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Thekkady’s Indigenous Tribal Heritage Program

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January 27, 2022
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Thekkady isn’t all about the serene surrounding, aesthetic charm and stillness that it speaks. There is a lot much to explore from the topographical beauty. Think of connecting some raw activities of the land while having a packed stay amongst the 5 star resorts in Kerala. Isn’t it amazing? One such famous activity or programme in Thekkady is the indigenous Tribal Heritage Program. 

The Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady is home to many tribal communities, including the Mannans and Palians. It is a unique and distinct experience that a visitor gains while exploring these communities. Therefore, here we speak in detail about the Tribal Heritage program, which is conducted as a subset of the eco-tourism program. It is a 2-hour program and produces meaningful insights into the lives of these communities,

The blog entails a significant exploration of the Tribal hamlets and Tribal Heritage Museum.

Tribal Hamlets

Who doesn’t love to walk through the raw nature of Thekkady? Indeed, the program truly reflects this by traversing the lush forest and into the tribal settlement. While you walk the land of stillness, the only waves that touch your ear would be your fellow walks and the following bird chirps. The tribal folks enclose themselves in grey-covered huts/houses, which will definitely display the intrinsic and ancient touch. Even though they seem far from us, they are quite close and linked to nature for anything and everything. It is a great and insightful journey that torches a close interaction with these communities, witnessing their living style and life culture in true colours.

Participation of tribal people in the program

The Mannan community remarks as the ancient community amongst the aborigines of the Periyar Tiger Reserve area. Fishing, cultivation and farming were the only survival mean for them in the past. But, the situation now has evolved. The very acceleration and eminence of tourism have brought a newer definition for them to stick by. Many of them turned out as tribal guides who accompanies tourists flocking from major 5 star resorts in Thekkady. The local support and native knowledge in the tribal culture make them a popular guide option while you explore the Thekkady jungle.

Tribal Heritage Museum

The program isn’t all over by the tribal hamlets or the exploration walk. The Tribal Heritage Museum is a worth watch amidst the Mannan settlements. The museum is a part of the Tourism Authority of Kerala and showcases the ancient sightings of the tribe. It encases different artefacts connected to habitual agriculture practices, marriage, cultural events and other significant rituals. A visit to the museum is a deep look into the cultural lifestyle of the tribal communities. You can also spot various ancient tools and gears used for fish hunting purposes alongside different plant specimens. 

The very visit sprouts early at 8 in the morning and ceases by 12 noon. Again, it restarts by 2 in the noon and stretches until 4 in the evening. You can pick your ideal time and adjust your flock. While staying amongst the best family resorts in Thekkady, connect their flexible roadmap that can lead you safely to the tribal destinations. Indeed, every 5 star hotel and luxury resorts in Thekkady will have a close knot with the peculiar tribal dance festivals and connected programs. It’s always your call to get ready and explore the indigenous tribal culture!