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Know The Five Off-Beat Spots In Thekkady

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What does Thekkady have special that lures a large number of travellers, both domestic and international? You may be familiar with the 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in Thekkady. But that is just one side of Thekkady to experience and admire. Besides the common route that every traveller navigates, there are a few other off-beat destinations you can hang around. 

While you experience a stay within the best family resorts in Thekkady on one side, there is a flip side to know and wander around. While seeing Thekkady, taking a detour to experience these locations would make your trip even more fulfilling. Without further wait, let’s dive in to see what makes Thekkady even more special.

5 off-beat Thekkady locations

·       Pandikuzhi

Pandikuzhi is an off-beat destination close to the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border that offers incredible views. Despite this fact, the place still goes less explored by many travellers. When the thought of trekking goes through your mind, Pandikuzhi is one of the ideal spots to discover. The hilltop view resembles an artistic painting. The full-time breeze around the area and the view can lure anyone’s attention. Routing the destination, you could spot a deep ravine of 1,000 feet. And that makes the course a bit treacherous. However, if you are an adventure lover, Pandikuzhi is still a top-worth to choose amongst the less-explored areas in Thekkady.

·       Kurisumala

If you are a person with a never-ending love for trekking activities, Kurisumala is yet another place to choose. Located around Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, it resembles a fort. Just like the incredible views of Pandikuzhi, Kurisumala also can offer you the thrill and vibrance with breathtaking views. Travellers moving to the hilltop can relish the sites of the Wildlife Sanctuary. Mornings here are truly charming with the humming of the birds and the hills wrapped in misty beauty. The evenings, with the twilight fall on the peaks and the pleasantly subdued lustre of the foliage, are equally attractive. The off-beat destination, pinned 4 km from Thekkady, is a must-watch for every traveller who loves to witness eccentric beauty.

·       Chellarkovil

Perched at an altitude of around 3000 feet above sea level, Chellarkovil is yet another gorgeous destination with its scenery. Keeping that in mind, you also need to take a steep climb to relish the beauty of Chellarkovil to the fullest. However, the beauty of the spot above and the adjoining breeze can sweep your sweat away. The panoramic view of the farming areas in Tamil Nadu and the waterfall would add some extra-magical flavours. While mapping from Thekkady, it would take a 15 km drive for you and your loved ones to map the unique and incredible destination. The misty morning ride would be the best choice for the off-beat place.

·       Grambi

That paradise feeling that everyone looks for is what Grambi is all about. The place goes wrapped by mountains covered with ever-floating mists. One can witness a pleasant breeze blowing without a pause with intermittent light showers that add to the immaculate beauty. The surrounding view is captivating, and you could never ever feel flock away from the time being there. Additionally, you can spot a ravine on one side along the route to Grambi. However, you require care while driving where there are points that resemble suicide points on the course to the destination. Even though Grambi marks a 24 km stretch from Thekkady, exploring the place would be spicier than you think and expect.

·       Abraham’s Spice Garden

Evading this beautiful garden in the holiday mood is never full filling. If you love watching farming activities, you should definitely map Abraham’s Spice Garden. In 1952, with ever-ending love for agriculture activities, Abraham invented the spot to perfection. The place is not all about spices. You could also witness a wide veriety of medicinal plants, fruits, & flowers grown in Abraham’s spices garden. Travellers visiting the place can get an in-depth view and knowledge about the cropping culture. You could also pack your favourite spice back home from this garden. The garden will be open from 8: 00 am to 6: 30 pm. We recommend that if you stay within the top private pool resorts in Thekkady, like Greenwoods Thekkady, take your drive in the evening, about 15 km from Thekkady.

Summing Up

Apart from these 5-unique spots we have entailed through the blog, there are several other exquisite routes to map from Thekkady. You can quick-connect the best family resorts in Thekkady and route your course after having a comfy stay out there. It is always the right blend of resort delight and the wandering fun that gives any Thekkady visit more than the usual thrill.