What to do special in Thekkady? Part 1 - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

What to do special in Thekkady? Part 1

The Panoramic Route from Munnar to Thekkady
July 27, 2022
What to do special in Thekkady? Part 2
August 22, 2022

Where is this tranquil place known as Thekkady located? Near the border and amidst Kerala and Tamil Nadu lies the destination, which is the ultimate pick among tourists next to Munnar. The place is renowned for the green veil with some exotic flaura texture. For a holiday spot in silence, Thekkady gets highly appreciated with its character and tone. Also, the place hosts some of the best 5 star resorts in Kerala, including other natural retreats and luxury hotels. And what else can tie you here is what the blog is all about, and let’s dive into it without a further hold.

What to do special in Thekkady?

Discover nature on foot

If the clouds are not wet, start your journey trekking through the rich terrains of Periyar Tiger Reserve. While staying amongst the best resorts in Thekkady, a morning trail on foot goes highly recommended. You can bind the Kerala Eco-Tourism Programmes to experience the best out of nature here. The path can be compelling and attractive with the aromatic fragrance of the cardamom to follow. Also, Periyar Tiger Reserve points to the hood of the wild lives, and you can expect the forest happenings on the way. The sights of unique species in the wild, including the forest butterflies, birds, animals and the Malabar giant squirrel will definitely amaze your path.

Experience the bullock cart ride

Bullock cart ride is indeed a traditional movement style, especially famous in Kerala. The ride can be sluggish but worthy of capturing the culture, living, and many more aspects. You can find a programme or activity named ‘Bullock Cart Discoveries’ unlocked in Thekkady that can navigate your holiday time to the farmlands of the village. The unique discovery tour will help unfold the culture, living style, and traditional longings of the village people around. Also, you get a chance to catch some pretty visuals of the vineyard, agriculture, and numerous flower species.

Connect some unique jeep safari’s

Want to experience the cinematic frame of the beautiful region of ‘Gavi’? Well, you can be locked here in the lesser-known locus in Thekkady. There are different activities you can do here, like trekking, bird watching, canoeing etc. Gavi mark as a spot that goes irresistible to your holiday adventure. As the place really connects close proximity to Sabarimala temple, it is much more popular and something you don’t want to miss. Gavi also has the enormity of hills, tropical forests, grasslands, valleys, waterfalls and many more. Also, the place gets popular because of the sightings of some rare endangered species like the lion-tailed Macaque and the Nilgiri Tahrs.

And then sink into the all-around vibe

Also, you can connect the best vibes in Thekkady by rushing towards the gorgeous countryside of Thekkady. Different places are worth watching with the raw and authentic flavour of the land. Meet the local people here, have the lingering taste of the local cuisine attractions, a stand-by with the lakeside and many more. After having the best part of your holiday adventure, route back to the best family resorts in Thekkady for an auspicious night that follows. Above all, besides what we have entailed, there is much more than worth a try in Thekkady. Through our next blog, we will make sure you have all places uncovered that make your holiday time in Thekkady more beautiful than ever.