailed quick facts and information on a beautiful and pristine viewpoint in the district of Idukki. Connecting the best resorts in Thekkady, you could also find multiple locations offering a varied feel and intrinsic charm. But for that, you require peace of mind to kick-start from the thought of a journey to making it done. If you are feeling excited to start a journey right away, Greenwoods Resort in Thekkady is a ring away from you. Be it your honeymoon time, family get-together or friends vibe-out, we can offer the best out of your time. Let us make the moment more adorable and cherished in the tranquil fragrance of Thekkady.