Into the artforms & cultural richness of Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Into the artforms & cultural richness of Thekkady

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Which is the best go-to destination in Kerala in terms of beauty and tranquilness? Without a doubt, one could point his fingers straight to Thekkady – the land known as the jewel in the crown of Kerala. The lush green forests, mystical mounts, secret hills, fragrant climate, and wild lives are born intrinsic and unique to the land. 

Also, Thekkady hosts the most luxurious and top 5 star resorts in Kerala, making it a place to desire for honeymooners and families. Besides these, what about the cultural longings, artforms and culinary attractions that the land speaks of? The particular blog will help you unfold quick insights into the unique and distinct face of Thekkady.

What defines Thekkady’s cultural backdrop?

Thekkady lies near the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Due to this typical attribute, the land has a mixture of cultural traditions and art forms. The salient features of the two states converge in Thekkady, and let’s see what these are, one by one.

·       Kathakali

The most significant and salient feature of Thekkady is the Kathakali dance form. The raw form of dance has eyes from around all corners of the globe. The play portrays stories from epics and involves complex gestures, striking attires, eye-catching cosmetics and movements. A typical Kathakali play would last from 2 to 4 hours. If you can gather some details in advance about the playing theme or story, it would get more interesting than usual. The Yodha Cultural Village in Thekkady can offer you two guided tours to the Kathakali show(daily), and it means worth witnessing. 

·       Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu is a type of martial arts with its root pitched in the mud of Kerala and still in existence. Modern art forms like Kung Fu, Karate and Judo are all adaptations of the traditional Indian martial art form. The Yodha Cultural Village conducts daily shows stretching up to 1 hour, which might begin around 7: 00 in the evening. The Kadathanadan Kalari Centre and Navarasa Kathakali mark a venue with stadium seating featuring the art form in Thekkady. The place host daily shows for visitors from around the world and is a top attraction in the land. 

·       Local arts and crafts

Kumily is also famous for its local arts and crafts and has a wide array of shops that can delight you anytime. If you are looking for traditional forms of clothes made of silk, cotton and linen, the Chola Handicraft Centre is one vital reach out in Thekkady. If you are a person fond of handmade chocolates of different varieties, the Tropical Chocolate Factory is a must discovery. Also, never forget to check out the beautiful and unique crafts made by the village people here. If you can spare some time and pick any of those, it would be a choice of worth and, at the same time, a benefit for the involved community.

·       Local delicacies

As we marked earlier about Thekkady’s mixture of traditional longings from both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the same reflects in the culinary attractions too. The best 5 star resorts in Thekkady allow you to have a go at these blended culinary verities with their authentic flavour. Idli, dosa and Kappa with their combination mark the morning staples here. The land also provides the original taste of local banana chips and a wide variety of similar bakes that can be your best choice for snack time. Outside your circle of stay, you can also witness a number of local restaurants that serve the unique taste of the land at a very minimum price.

·       Spice Plantations

What else can surprise you other than the aromatic spices that throw the rich history of plantations and spice cultivations? Murikkady is one such spice plantation that has numerous visitors. The land offers you multiple other spice tours that can be a learning experience and a chance to bring the authentic spices from its root. You can also purchase these from the shops here. Major spices that you can get from here include cinnamon, cardamom, coffee, tea, pepper, fenugreek seeds, etc. The Lord’s Spice supermarket can be the best deal you can reach out to in Thekkady.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have traversed through the different art forms and cultural richness that Thekkady shoots to every visitor. The particular time in July turns even fascinating under the monsoon hands. A stay within the best luxury resorts in Thekkady is highly a recommended option to invent your best time in the land. Also, before moving to the indigenous cultural phase of the land, take the word of the local helpers from the resorts to make your journey easy and meaningful.