The Panoramic Route from Munnar to Thekkady - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

The Panoramic Route from Munnar to Thekkady

Into the artforms & cultural richness of Thekkady
July 18, 2022
What to do special in Thekkady? Part 1
August 12, 2022
Into the artforms & cultural richness of Thekkady
July 18, 2022
What to do special in Thekkady? Part 1
August 12, 2022

Where are you now? Beneath the blue sky, amidst the thick forest cover, gazing at the picturesque trail ahead towards the land of silence.

Yes, we are talking about the panoramic path from Munnar to Thekkady. 

It’s time to pack your stuff towards the finest luxury resorts in Thekkady before the darkness falls from the Munnar sky. Indeed, it will be a scenic road trip ahead with your family and loved ones.

Munnar is often considered a favourite honeymoon destination and a traveller’s choice for the flock, especially under the monsoon showers. After experiencing the gift of nature in its raw beat, an escape to Thekkady, the lurked land of silence, is worth no doubt. And that’s what the blog unfolds here – taking you to the ultimate relaxing and enthralling ways in Thekkady.

Munnar To Thekkady Trail by Road

What is that special about the drive from Munnar to Thekkady? There you go with the stunning landscapes, verdant hills slopes and tea production lines along the way you drive. And one thing is for sure, the path will never leave you to sleep with the magic visuals surrounding by.

·       Routes

There are two routes that travellers from Munnar can opt for towards Thekkady, depending upon your suitability. In fact, both the routes are parallelly magnificent, offering the view of rugged peaks and lush greenery. You could spot various tourist attractions and restaurants that provide the authentic taste of Kerala.

Route 1 pins famous locations like Devikulam, Pooppara, and Udambanchola towards the destination. A 100 km stretch from Munnar, taking 3 to 4 hours of travel.

Route 2 pins famous locations like Chithirapuram, Anachal, Rajakkad, Karitode, and Nedumkandam towards the destination. A 91 km stretch from Munnar, taking approximately 3 hours of travel. 

·       Condition

Whether you opt for Route 1/ Route 2, the roads seem narrow and busted in some places too. The reason for this is the severe monsoon falls, and you need to be mindful of the approaching weather conditions even though the trail would be beautiful and refreshing. One thing to do prior is to have an enquiry with the best family resorts in Thekkady and get a rough idea of their tariff and the route condition. That would be an easy task to route straight towards the finest and most beautiful stays in Thekkady.

·       Tips

And for the last thing, let’s not forget these tips prior to the journey.

  • Prebook the best resorts in Thekkady/ finest luxury hotels 
  • Check the climate condition before you start the journey
  • Try to drive slowly as the roads can be narrow and slopy
  • Ensure there is adequate visibility to drive as roads can get foggy in the monsoon
  • If the path ahead is unclear, pause the drive and resume your journey after the view becomes clear

Places to see en route Munnar to Thekkady

So far, we have discussed how the course from Munnar to Thekkady. Now, it’s time to discover some beautiful locations where you can halt and spend time together en route from Munnar to Thekkady. The following places can add extra colour to your journey.

·       Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

It is the world’s most elevated tea plantation at 7900 feet MSL. Without further questions, it is the most serene and scenic destination that produces the finest quality tea products. Healthy tea, energizing, and pollutant-free air are all a delight to watch out for on your way ahead.

·        Karadippara Viewpoint

Another beautiful location on your course would be the Karadippara Viewpoint. It provides astonishing sunset views and is a photo location that holds the uncooked beauty of Munnar. The viewpoint is famous for the distant view of the mountains, long perspective of tea ranches, and sceneries.

·       SN Waterfalls

SN or Sree Narayanapuram Waterfalls is a beautiful cascade waterfall and is a less known point to many travellers. The place is worth a couple of hours, walking around the curved rocks and marvelling at the lush surroundings. Everyone on the flock towards Thekkady can pause their journey here and spend some refreshing time sitting and enjoying a cup of tea.

  • The Blossom Hydel Park

Somewhere your kids and family can get around on your way to Thekkady. Yes, you can immerse yourself in the unique gifts of nature at blossom hydel park. It is an exotic piece of land with fresh flowers, a green landscape, a river, embracing water birds, mountain butterflies and many more. One thing is sure you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after visiting the incredible place.

Summing Up

And that isn’t all about the travel journey from Munnar to Thekkady. You could also find numerous restaurants that can offer the delicacy of the land without spoiling. Besides everything, you must also pre plan your travel time as these places and restaurants can consume your time to Thekkady. It is where pre-booking the best resorts in Kerala goes vital. If that is the case, you have enough time to reach the destination before twilight fall.