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How exciting is Thekkady for family time with kids?

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June 15, 2022
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July 18, 2022

Thekkady is never the same as Munnar, Alleppey, Varkala or other popular destinations in Kerala. It has got a varied and unique feel of its own. 

It is indeed the best choice to spend a peaceful and refreshing time with your family and kids. You can find the finest and best family resorts in Thekkady, making the time merrier, pleasing and fun filled. The blog is a short guide entailing how thrilling Thekkady can be for a family visit with your kids.

What to do here in Thekkady?

So, let’s traverse through the fun-packed and exciting course of the land that can make you crave a visit sooner.

Fun in the Periyar Tiger Reserve 

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is a must-go destination that can provide a memorable experience for your family time together. The reserve includes a variety of animal species like the Bengal Tiger, the Asian elephant, the Lion tail Macaque, Langur, and more intrinsic lives. Kids would love to dive into the wildness of the reserve, spotting unusual happenings and having the best moments of their lifetime. A safari into the Tiger reserve is what you should be looking at to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Hiding amidst the plantations

Thekkady gets rounded by several plantations. Your kids might only know the taste of the coffee or tea you prepare in the kitchen. It is time for them to learn their roots and origin, including the importance of spices, cardamom, and pepper. Also, they can play hide and seek, which can be an act of delight amidst the plantation thicket. Don’t forget to catch some astonishing pictures of them, including your family, which can be recollected somewhere in the future.

Go for a jungle trek activity

A thrilling and exhilarating activity in Thekkady enjoyed by all ages is the jungle trek. You can enjoy the whole wild through a jungle trek during your family visit to the Thekkady. If lucky, you can spot some wild species of the wild and click some rare pictures of them. Isn’t it interesting to encounter the forest happening in the raw form? Well, beyond words, a jungle trek can be the most loved and thrilling activity for your kids to mark amidst the lust forests of the land.

Floating above the water

And what about the adventurer side of Thekkady? Most kids would love the specific part and activity of the land. They could connect a bamboo rafting with their family as a part of the nature walk happening in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Another option to float above the water surface is to choose a boat ride, especially when you have younger kids. On your way through the voyage, you can click some marvellous snaps. A safe and secure ride is what the reserve can host you here.

What time best suits your travel with kids?

While Thekkady is ever beautiful and pleasant throughout the yearly cycle, July to December marks the favourite time for families to flock with their kids. Also, at this time, you can feel the monsoon showers and the fragrant side of Thekkady among fewer travellers and visitors. While planning a family flock to the land, opting for a pleasant time would be perfect. You could also find exciting offers amongst the best resorts in Thekkady during the span of the year.

Where to stay with your family and kids?

When it is your vacation time with family, a safer, convenient, and packed stay is always an essential requirement. However, Kerala has the best family resorts in Thekkady to relish your travel with security. Among the top-picked choice of comfort, Greenwoods marks the Trip Advisor’s pick in Thekkady. It is also one of the finest private pool resorts in Thekkady, shaping your best time together with facilities beyond your expectation.