Thekkady Twirls Idealistic in the Monsoon Showers - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Thekkady Twirls Idealistic in the Monsoon Showers

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June 1, 2022
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June 30, 2022

Thekkady, the green jewel in the crown of Kerala, becomes a top appeal under the monsoon showers and freeze. Surrounded by the abundant natural beauty, the tourist destination encases an undulating wildlife reserve, verdant tea plantations, pristine slopes, traditional temples and the best 5 star resorts in Kerala.

Pinned in the Idukki district of Kerala, the locus experiences limited climatic variations in the yearly life cycle. However, winter and monsoon are the favourite time to visit the place. And what entices visitors during monsoon time is the freshness that the showers bring to the surface. The particular blog navigates through how your time shapes up during the monsoon time in Thekkady.

What amazes you in Thekkady monsoon?

1. The climate

The monsoon season in Kerala initiates in the mid of May and commences in October. Of that, June, July and August mark the ideal time for the Thekkady flock if you love the odour of the rain. The climate sticks around 23 degrees Celsius on an average – lying amidst both summer and winter temperature markings. It is the perfect time if you want to feel the refreshing showers with your family under the shades of the best family resorts in Thekkady.

2. Fascinating vistas

Thekkady also carries the eminence of having some spectacular sights that can awake your soul and eyes. Thekkady brims greenery everywhere with scenic landscapes and lush thickets that are worth a watch. The panoramas of the hills and the surrounding magnificence of the Periyar Lake add to the colour. Always peek at the happenings on your way when you are in the month of monsoon.

3. Go-to attractions

There are numerous go-to places and attractions if planning a monsoon flock to Thekkady. Murikkady, the spice capital of Thekkady, marks a must-go-attraction if you want to experience the world-class quality of tea and coffee. Also, one can watch the Kadathanadan Kalari – a traditional self-defence art form in Thekkady. The gorgeous Peeru Hill of Peermedu is yet another site to consider moving but keep an eye on the rain. Add the additional flavour of adventure at Ramakkalmedu, boating in the Periyar alongside Pandikuzhi and Chllarkovil viewpoints to make your journey splendid.

4. The relaxing comfort

The time of the year can beat your expectation with offers and comfort, driven by the finest luxury resorts in Thekkady. The ideal time also unlocks the best private pool resorts in Thekkady. Thekkady resorts are affordable to your packets and, at the same time, provide world-class hospitality for the guests. One must indulge in their luxurious piece of dining, culinary delights and in-house activities while enjoying the rain outside. Moreover, you could relax the time in the soothing suites that wrap you in the beautiful fragrance of rest.

Wrapping Up

Thekkady is always on top of the most serene places to visit on the bucket list of Kerala tourist attractions. Monsoon time is indeed the vacation time for abroad pupils, and you can have a relaxing and refreshing journey in Thekkady. Also, the place reflects extra charm in its surroundings with the pour of the clouds. Lastly, if you are a lover of the rainy season, Thekkady is the right destination for the time. However, try to plan your journey in advance by connecting the best resorts in Thekkady.