The Shopping Delights of Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

The Shopping Delights of Thekkady

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Thekkady blazes as the land of natural charisma and freshness. However, there is something else that the land draws attention to it. Indeed, we are talking about the shopping delights of Thekkady. Besides being one of the popular picks for tourists in terms of aesthetic appeal, shopping is yet another attraction to consider and explore. A walk through the shopping streets of Thekkady in the evening or morning time is a unique experience.

While enjoying your stay amongst the luxury resorts in Thekkady, an evening walk with the scent of tea, coffee and chocolates would be a nourishing feel and experience. You cannot leave Thekkady just by admiring its surrounding beauty and stillness. Always look for something that the land gives you as its special gift. The blog navigates through the different shopping varieties of Thekkady that one should know and partake in before leaving. 

The shopping varieties of Thekkady

Here, we furnish the best need-to-know on how your Thekkady shopping fun would go. The route map for the indigenous shopping merriment gets provided by the top 5 star resorts in Thekkady. A walk with your friends and family through these streets could be beautiful in all ways.

Raw Plantation Products

The plantation products available in Thekkady include tea powder, coffee powder and different spices that are raw and utterly fresh to shop. You would have heard about the quality of the tea leaves here. Various tea factories offer tea samples, and you can buy them instantly. Likewise, there are stalls that sell green pepper, cinnamon rolls, nutmeg, cloves etc. These all can add a raw and extra feel to your delicacies without a doubt. You will also be able to meet different spices and saffron produced in small pots by farmers.


Yet another lure in the shopping delights is the choice of handicrafts that Thekkady brings in. There are handmade sculptures carved with rock-solid precision of sandalwood and rosewood. These sculptures can be brought home as fine pieces of decorating art from your travelling experience. You can also see several household utensils, traditional lamps, beautiful paintings and handmade souvenirs made of coir and other coconut products. Similarly, move your eyes through the woollen carpets, hand-stitched silks, craftworks, etc.

Handloom fabrics

You can find top-quality fabrics available in Thekkady’s shopping streets. The handloom shops here reflect quality and beauty in the ultimate blend. Kerala mundu and the kasavu sari is the most favourite product sold here besides apparel like kurtas, shawls etc. These shops also exhibit an elegant and casual collection of t-shirts with printed animal pictures. Visitors can shop in the local streets near the Periyar Tiger Reserve or Kumily, lying 4 km away from Thekkady.

Tribal products

Thekkady’s tribal culture is always self-sufficient and a unique part of the land. The local inhabitants make tribal products. Even though eco-tourism activities have imposed restrictions on them on collecting forest products, they make their livelihood self-reliant and adequate in their ways. Wild honey is a top attraction alongside other forest products like toys made of coconut shells, wood etc. They also sell wooden handicrafts that you can fetch from the local market on certain special days.

Kerala snacks, ethnic products & homemade chocolates

Kerala is renowned for the tasty snacks and chips across the globe. Even international travellers or visitors search for the availability of raw and fresh food chips in Thekkady. Likewise, Thekkady also shoots Kerala ethnic products such as handcrafted Nettipattams, Kathakali masks, Kerala style lamps, etc. One another take-back product is the homemade sweets and chocolates of Thekkady. You can dig the intrinsic and pure verities of chocolates from here with zero artificial adders or ingredients. It would be great stuff to pack along while you can enjoy some of them on your drive back.

Summing Up

The shopping fun is never-ending in Thekkady. These were just some of the gazes, and while you connect the best resorts in Kerala, take their advice towards other secret and marvellous shopping sites of Thekkady. Shopping always adds an extra vigour to your journey and is something that you should never miss. Try sparing at least an hour or two for shopping while you are with the natural gift of nature – Thekkady.