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Parunthumpara – An offbeat locus in Thekkady

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A scenic spot to lock your adventure

Lying 20 kilometres away from Thekkady town marks the offbeat destination of Parunthumpara, famous for trekking and sightseeing activities. The name points to Eagle Rock which might have got its name with the 360-degree view that it provides from the top. While staying in amongst the 5 star resorts in Thekkady, the destination viewpoint is a popular pick for the adventurers.

The place entails the perfect blend of green hills, waterfalls, pristine forests, and the cool breeze. But on the flip side of the beautiful forests, danger lurks in too. One side of the cliff goes edged by deep trenches, and the rocks become tricky. But what awaits you after the climb can be a scenic and visual treat to your eyes. A mindful and adventurous walk is only required to reach the peak of heaven.

Going fed up with usual routine destinations that sound less adventurous, Parunthumpara offers a unique feel on the other side. It is a challenging trek through the uneven terrains and mystic path towards the breath-taking view. The top view goes majestic with the floating clouds and surrounding fog. Most of the tourist’s flock to the pretty destination making their journey bear the true colours of Thekkady. 

Best time to visit the enchanting vista

Winters are the best time to pack your journey to Thekkady. October to February marks the peak and pleasant time to connect the absorbing vista. The weather hits ideal for the trekking activities, and at the same, a misty walk is magical to the very time. You can watch nature in its panoramic form, filled with the mist and cool breeze. Early dusk and dawn round the perfect time to pin the Parunthumpara, especially from the luxury resorts in Thekkady

Ways to reach the magic destination

The famous sightseeing and trekking locus is at a distance of 138 km from Cochin International Airport. Yet another route would be to catch a train from Kottayam and flock for 82 km from there. If you are boarding at Ernakulam Railway Station, it takes nearly 130 km from there to reach the spot. A long drive to Thekkady through the Elapara route with lush greenery on one side and flushed tea estates would be a special one. But the most comfortable way to visit the tranquil spot would be to unlock one of the best family resorts in Thekkady and have a safe and packed journey from there.

Hooking a 5star resort stay nearby

Isn’t it amazing to hook the top 5 star resorts in Kerala while planning your vacation to Parunthumpara and many other destinations in Thekkady? Indeed, that would be a great idea to experience the unique hospitality of Thekkady, fun-filled activities and encounter more interesting stuff. What if you are on a honeymoon time? Well, look for the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady which can furnish your dreams and destination reaches as well. Thekkady has got all you need, and it’s your call to pack your time with your family and friends to the beautiful locale of Kerala.