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What makes Thekkady lovable for couples?

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February 23, 2022
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We all have our special moments in life. One such dashing moment that should stand memorable for years is Honeymoon Time. The irresistible time is when the newlyweds flock to the secret topologies in love. Indeed, people differ in recipes while making their honeymoon travel plans. However, there are some common factors that honeymooners look up to, namely – Stillness, Delight and Solace.

That is where Thekkady can fetch you wonders. We all know that the climate here remains pleasant throughout the year. Likewise, you have a round of activities and go-to places that can keep the thrilling fume float tall. Moreover, Kerala has the safest hospitality objectives in terms of tourism. And while locking your stay amongst the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady, you are in the safest arm of comfort. 

The blog is a stretch of what we have just outlined as Thekkady keeps bouncing high to the honeymoon time.

Torching your infinite days in Thekkady

·       A beautiful weather-companion

Being one of the gorgeous hill stations of Kerala, Thekkady enjoys its climate without considerable fluctuations. However, the winters are breezy and cold while it experiences a mildly warm summer. But, there isn’t any bigger change which makes it pleasant throughout the year. And what else shapes well for the honeymooners if there are no climate hurdles. And that makes Thekkady a clear winner in contrast with other beautiful destinations.

·       Calm and verdant surrounds

Stillness and peace everywhere! That is something Thekkady reflects inside. While spending your best couple time together, you desire much secrecy and calmness. Similarly, the green-lush surroundings are an added experience for the eyes and feet. Imagine staying amongst the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala located amidst the verdant surrounds. Take your loved one for a silent nature walk. It is where you can exchange the best chatters of your lives, and Thekkady is indeed welcoming you to the scene.

·       Hidden getaway destinations

Thekkady isn’t all about the known places. You can witness some of the best private pool resorts in Thekkady amidst places you have never visited in your lifetime. These are hidden or lurked beauties of nature open to honeymooners as a welcoming paradise. Similarly, there are many other getaway destinations you can route in Thekkady with the aid of a local guide. Thekkady is indeed a lurking beauty for honeymooners to explore and wander the fun around.

·       Mount of enthralling activities

Excitements are never ceasing in Thekkady. It is an activity coupled spot where you and your loved one can dive into the thrilling experience. Trekking, jeep safaris, bamboo rafting, camping and other wildlife activities could adjoin your couple flock anytime. It could be in-house resort activities also. Almost every 5 star resorts in Thekkady have their specific honeymoon activities on track. It is up to you to pick them and relish every moment, making the initial couple time fragrant.

·       Linger to the smacking delicacies

The cuisine delicacy of the land is yet another remarkable facet that makes you plan your blissful honeymoon time. However, ensure you have a packed resort stay, having the finest delicacies you can come in touch with. You can expect the many known and unknown varieties of food and drinks to partner your couple-time. In fact, unique resorts are offering the smacking taste like nowhere else. They can also let you explore how the marvel stuff is made and brought up through cooking demos involving the top chefs. 

Wrapping up 

These are just a glimpse of how Thekkady wears her favourite honeymoon attire. There is a lot to explore in front and far from where you look. It is time to make your honeymoon more memorable by hooking the most-favoured destination. Take some time off, plan your perfect holidays and be with Thekkady’s honeymoon excitements.