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Thekkady: Answering Your Top 10 Questionnaires!

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May 13, 2022
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June 1, 2022

Travelling and holidaying are fun and worth the time amidst your busy work-life schedules. Kerala is one of the most gifted and abundant destinations that gleams picturesque locations, activities and experiences for domestic and international travellers. And Thekkady holds the stardom in Kerala for its still beauty, serenity and evergreen freshness that it shoots high.

However, there are many questions about Thekkady that needs to go addressed before making your travel plans. There arise questions on every mind about the budget, worth, travelling mode, ways, activities, places, availability of the best resorts in Kerala and many more. The blog navigates through these questionnaires and gives you the proper answer before jumping to your travel diary.

Answering your top 10 questionnaires on Thekkady

1. Does Thekkady worth a holiday visit?

Thekkady is one desired destination among the holiday location in Kerala with eye-catching vistas, surrounding fragrance, holding stillness and a serene atmosphere. The place is home to Periyar Tiger Reserve and Periyar Lake, which lures travellers from around the globe.

2. What excites you in Thekkady?

Lying 700 m above sea level, Thekkady is a visual treat and, at the same time, a booster to your adrenaline. The land shoots the best enthralling activities, lingering cuisine delicacies, trekking fun and secret escapes, and much more.

3. Is Thekkady better than Munnar?

Both Thekkady and Munnar are beautiful in their own way. The selection of the destination purely lies on the traveller’s preferences. If you are more of a nature enthusiast looking for adventure activities and, at the same time, need to indulge in calmness, Thekkady will be an ideal pick.

4. What is the best time for a Thekkady visit?

November and December is the favourite choice of people flocking to Thekkady. However, the climate in Thekkady remains calm and pleasant throughout the year without further variations. Therefore, Thekkady goes as an all-time and all-climate location for holiday visits.

5. Is Thekkady safe to travel and stay?

Thekkady is safe for all visitors. Indeed, the local people furnish good hospitality gestures and are very welcoming. The still and peaceful land goes ideal for honeymoon time and holds the safest and best honeymoon resorts in Kerala.

6. Is one day enough for Thekkady?

If you need to visit the land in its intrinsic or pure form and make the most out of the experience, one day is not enough for Thekkady. You will definitely require a 2 -night layover to cover all the incredible thrills of Thekkady.

7. How do I reach Thekkady?

The nearest domestic airport is Madurai, located 133 kilometres away from Thekkady. Cochin Airport marks the nearest international airport (190 km), and a cab from there could pin you straight towards the destination. If searching for the closest railway station, go for Kottayam station, which can stretch 110 kilometres from Thekkady. However, road trips are fun and hold the maximum cheer.

8. Which are the best places in Thekkady?

The most famous sites to pin while you flock to the land of paradise are the Idukki Arch Dam, Periyar National Park, the Kadathanadan Kalari Centre, Pandikuzhi, Vandanmedu, Chellarkovil Viewpoint, Mangaldevi Temple, Pullumedu, Vandiperiyar, Parunthumpara etc.

9. Which is the top 5 resort in Thekkady?

Thekkady encases the most luxurious and best 5 star resorts in Kerala. Greenwoods is one of the best family resorts in Thekkady, renowned for its hospitality, comfort, security, affordability, and serenity. One can indulge in the finest piece of luxurious and natural presence in Greenwoods Resort.

10. What are the activities in Periyar National Park?

Thekkady activity list is always a long tail and unending in many ways. The Periyar National Park shoots major activities like Boat Safaris, Jungle Jeep Safaris, Wild Trekking, Bamboo Rafting, Jungle Camping, Periyar Tiger Trails, Plantation Visits, and many more.

Summing Up

So, these were the top 10 questions that every visitor would have had in their mind. The blog only spanned 10 of the many questions and is just the first part of the long tail queries about Thekkady. You would have many other things to clear while booking stays, cuisine delicacies, honeymoon packages, etc. And that will get answered in the next phase. If you are running out of time with queries, connect Greenwoods Luxury Resorts in Thekkady, and the staff there can give you much more information on stays, activities, budget, etc.