Thekkady Is Ready To Host The Pongal Time - 5 Star Resort in Kerala

Thekkady Is Ready To Host The Pongal Time

jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady
Expedite the New Year with Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady!
December 31, 2021
best family resorts in Thekkady
Planning a perfect family holiday in Thekkady,
January 17, 2022
jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady
Expedite the New Year with Jungle Jeep Safaris of Thekkady!
December 31, 2021
best family resorts in Thekkady
Planning a perfect family holiday in Thekkady,
January 17, 2022

Pongal: A festival made of many celebrations

Pongal is a famous carnival encircling different aspects of life like harvest, feast, plants, animals, relationship bonds, etc. Typically, it marks a series of festivals wrapped into a single celebration of joy. The Pongal series rounds of Bhogi Pongal, Thai Pongal, Mattu Pongal and Kanum Pongal. The festivals stick to the month of January, stretches to four days, and it’s the time to make merry. As the span calls for excitement and get-together, Thekkady is one of the destinations specially carved for the exciting time. Try unlocking the best family resorts in Thekkady for the lavish time of the Year. Now let’s see what Thekkady can bring to the lights of Pongal excitement.

Unlock the top 5 star resorts in Thekkady

So, you might be wondering how can I experience the finest of days in Thekkady during the Pongal vacationThe ideal way would be to hook a luxurious stay with your loved ones amongst the 5 star resorts in Kerala. You might come across numerous names while looking for a packed stay in Thekkady. Greenwoods is one of the renowned private pool resorts in Kerala, offering the evergreen experience of Thekkady. 

Whether you plan for a honeymoon time or a get-together with family and friends, the resort gives an exhilarating experience like nowhere else. Indulge in the soothing comfort of luxury suite rooms and explore the culinary attractions specially crafted for the occasion. Likewise, there are several activities that you can connect with the best resorts in Thekkady, Kerala.

Plan your exciting activities in Thekkady

Resort activities

While staying in Greenwoods, luxury resorts in Thekkady, you can get numerous in-resort activities of fun and adventure. Here we entail the best of resort activities you can explore in Thekkady.

·       Property Visit

An ecosystem in itself!

The property visit connects to environment conservation awareness, where the allotted naturalist will take you through the entire property. Watch the profusion of flowers, plants, trees, and herbs along your way that is home to a wide variety of rare and endemic birds. Guests are encouraged to plant a tree within the surroundings. And then they are taken to various other attractions that catch the eye in wonder. Explore yourself while you cover each mud beneath your toe.

·       Cycling

Let’s go with the cycling fun!

Whether you are in the honeymoon time of your life or a family gathering, cycling can ignite smiles and fun around. Being one of the best honeymoon resorts in Thekkady, the activity goes widely adopted by newlyweds. Likewise, children also love the spirit of cycling the fun surrounding the resort environs. It’s silent and serene everywhere, and the best time to unlock the activity would be in the morning mist or evening twilight. 

·       Campfire

Lit up the woods for the fun-filled time!

Nothing can beat the warmth and vigour of a campfire. Indeed, it is a welcoming activity at night to gather around the ignited woods and spend time together. Converge together with your loved ones, family, and kids jointly for the fun-filled activities that embark for the time. Above lies the stars that spark the gleam, and below with your loved ones to the precious time. Relax to the surrounding peace and make yourself pampered to the wonderful day-end on a soothing note and rhythm.

Wild-life Activities

Other than in-house movements, Greenwoods resort could connect you to multiple wild-life programmes as a part of your Thekkady visit. Here follows the top activity attractions that the resort can host you with fun and adventure.

  • Nature walk
  • Cloud walk
  • Jungle scout
  • Border hiking
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Tribal art performance
  • Periyar tiger reserve

Site-seeing activities

You cannot leave Thekkady just by wrapping the in-house or wildlife explore. Thekkady visit during the Pongal time is the best way to bridge yourself to beautiful getaway sites that jewels the serene land. These are the top places that you can add to your itinerary for the Pongal time in Thekkady.

  • Gavi
  • Ottakathalmedu
  • Chellarkovil
  • Ramalkalmedu
  • Parunthumpara
  • Grape farm visit
  • Village visit
  • Coracle ride
  • Bullock ride
  • Elephant ride

So far, we have given a detailed guide for you to pack your vacation to Thekkady for the Pongal occasion. The climate is the most ideal in first phase of January where you can have a prolonged stay with the top 5 star resorts in Thekkady. Beyond words, connect and explore the serene calmness, breeze, and stillness of Thekkady for a packed journey.